Let’s Check Out Sulli’s ‘Jinri Market’ on VLIVE

“Jinri Market” x Lucky Chouette


Another collaboration was with the famous street brand, Jinri Market x Lucky Chouette! Through collaboration, Sulli released stylish and fashionable clothes!

Watch Sulli’s appearance through Jinri Market x Lucky Chouette’s collaboration here:


“Jinri Market” x Thank You Camera


Jinri Market also collaborated with Thank You Camera, but unfortunately, there isn’t much information about that partnership. Jinri Market was collaborating with them, and provided some of their camera models in the pop-up store!


“Jinri Market” x Swiftfish


Well, the same case also happened here! There isn’t much information about the collaboration between Jinri Market x Swiftfish. But some sources said that it was a food collab, as we can seen on the brand name, Swiftfish!

“Jinri Market” x Chungdam Girl


Last, but not least, the collaboration between Jinri Market x Chungdam Girl! Basically, Chungdam Girl is a brand which offers women’s hygiene products.


Through the collaboration, Sulli revealed her awareness about menstruation products which were released by Chungdam Girl. For her, it was very important to choose safe and convenient products for menstruation, and she recommended using cotton materials.

Quote Taken From The Show


One of the memorable quotes from Jinri Market was when it aired the episodes where Taeyeon and Wendy were visiting the pop-up store! Wendy revealed her thoughts about Sulli and wished her the best of luck. Meanwhile, Taeyeon also revealed her relationship with Sulli, and about how long it had been since the last time they saw each other.


Latest News


Let’s talk about Sulli’s latest news! What she’s been doing?

From her Instagram account, @jelly_jilli, we can see a lot of her daily activities! One of those activities was when Sulli recently attended the Calvin Klein event!


She also recently became one of the hosts for the new show on JTBC, Night of Hate Comments! The reality show features an idol who would read one of the unpleasant comments they received and respond to it directly! Sulli wasn’t alone, she appeared with Shin Dong-yup, Kim Jong-min, and Kim Sook. The show will be aired starting on June 21st!

Well, that was all the information about Sulli and Jinri Market! Even though there’s a lot of controversies that have swirled around her, she’s shown us that she’s just another human being, and deserves another chance to improve her career! Let’s always support Sulli and her solo career!

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