Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza’s Scandal Stories

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Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza’s Relationship

In an interview, Dynamic Duo’s Choiza revealed his ideal type, stating, “My ideal type has never been a pretty woman or a young woman. I’ve never felt attraction towards someone who is both, but I really get along well with Sulli. We have a lot in common.”

He said that hiding while dating was very difficult and said that going public has been a good thing for the couple, saying, “It’s comfortable now. We go to eat delicious food, and we drink coffee on the street… At least, we don’t have to wear masks. Walking with a mask is so suffocating. Although, it’s a good memory now.”

When being asked why he thinks Sulli likes him, he answered, “I have never asked. I think she just does. And, just as a person, I just like being with her, too.”

When being asked about the details about his music and writing process, Choiza answered that he takes inspiration from his relationship with Sulli. He said, “There are good moments, and there are bad moments where you fight while you’re in a relationship. I have a lot of songs that talk about love, and it’s especially true that these memories are engraved in my songs. I give inspiration, and my girlfriend gives inspiration, that’s our relationship.”


Although they’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now, Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza and former f(x) member Sulli still receive a lot of criticism for their relationship. 

Many netizens have pointed out that the two are in an unhealthy relationship. A post on Pann (a social media website in Korea) claimed to have found irrefutable evidence that the relationship isn’t a good one. Koreans criticized Choiza for his explicit and sexual lyrics in “Eat Do It Sleep,” claiming the lyrics were all about Sulli.

Sulli and Choiza’s Breakup News


According to an exclusive local source, former Sulli and Choiza ended their relationship. They started dating in August 2014. Both Sulli’s and Choiza’s agencies confirmed the breakup news.

Sulli’s label SM Entertainment states, “Sulli and Choiza broke up. They agreed to maintain a good relationship.”

Choiza’s agency Amoeba Culture, which was also founded by the rapper, gave the statement, “Since it’s our artist’s private life, we want to be cautious, but due to a lot of interest and concern, we’re releasing a statement. Choiza and Sulli both came up with the decision due to their busy schedules and different ways of life and naturally grew apart. The time they spent together will remain as a good memory, and they will be moving forward as friends and colleagues. The two artists have a lot of talent and potential. Please keep an eye out for their future promotions with warm interest and encouragement. And, we apologize for causing any concern.”