Shinee Minho Dating: Choi Sulli and Choi Minho Married in “We Got Married” Series


Who Is Exactly Is Minho Girlfriend?

Minho is rumored to have a girlfriend. Surprisingly it is not an amazing thing. With his good looking and multiple talents, every woman could fall in love with him at once. He has been rumored to have a relationship with Choi Suli, ex members of f(x), and Kim Yuri a member of Girs Generations. But until now there is no confirmed news about his true girlfriend.

Who is Choi Minho?


Choi Minho is one of Shinee members that has a lot of fan girls. His good lookings could make every woman instantly fall in love with him. He also has good acting skills besides his good looking face. ChMinho takes the role as the main rapper in his group called “Shinee”. Besides being the main rapper, he is also good at making the lyrics of rap songs. Minho began his career path by joining as a trainee at SM Entertainment for two years and finally debuted with Shinee in 2008. As an active member of Shinee, he also widened his career path into acting, modelling and also as a presenter.

Who is Choi Sulli?


Choi Jin Ri known as Choi Sulli is an ex-member of f(x) girl band. Sulli as a visual in f(x) takes the role as vocalist and rapper. Sulli debuted as an actress since she was a child and then joined f(x) in 2009. Sulli is considered as the maknae of f(x) although she isn’t really. She has a cute style which makes her seem the youngest.

Choi Sulli and Choi Minho are siblings?

suli and minho

There is a rumor spread from K-Pop fans that Sulli and Minho are siblings. Why? It is simply because both of their names have Choi as their first name. Honestly, I don’t believe these rumors. It doesn’t mean people who have the same name would become siblings or family. As we can see in the picture above, maybe some of us think that both of them have a slightly alike face. Well, it must be because Suli cut her hair while acting on the “To the Beautiful You” series. So her appearance has a slight similarity to Choi Minho.

Minho and Choi Sulli in the We Got Married series


As we know We Got Married is a South Korean reality variety show which is very successful in South Korea. This show aims to show us the ‘after marriage’ life of South Korean celebrities. On this series, the pairs must act as they were a married couple. While acting on this series they have to act naturally in order to create a ‘good’ show. A lot of Korean celebrities become a couple in real life after appearing on this variety show. A lot of fans love to see Choi-Choi as a couple together, therefore they made a great We Got Married fictional couple.

On this WGM edition, they decided to choose a couple which comes from the same agency. And finally they decided to pair Choi-Choi together. Both of them meet intentionally to arrange what would happen with their managers. And then they were informed that they were to appear as a pair on this WGM edition. One of the best scenes I ever saw in We Got Married is when Choi Minhoo said while playing this show, he did not intend to make it as a show. But as time went by, both of them become closer and they filmed the show naturally. Wohoo! Yap I know, you guys waited for it right? LOL 😀

Below is one of my favorite video about two of them together which was made with love from their fans. I hope you can enjoy it 🙂

Choi Sulli and Choi Minho wedding?

Maybe some of you are a little bit confused about this heading right? LOL :p Actually Minho and Sulli were married in We Got Married series, so it is not real 🙂 But there are rumors that they are in a relationship.

Minho is rumored to have a relationship with ex f(x) members, Sulli. The rumors started after they both played lead roles in TV series titled “To The Beautiful You” at 2012. Min ho denied the rumored by saying that he looks at Suli as a little sister. He also added that they were together since trainees in SM Entertainment.

But there’s no doubt while playing a romantic scene with Sulli that a romantic feeling started to bloom in his heart. On the series, they take a role as a couple. Therefore both of them must have ‘intimacy’ in order to get the true feeling as a couple. No doubt, Minho started to feel a romantic feeling with Sulli. But those rumors were denied by them as soon as possible. They denied their rumored relationship through the agency. They said they were just friends.


Until now there is no confirmation from Minho’s agency telling us about his girlfriend. So our task as fans of Minho is to support him no matter what. A little support from us could make his life’s more joyful!