Accused by Netizens of Undergoing Plastic Surgery, Let’s Compare Suho’s Potential Before-and-After Looks

The Unearthly Visual Appearance of EXO’s Guardian Suho

As the leader of one of the most legendary acts in K-Pop, it is only a given that Suho has the leadership skills and visual qualities to match. He is known to most as EXO’s guardian angel who takes care of the members and led the way for the group to become who they are today. Aside from that, he is also known as a multi-talented member who fills the role of both leading vocalist of EXO-K and one of the main visuals of the whole group. His pale skin and soft features are the exact definition of a flower boy.

Even before making his official debut, Suho had already been pretty famous and known, by many fans of SM Entertainment, since the time he was only a trainee. Thus, it is obvious to this small group of loyal fans, who have been supporting him from before he gained widespread popularity, how his visual appearance has evolved throughout the years. This is not to say that his visuals were below average or that there is shame in taking part in the plastic surgery industry, it is the marvelous results of these supposed procedures that brought on Suho’s visuals as it is now.

So, are you curious plastic surgery allegations that he has? Let’s take a closer look!

Plastic Surgery

Visuals have always been one of Suho’s strong points; as his are very strikingly innocent, some have even compared him to the image of a typical church oppa. His strikingly pale skin, pairs well with the almost feminine features that he has, thus leading to some people believing that he has had plastic surgery. Let’s take a look at his supposed plastic surgery allegations.



As seen above, Suho has always been very handsome. His features are not that different from what he looks like now since there are no significant or major changes to the layout, placement or shape of his features when he was young compared to how it is now. Yet, the two pictures above depict a Suho that has less perfect features in terms of the eyes and the nose, it is not major, but some might point out that his eyelids and nose are just not as shapely as they are now.

2012 – 2013

In 2012, Suho started promoting as part of the boy group EXO. As seen in the picture below, it seems that his face has roughly stayed the same, with the addition of his nose that seemed to have become more defined and shapely. Previously, his nose, although blessed with the height most Koreans want, did not have a distinct nose bridge. It could be compared to a straight triangle that did not have a slope nor a certain shape at its tip. Now, with the supposed help of fillers and possibly threading, Suho has achieved a more defined and sharp nose.

Not only has he fixed his nose, but in 2013, he supposedly got some more nose procedures done, alongside an eye corner cutting procedure to enlarge the eyes. This procedure is very common among both Koreans and worldwide celebrities as it is a quick and an almost painless procedure that does not require a ton of recovery time. The procedure helps in correcting the inner portion of the eye, as well as maximizing the double eyelid for those that have done that surgery too.

As mentioned earlier, Suho has also fixed his nose at this time, some might say through threading or even a straight up surgery. Due to the fact that the group went on a semi-hiatus for a year and 4 months, without signs of a comeback, it is only fair that some fans might speculate the aforementioned procedures. The picture above also indicates a slight change in his nose, most obviously on the tip as it appears slimmer and with a smaller bulge.

2014 – 2016


Around the time that EXO hit its peak in popularity, it seems that Suho has once again gone and fixed his nose. This time, it might just be the effect of fillers to help maintain the shape and size of the nose as it was previously threaded. As seen above, it seems that there is more height to the nose bridge around the top and middle area. This helps create a slimmer looking nose that minimizes the appearance of rounded tip nose.

2017 – 2018


By 2018, it seems that Suho has settled with a certain shape and size of the nose that he personally liked. He maintained the previously fixed nose with more fillers, thus creating a very inconsistent looking nose, yet at the same time, the inconsistency has left room for additional fixes in the future. Take the picture above as an example, the rough outline of the nose is still roughly the same with pictures from around 2015 and 2016, yet the look of the filler is a lot more natural. Furthermore, the nose appears a whole lot straighter at the tip than before, eliminating the slant and sloped look all together.

So what do you think of Suho’s ever-changing visuals? Which one do you think is the peak of his visuals? Leave your thoughts and comments down below!