Suho of EXO, Profile: Birthday, Age, Drama, Abs, Girlfriend, and Facts


Suho – The Guardian of EXO

Most often, being the leader of a group brings pressure and burdens, even if the individual has qualifications and experience of the subject. This is perhaps what EXO’s leader Suho feels frequently, because even though he has always been the leader, since the classroom back in his school days, it is totally different to leading the insanely famous boy group, EXO, who debuted under the biggest agency in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, Suho has proven himself to be a great leader who can guide and guard the other members of his group. Therefore, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about EXO’s Suho – starting with his personal profile, then onto fun facts and trivia, Dramas, musical theater, TV shows, movies, discography, his impressive yet underrated abs, plastic surgery rumors, alleged girlfriends, hairstyle, and fashion. So, keep reading!

Suho Of EXO’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Kim Jun-myeon

Stage Name: Suho

Stage Name Meaning: Guardian

Nickname: Leader, Jun Ma Hao, Junmyeonnie, Sunnouncer, Esuhort

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea 22 May 1991

Age: 28 (Korean age) / 27 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: AB

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Goat

Siblings: 1 (older brother named Kim)

Position in Group: Leader, Lead Vocalist

Speciality: Acting, Golf

Super Power Badge In EXO: Water

Sub-unit: EXO K

Language: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

Training Time: 7 years

Agency: SM Entertainment

Education: Kyung Hee Cyber University (enrolled in 2012), Korea National University of Arts (dropped out), Whimoon High School

Suho Of EXO’s Fun Facts and Trivia That You Have To Know
  • Suho was cast on the street in 2006 through SM Entertainment’s Casting System. At that time, Suho was only 16 years old.
  • Suho has dreamed of being a singer ever since he was an elementary school student.
  • Suho and SHINee’s Minho traveled to China together for a month to learn Mandarin.
  • Suho was originally supposed to debut with SHINee. However, he was replaced by SHINee’s Minho. The other candidate was Block B’s Zico. The proof of this can be seen in SHINee’s recorded video practice for their debut song Replay; Suho can be seen behind them.
  • Suho imitates SHINee’s Jonghyun’s voice in the song Love Like Oxygen.
  • In KBS’s show Exciting India, it was revealed that Suho and SHINee’s Minho have been friends since their college days.
  • Suho had a cameo on TVXQ’s music video, HaHaHa Song, with his fellow members Kai and Chanyeol, and also in Super Junior’s movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, with the fellow member Xiumin.
  • Even though he was introduced as the tenth member of EXO, Suho is included in the early line-up of the group.
  • Suho is often said to have an uncanny resemblance to Choi Si-won of the group Super Junior.
  • Suho chose his eyes as his most attractive body part.
  • Suho got his nickname, ‘Sunnouncer’, through the combination of his name (Suho) and Announcer. His other nickname is ‘Esuhort’, which is a combination of ‘Suho’ and ‘Escort’.
  • Suho’s personality is described as exemplary, polite, and considerate.
  • Suho’s name is mentioned by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun in Super Junior’s album, Simple.
  • Suho mentioned that his hobbies are acting, playing golf, and cycling.
  • Suho’s favorite number is 8.
  • Suho has a dog named Byul, which means ‘star’.
  • When he visited Thailand, Suho really liked to eat the country’s dessert, Khanom Chan.
  • Suho’s favorite song is 4Men’s Baby Baby.
  • Suho’s celebrity crush is actress Lee Minjung.
  • When he was a middle school student, Suho fought with his older brother and ended up running away. Later, Suho slept at a sauna room.
  • Suho is famous for being a model student because he continuously became the class representative in elementary, middle, and high school. However, Suho decided to give up the position because he felt burdened.
  • During EXO’s appearance in jTBC’s Knowing Brother, Suho proved himself to be one tough guy, as he is able to do push-ups on just one or two fingers.
  • Suho mentioned that sushi is his favorite food.
  • Suho often goes to Han River, and declared the area as his favorite place.
  • When he was asked by fans, Suho said that his family are his guardians.
  • Suho said that the most memorable gift that he has ever received was an electric piano. The gift was from his parents when he graduated from high school.
  • Unexpectedly, Suho’s favorite music genre is fun rock.
  • Suho’s favorite movie is Pirates Of The Caribbean.
  • Suho would have been a teacher if he was not an EXO member.
  • Suho’s favorite colors are gold and violet.
  • Suho joined Kyu Line, which consists of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TVXQ’s Changmin, SHINee’s Minho, and CN Blue’s Jonghyun.
  • Suho said that his role models are his senior label-mates, TVXQ and Super Junior.
  • Suho learned the leadership skills of charisma and tolerance from TVXQ’s Yunho and Super Junior’s Leeteuk, respectively.
  • Suho’s favorite song on EXO’s debut album, MAMA, is the ballad track entitled Angel.
  • Suho likes to read books to relieve stress.
  • Besides Minho, Suho is close to other SHINee members, namely the late Jonghyun and the youngest member, Taemin.
  • Besides Kyuhyun, Suho is close to other Super Junior members Leeteuk and Donghae.
  • Suho’s ideal type is a girl who is interested in literature and has long, straight hair.
  • Suho’s ideal proposal scenario is that he would propose to his girlfriend at Myeongdong, the hottest shopping area in Seoul. The area would be crowded and then he would shout very loudly, “I love you, please accept my feelings”.

Suho Of EXO’s Drama and TV Shows

Besides singing with EXO, Suho has frequently stated that his hobby is acting, and has ventured into this field. Starting with cameo and supporting roles, Suho is now often chosen as part of the leading cast in dramas, movies, and musical theater. Moreover, Suho also appears on variety and music shows, proving that he is a multi-talented entertainer. Here is a list of Suho’s cinematic activities and television shows!

2007 – Attack on the Pin-Up Boys (cameo as a dancer)

2012 – SBS To the Beautiful You (cameo as Himself)

2013 – Saving Santa (lead role as ‘Bernard’ (dubber))

2014 – KBS2 Prime Minister and I (cameo as ‘Han Taewoong’ in episodes 10, 11, and 12)

2014 – SBS Inkigayo (co-host)

2015 – KBS Fluttering India (main cast)

2015 – Hologram Musical Theatre School OZ (lead role as ‘Hans’)

2015 – Naver TV Cast’s EXO Next Door (as Himself, fictional version)

2016 – One Way Trip (lead role as ‘Sangwoo’)

2017 – Musical theater production The Last Kiss (lead role as ‘Crown Prince Rudolf’)

2017 – MBC and Naver TV Cast’s The Universe’s Star (ead ole as ‘Woojoo’)

2017 – Mountain TV’s Korea From Above (narrator with fellow EXO member Xiumin)

2018 – Musical theater production The Man Who Laughs (lead role as ‘Gwynplaine’)

2018 – Naver TV Cast’s How Are You Bread (lead role as ‘Han Dowoo’)

2018 – MBN and Dramax’s Rich Man, Poor Woman (lead role as ‘Lee Yoochan’)

2018 – Middle School Girl A (lead role as ‘Hyun Jaehee’)

Suho Of EXO’s Song List


Known as one of the solid vocalists in EXO, it is not a surprise that EXO’s Suho has sung songs either by himself or with other artists. The genres of songs that Suho has sung are different, which means that listeners of his songs have alternatives to suit their mood. Therefore, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by Suho that you may want to listen to!

2013 – Saving Santa (with Apink’s Jung Eun-ji for the original soundtrack of Saving Santa)

2014 – Beautiful (in Exology Chapter 1: The Lost Planet)

2016 – My Hero (featuring Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Kassy, and Jo Young-soo for SM Station Season 1)

2016 – Beautiful Accident (featuring EXO’s Chen for the original soundtrack of Beautiful Accident)

2017 – Starlight (featuring Remi for the original soundtrack of The Universe’s Star)

2017 – Curtain (featuring Song Young-joo for SM Station Season 1)

2018 – Dinner (featuring Jang Jae-in for SM Station Season 2)

2018 – Do You Have A Moment (featuring Jang Jae-in for Mystic Listen)