Another #EXOBLACKPINK Favorite Couple, Check Out Suho and Jisoo’s Moments!



Let’s Meet EXO’S Charismatic Leader – Suho

Suho is his idol name, his real name is Kim Jun-myeon. Suho is not only a singer but also an actor, model, and songwriter, and even a host.  Fun facts! Suho is the self-proclaimed “mother” of EXO. He has the nickname The Second Siwon because of his resemblance to Super Junior’s Siwon. Suho’s ideal type is someone who has long, straight, dark shade of hair. He prefers a girl who is shorter than him. Skin tone is not important to him. But she must have double eyelids. It would be best if she is knowledgeable in literature. A girl which he can casually sit by a window next to her and read with her. But in the latest interview (2019), Suho said: “There’s no specific style that I like when it comes to appearances. The most important thing is to have the same topics of conversation. Someone who can understand my occupation and we can give positive energy to each other.”


Meet The Cute Blackpink Member – Jisoo

Jisoo, or Kim Ji-soo, is the oldest member of Blackpink. She was born on January 3rd, 1995. Jisoo is a singer, actress, and model. Fun facts about Jisoo! Many say that the YG artist Kim Jisoo is the most beautiful. She has a bubbly personality. Jisoo is known for giving random nicknames to people. She likes to read manga as she keeps a stack of them near her bed to help her sleep. Jisoo’s ideal type is a nice guy who really likes her and cares for her; someone who would be her biggest fan. She also said that she likes guys who have a pretty smile. On a radio interview, Jisoo said that she prefers cute guys over sexy guys and funny guys over handsome guys.

Now let’s talk about the JiHo ship!

Meet Suho and Jisoo (JiHo), the Fans’ Favorite #EXOPINK Ship

There are so many fan edits about this ship on the fans’ accounts. Let’s check out some of the amazing edits!

These outfits match them perfectly!


It looks like they’re doing a broadcast for Vlive together!


We think it will be great if EXO and Blackpink have a joint concert and then Suho and Jisoo have a duet performance!


After the artists finish their performance on a music show, they all gather together for closing. And there it is, Suho and Jisoo standing next to each other.


Suho making fun of Jisoo and she’s sulking at him, how cute!


This looks so realistic! Both of them look so great on the red carpet!


Just a beautiful picture of a lovey-dovey couple!


Last! We guarantee you’ll be shocked!


One more, there’s even a fanmade video about this ship. Check it out!

This ship has quite a lot of fans. Let’s check out the fans’ comments about this ship!

On the Allkpop forum, there’s also a question about this ship. 46.2% ship JiHo. Let’s check out some comments from this forum.

“Awwww! I’ve never really even done the other group/other group shipping thing before, but if these two did date then they’d be adorable!” said NaoBun.

Last2bfree also commented, “I wouldn’t mind at all!!”

“They are both visually pleasing, wow! I can imagine them as a couple!” said Allinonetonone.

Let’s see what fans from Twitter think about this shipping.

JiHo is a cute ship. But do you know when did this ship started? It started when Jisoo was the MC of SBS’ Inkigayo and EXO made a comeback with “Ko Ko Bop.” Suho was standing next to Jisoo and looked at Jisoo’s eyes sweetly when talking to her.

Check out the video clip below!

What do you think about this ship? We think both of them fit their ideal type. We know that Suho likes girls that have long, straight hair in dark shade. Jisoo has never dyed her hair in a bright color, she has always kept her natural dark shade.


Again, Jisoo also fits another one of Suho’s requirements, which is his like of a girl that has double eyelids.



Suho also said that he likes a girl who is shorter than him. His height is around 173 cm and Jisoo is 162 cm, so yes, Jisoo fits his type again. Personality-wise Suho likes someone who can understand his occupation and they can give positive energy to each other. Both of them have the same occupation, so We think they can understand each other pretty well. Jisoo is known for her bubbly personality so of course, she can give Suho positive energy every day. Now, let’s move on to Jisoo’s type.

Jisoo just mentioned a few things about her ideal type. The first one is someone who is caring about her. As we know, Suho is the leader of EXO so he is the most patient when treating all members with many different mindsets. Let’s check out the caring Suho’s eomma moments.

Lastly, Jisoo’s ideal type is a guy with a pretty smile. Let me show you Suho’s beautiful smile.


Suho and Jisoo’s Moments and Interactions

Now, what you are waiting for. Let me give you some evidence about why people keep shipping them as a couple! First, you have seen the video of Suho and Jisoo from the SBS Inkigayo. The one that made all this shipping start. Now, let’s move on to the next one!

SBS Gayo Daejun 2017: Suho looked to his right two times. Fans have speculated that he was looking at Jisoo.

SBS Gayo Daejun 2018: Suho looked to the right a couple of times. Again, fans have said that he looked at Jisoo, even though there were a lot of people behind him and they couldn’t really see what his eyes were focused on.


Another fan theory about this ship is real.

Now let’s check out their Instagram posts.

They post with the same emojis within just a few days. Suho’s Instagram @kimjuncotton and Jisoo’s Instagram @sooyaaa__

Couple’s outfit!

That’s all the evidence about these two. It can be true and it also can be a fan theory only. We think you can ship them as a couple but we should also think that shipping them can sometimes be annoying for both of them. So the best way to do it is to not invade their privacy. It’s their right to date other people and we, as fans, should support them!