Get to Know More About Korean Actress Suh Jung: Profile, Movies, and Drama List

Meet Korean Actress Suh Jung

Suh Jung, who was born on June 10th, 1972, is an actress from the Republic of Korea. Her real name is Lee Shin-jung, and she started acting in 1996, starring in the short film Post-Genuine Zone. Since then, she has appeared in short films and independent films. She made her first appearance in commercial films by playing a small role in Lee Chang-dong’s movie Mint Candy, which was released in 2000.

She was noted for her role in the famous film director Kim Ki-Duk’s film, Island, and won an award at the 2001 Pantas Porto International Film Festival, she got the rookie award for the Grand Prize. Later, she got roles in the films, The Spider Forest (2004), The Green Chair (2005), The Border (2007), and Venus in Fur (2012).

Suh Jung’s Profile

Suh Jung means Suh from “west” and Jung is from her real name Lee Shin-jung. She was not very good at school while she was in middle and high school. She later studied books in various fields of the arts, by reading them, and she even went to watch various movies, which actually awoke her love for movies.

In 1995, she took part in the production of a short film, at the age of twenty-three, and she was presented with an appearance in a short film directed by Lee Ji-sang, Post-Genuine Zone (1996). She said, “I was deeply immersed in the movie when I first met a friend who was in an independent movie. I had never dreamed of becoming an actress before.” After that, she took a role in Lee Ji-sang’s independent movie Yellow Flower (1998), director Im Chang-jae’s short movie Tears (1998), and Aqua Requiem (1999).

In January 2000. Suh Jung debuted in a commercial film, directed by Lee Chang-dong, Mint Candy. Suh Jung, who was an unknown actress, appeared in famous director Kim Ki-duk’s movie Island, which was released in April the same year. Before Suh Jung joined the cast of Island, the main character was already cast at the time of the casting, but Kim Ki-duk’s virtue as a director, which is: “The character must have a look I want in my eyes,” managed to persuade the crew to cast her instead.

After the premiere of Island, the same year, Island took part in the 2000 Venice International Film Festival and was invited to the International Film Festival in 2001, including the Sundance Film Festival. The actress’ work was awarded at the 2001 Pantas Porto and the Cinemanila International Film Festival and she won the award for the Grand Prize and a rookie of the Golden Prize.

After her success in Island, she was cast to play a lawyer named Yun Jin in an SBS drama program in June 2001, which was her first appearance in a television drama. The director of the Law Firm said, “At the award ceremony for the Art of the Grand prize, I was a little arrogant and cheeky, so I cast Suh Jung,” he explained. However, the drama Law Firm hit an average of 11.4% viewership.

In 2003, she starred in Green Chair. The film is based on actual events, and tells the story of the 32-year-old, divorced Kim Moon-hee and the 19-year-old Hyeon. The two of them enter a dangerous relationship. However, according to South Korean Law, youths are forbidden to have sex until the age of 20. Therefore, Kim ends up in prison for seducing a minor and she is also forced to do some hours of social work. This work, which was invited to the Sundance Film Festival and the Panorama of the Berlin International Film Festival, was released in June 2005, two years later.

Suh Jung’s Movies
  • De-pure Land (short film) (1996)
  • Poison (1997)
  • Lachrymal (short film) (1998)
  • Aqua Requiem (short film) (1999)
  • Peppermint Candy (2000)
  • The Isle (2000) – Hee-Jin
  • Yellow Flower (2002)
  • Spider Forest (2004) – Min Soo-in/Eun-Ah
  • Green Chair (2005) – Kim Mun-hee
  • Desert Dream (2007) – Choi Soon-hee
  • Girlfriends (2009)
  • Venus in Furs (2012)

Suh Jung’s TV Shows

  • SBS Law Firm (2001) – Yun-jin