BTS’s Suga and IU: Same Age Friends That Collaborated On ‘Eight’

Covers of BTS’s SUGA and IU’s Song “Eight”

Since “Eight” experienced great success when it was released, there were many people who decided to make a cover of this song. Some K-Pop idols, as well as K-Pop fans, started uploading their recorded videos singing IU and BTS’s Suga’s song “Eight.” Let’s see who has made a cover of this song and made their own version of the song!

On September 6th, 2020, Eric Nam, who was broadcasting his premiere via the YouTube channel, performed a cover of IU’s song “Eight.” With an acoustic guitar for the background music, Eric Nam sings with his melodious voice and also minimalist instrumental but still sounds easy listening and calming like the original song popularized in May 2020.

One of the idols who made a debut with I.O.I and also Gugudan, is also famous for her very melodious voice and has even made a debut as a solo artist. Kim Sejeong is not shy to give her best performance when singing the song in the practice room. She seemed to really enjoy the song and occasionally chuckled because she had to hit the high notes that IU sang.

One of the famous guitarists from South Korea, Sungha Jung, has also made a cover of “Eight.” He is not originally a singer, but he uploaded a video making a guitar cover of “Eight” with his guitar skills. The song that won the Perfect All-Kill sounds melodious even when we only listen to the instrumentals without anyone singing the lyrics.

The K-Pop idol who debuted as an ITZY member and is also under JYP Entertainment, Hwang Yeji, also played the song in the middle of her live broadcast on V-Live. She seemed to enjoy the music when she sang several verses of the lyrics. Not to forget, she also gave praise because “Eight” sounded easy listening and was very beautiful when she played the song to her fans via the live broadcast.

This time there is one vocalist from G-Friend who is also famous for having a beautiful voice, Yuju. She was seen singing “Eight” during a live broadcast on V-Live, but this was not followed by an instrumental of the song. In the video she was recording, G-Friend’s Yuju is seen on a car ride and singing a snippet from “Eight” she had memorized.

BTS’s SUGA and IU’s Support For Each Other

“Eight,” which is a collaboration between IU and BTS’s Suga, was finally released on May 6th, 2020. The single was released with a futuristic concept music video by incorporating animation in several parts. Once released, IU shared a post on Instagram in the form of a cover photo of the song “Eight.” She gave a special thanks to Suga by writing, “Come on Eight and special thank you to Suga,” and included a crown emoji.

For this song “Eight,” IU first asked Suga to collaborate with him because she saw the BTS rapper’s ability to write songs. Suga then happily agreed to take part in this project. Suga is also known to feel very honored to work with the singer who is his senior in the music world. In a live broadcast, Suga even admitted that he really liked “Eight.” The owner of the name Min Yoongi has listened to the song many times.

On May 8th, 2020, IU also talked about the “Eight” music video and revealed every process she had to go through when making the song with BTS’s Suga. Regarding the song “Eight,” IU explained, “This song is about sad longing that started from returning to the same place, unable to continue, and being lost in thoughts. The reason why this song was called Eight from the start is because I wanted to express my state of mind when I was 28. Like I did for Twenty Three or Palette, I sometimes try to reflect my age in my songs so I want to do the same this time.”

“BTS’s Suga and I are the same age and that’s why we worked on the song together. The whole process itself was comfortable. It felt comfortable and relaxed when I was working on it,” she said. IU continued, “Out of all the songs I’ve worked on recently, the process for this song was the most relaxed. The melody is also very easy, and as for the lyrics, I didn’t have to think too much about it while writing it. So I just wrote what I felt like writing normally.”

Meanwhile, IU set a new record in the history of Melon which is the biggest Korean music site with “Eight,” the song also made it to 234 total roof-hits on Melon at 1 a.m. local time on May 6th, 2020.

BTS’s SUGA and IU’s Moments Together

Being a professional work partner is certainly not easy. They must have some things in common with each other both from the vision, mission and also the common motto for a career in the same path. In this case, fans will certainly pay attention to the closeness of idols who are close to each other from time to time. In the video below, we can see the friendship between BTS’s Suga and IU, who are not directly in public but look equally passionate about music.

In several music shows, BTS’s Suga and IU have been seen attending awards or music programs in the same episode. They also enjoy each other’s performances on stage. Recently IU was seen in one of the episodes broadcast on 1TheK and gave a response to BTS’s Suga who complimented her. As a friend who has worked on a project and achieved great success, IU is grateful for the cooperation given by Suga because all processes could be done quickly.

BTS’s SUGA and IU’s Facts






 The comeback of the solo artist and actress with the real name Lee Ji-eun has become a topic of conversation and has stirred the K-Pop entertainment industry, because in the comeback IU worked with one of the BTS members. EDAM Entertainment as the agency announced that IU will make a comeback with BTS’s Suga.

IU and Suga have something in common, both of them are very fond of fans because of their youthful charm. Famous for having baby faces, IU and Suga are already 27 years old. They were both born in 1993. Their births are only two months apart because Suga was born on March 9th, while IU was born on May 16th. Having an extraordinary career, a very visual face, and an equally great work made IU and Suga become outstanding line 93 partners. IU and Suga are among the two idols who are the favorites of the South Korean people. However, just as many people love them, they also have haters everywhere. The main target of these haters is the visual that both of them have.

Before circulating her childhood photos, IU was very often accused of plastic surgery. Suga too. Since he was a student, he was often ridiculed for his bulky body. Until now, Suga is still often considered an idol who does not meet good visual standards just because of his narrow eyes and cheeks.

Before being successful and famous like now, it turns out that IU and BTS’s Suga came from a less well-off family. It’s no secret that IU used to live with concerns. In fact, she was entrusted to live with her grandmother and separated from her parents because of the family debt she experienced. Not to mention she once lived in a small house and had lots of cockroaches in it.

Just like IU, Suga was born into a very simple family. Even in an interview, Suga said: “After I debuted, I went back to the dorm and sat there staring blankly. I couldn’t believe, a child from a poor Daegu family would make it.”

Although Suga didn’t believe that he had debuted, currently BTS’s Suga is more successful with an extraordinary career overseas. Many have known that BTS’s Suga had the courage to come to Seoul for the dream he had dreamed of. Even BTS’s Suga had worked as a delivery service until he had an accident that injured his shoulder. Famous for being good at composing songs, BTS’s Suga also sold his songs just to eat in the past.

No different from Suga, in pursuing a career, IU also auditioned 20 times until she was cheated by a fake entertainment company before finally joining LOEN Entertainment in 2007. That’s why IU and BTS’s Suga always act humble, because the path they went through was not easy to get through, so they have to try harder to make them successful until now.

The next similarity is, when they debuted, IU and BTS’s Suga were not immediately famous. They had to compete against other K-Pop idols who were in big agencies. IU, who debuted in 2008, only became widely known by the public because of the song “Good Day” she sang in 2011. And this song is an extraordinary song that IU has, because of the many high notes she sings in this song.

A similar thing happened with BTS’s Suga, who debuted in 2013 and only became widely known to the public in 2015 with their group BTS. And of course, BTS’s Suga’s career has continued to rise until now, with many international awards and a worldwide career. IU and BTS’s Suga are currently widely recognized by the public with their achievements and expertise in the music world.

The next thing IU and BTS’s Suga have in common is that they are very talented in music. It’s no secret that IU and Suga have an extraordinary interest in music. This was evidenced by the fact that both of them were able to produce their own extraordinary works. There are many songs and also lyrics that have been composed by IU and BTS’s Suga which are certainly very liked by many of their fans.

Not only that, IU and BTS’s Suga have been recognized as composers under KOMCA thanks to their songs which are almost all popular. Like BTS’s Suga, who is called the composer of BTS because of the many works that have been made by him and have been performed by BTS. Among these songs are “Song Request,” “Give it to Me,” “Agust D,” and many more.

Not different from BTS’s Suga, IU has also composed many songs for herself to sing, and of course, these songs became popular. Songs that have been made by IU include “Peach,” “Palette,” “Twenty Three,” and many more. And, of course, these songs are very popular and well received by their fans.

Having a big name, it turns out that IU and also BTS’s Suga did not debut with a big agency. In fact, IU had auditioned with JYP Entertainment and was not accepted. In 2007 IU finally joined LOEN Entertainment which was a small agency at that time, but thanks to IU, in the end, the agency was known by many people and, of course, became one of the most popular agencies today.

BTS’s Suga also entered BigHit Entertainment which at that time was about to go bankrupt. But because of BTS, BigHit Entertainment was saved and also became one of the well-known agencies in South Korea. Not coming from a big agency BTS’s Suga and IU can be successful and have extraordinary names because of their work and achievements.

And the last thing that BTS’s Suga and IU have in common is an anxiety disorder. They experienced this because the competition in the South Korean entertainment industry was very tough. When he made his debut, Suga had an anxiety disorder because he was afraid that he would not be rewarded for his efforts and had suffered from severe depression. The shoulder injury and body shaming that he often got were the cause of Suga’s anxiety disorder. Then IU experienced anxiety because she was afraid that her singing ability was not recognized.

That is why IU vented her anxiety by eating a lot, then she wouldn’t eat any food until she vomited and in the end, she suffered from an eating disorder or bulimia. This actually caused IU’s eating disorders and affected her body size. It turns out that before finally being recognized by the public for their achievements, IU and BTS’s Suga had experienced anxiety because they were afraid of not being rewarded for their talents.

Well, that’s all the information that can be given about BTS’s Suga and IU working together on a project and releasing “Eight,” which is still one of the most popular songs and is very comfortable to listen to. Let’s keep supporting BTS’s Suga and IU so that in the future they can release songs together again! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media, and stay tuned for the upcoming interesting articles from Channel-Korea!