Check Out BTS’ Suga’s Mixtape Under the Name Agust D

suga agust d

The Pride of Daegu, Suga slash Agust D

Min Yoon-gi, also known as Suga, is one of the rapper-line in BTS, along with RM, the leader, and J-Hope, the main dancer. He was born in Buk-gu Daegu, South Korea, on March 9, 1993. Before he became a member of BTS, he joined with the underground rapper group known as D-Town. He had the stage name GLOSS.

Back then, he was already composing and producing songs with his groupmates from D-Town. At the age of 17, he worked at a part-time job in a recording studio and helped to produce some tracks.

After that, he went to an audition for Big Hit Entertainment, since he wanted to do music on a larger level. Happily, he passed the audition thanks to his amazing rapping skills. Suga became a trainee, even though at first he only wanted to be a producer at the company. He was convinced to join BTS as a rapper, and the rest is history. He even still jokes that Big Hit’s CEO, Bang Shi-hyuk, tricked him into becoming a BTS member.

Along with BTS, Suga has achieved a lot of awards and milestones, and has been recognized as a rapper by the whole world. He produces, composes, writes lyrics, and raps a lot of mixtapes, tracks, and songs, whether it’s BTS songs or for himself. It’s true. Suga didn’t only rap for BTS after he debuted with the seven-member group, he also had a solo debut under the name Agust D.

What is Agust D, and why did Suga use that name instead of his usual stage name, Suga?

Let’s get the details!

What’s the Meaning of Agust D, and Why BTS’ Suga Chose That Name

After releasing a solo mixtape for the first time, Suga shocked people by showing up with a new stage name, Agust D. Agust D sounds totally different than Suga or his real name, which is Min Yoongi. How did this Daegu boy get his other stage name?

Even though his first mixtape was released in August, the name Agust D doesn’t come from the month of August, since Suga himself was born in March. In an interview with Grazia, Suga said that the stage name Agust D is a reserved word for Suga. And the word ‘t’ and ‘d’ stands for ‘town’ and ‘Daegu’ reservedly, which also represents Suga’s previous rapper group, D-Town. Suga was born and raised in Daegu, and the town has special meaning for the rapper.

Suga must be proud of his hometown, since he used it as his other stage name, Agust D. It’s a bit of a coincidence, right? Suga also said that he had a good feeling about his first mixtape with the new stage name, Agust D, since it was released in the month of August.

Now that you know the meaning behind the name, let’s take a look at Agust D’s first mixtape, the music video, and the live performance!

BTS’s Suga’s First Mixtape: Agust D

On August 15, 2016, Suga, a.k.a Agust D, released his first mixtape on SoundCloud. The mixtape consists of 10 songs that also featured other musicians, the hip-hop artist Yankie and the soloist, Suran.

Instead of releasing a full album, like many other K-pop idols have for their solo debuts, Suga said that he preferred to release a mixtape, since an album made him feel like he was being trapped inside something. Besides, Suga was supposed to make a promotion for the company and he also needed to do the MelOn chart.

Suga only wants to do what he wants to do. He just wants to share the music freely to the public, without giving it as 30-second samples for everyone that might or might not buy the music, the way it works in some music streaming services, like MelOn.

Let’s take a look at Agust D’s title track on his first mixtape.

Agust D’s MV

The Agust D music video was released on August 15, 2016, on Big Hit’s official YouTube channel, ibighit. The video took place in a house, where there are some scenes of Agust D tied to a chair. Later on in the video he breaks free. If you watch the video carefully, you can clearly see the emotion that represents the lyrics while he raps.

This is the music video for another of Agust D’s tracks, called Give It To Me. Just like the Agust D music video, Give It To Me was also shot inside a house. Later in the video Agust D leaves the house and raps outside, surrounded by some damaged cars and fires. We must say that the setting of this music video, as well as Agust D’s style, totally nailed it and showed the emotions of the song really well!

Suga, a.k.a Agust D, did an amazing job, once again!

Agust D’s Live Performance

After seeing the music video, let’s take a look at the live performance, here!

This is when Agust D was performing Tony Montana with Jimin in a concert in 2017. Since it was a year after the release of the song, Suga didn’t have the white hair that he had on the music video anymore, but he still looked fierce with black hair and a white top and a mask that he didn’t put on. Once again, he rocked the show with his amazing performance! Jimin also did well with his rap line!

Next Mixtape Prediction

BTS is currently preparing for a world tour in 2019, after their latest comeback with the song Idol in 2018. At this time, it’s still possible that BTS or one of the members may be releasing a new album, or new song, or even a new mixtape. Come to think of it, it could be coming out anytime, since they might be wanting to surprise their fans.

In Agust D’s case, his latest mixtape was in 2016, which was almost 3 years ago. There still isn’t any word of a new comeback from the Daegu boy.

It could be because he was busy with BTS’s schedule, but still, since it’s Suga that we’re talking about, he still could be making a song while doing the tour or during any other BTS activities.

On August 15, 2018, fans were celebrating Agust D’s second anniversary by posting #2ndyearwithagustd on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Could there be something on Agust D’s third anniversary? Will Suga comeback with Agust D in August this year? Well, let’s just wait and see.