From Samuel Kim To Chung-ha, Here’s a List of Successful Trainees From Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ Series


Kpop Profiles

Kang Mi-na was born on December 4th, 1999, in Icheon, South Korea. Kang Mi-na became known since joining the survival show ‘Produce 101’ the first season. Mina became a participant from Jellyfish Entertainment with her two partners, Kim Na-young and Kim Se-jeong. Starting from the first episode Mina looks stunning with the ability to dance. Talent and popularity possessed, led all three to the final ‘Produce 101’. Unfortunately, Kim Na-young was only able to be in position 14. While Mina managed to be ranked ninth and Sejeong ranked second. So they successfully debuted with Mnet’s project girl group I.O.I.

I.O.I was officially disbanded in 2017. After I.O.I disbanded, Kang Mi-na returned to her group, Gugudan. In 2019, Mina joined as a cast to play in the drama series. This time she was acting with IU and Yeo Jin-goo in the drama series ‘Hotel del Luna’. Kang Mi-na plays the role of Kim Yu-na, a spirit exchange figure with a friend who killed her who then falls in love with a ghost of a hotel employee named Ji Hyun-joong (Block B’s P.O’s character). In addition to jumping into the art of acting, the singer of ‘A Girl Like Me’ was asked to be the MC for the music program ‘Show! Music Core ‘since 2018 ago.

Kang Mi-na’s Discography

  • Peach Paradise (계룡선녀전) (2018) – Tale of Fairy OST

Weki Meki Do-yeon

Kpop Profiles

Kim Do-yeon was born on December 4, 1999. She is famous as a contestant on the Mnet’s reality show Produce 101, a former member of the girl group that is now disbanded by I.O.I, and as a member of Weki Meki and a special unit of WJMK under Fantagio and Starship Entertainment. After the official I.O.I’s dissbandment on January 29, 2017, Yoojung and Doyeon went to the United States to film their reality show, Dodaeng’s Diary in LA which aired on TVING.

A few months later, their company revealed that they planned to start a new girl group. Doyeon made her official debut as a member of Weki Meki on August 8, 2017. In February 2018, Doyeon made her acting debut after getting a role in a drama called Short in which she played a supporting role.


  • Weme (2017)
  • Lucky (2018)
  • Love Diamond (2018) – Gangnam Beauty OST Part 1
  • A Rose Smile (2018) – My Only One OST Part 7
  • Strong (짜릿하게) (2018)

Solo Artist Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel was born on December 10, 1996 in Busan, South Korea. He is a South Korean singer, best known for finishing first in Produce 101 (season 2). Kang Daniel represented MMO Entertainment in the Mnet’s reality survival program, Produce 101 Season 2. Kang Daniel officially debuted with Wanna One on August 7, 2017, at Gocheok Sky Dome with a mini-album debuting 1 × 1 = 1 (To Be One).

Kang Daniel can be called one of the most popular K-Pop idols today. This Wanna One Center, has stolen the attention of fans when he participated in the survival show ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ which aired in 2017. When he became a trainee under MMO Entertainment, he also had a career as a dancer background senior singer. He once acted as a backup dancer for the performances of Spica’s Sihyun and Fiestar’s Cao Lu on the show ‘Her Secret Weapon’.

After his contract with Wanna One was ended on January 2019, Kang Daniel returned to LM Entertainment. After returning to LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel decided to file a lawsuit with the agency for breaching the contract. After completing his legal process with LM Entertainment, Kang Daniel worked as a soloist under his own agency, Konnect Entertainment.

Kang Daniel’s Albums

  • Color on Me (2019)

Solo Artist Ha Sung-woon


Ha Sung-woon was born on March 22nd, 1994, in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. In 2010, Ha Sung-woon auditioned at JYP Entertainment, he passed several stages until he made it to the finals. But unfortunately, he failed in the final round. Despite failing to become a trainee at JYP Entertainment, Ha Sung-woon didn’t just give up. He still tried to reach his goals by auditioning at other agencies. Ha Sung-woon was accepted at the Star Crew Entertainment agency through a dance audition. After undergoing a training period, he was finally introduced as the last member of Hotshot which debuted on October 3, 2014.

Ha Sung-woon with Noh Tae-hyun who is also a member of Hotshot followed a survival program called Produce 101 Season 2. Of the 101 participants who participated in the Produce 101 program, only the top 11 participants took the most votes in the final to debut. There were 20 participants who entered the final round, of course all wanted their name to be called even though it was only ranked 11th.

The eleventh rank is the last announced. At that time, there were 10 participants who were not yet named. Luckily, the name Ha Sung-woon succeeded in becoming the 11th person as well as the last member who successfully debuted with Wanna One on August 7, 2017. After Wanna One disbanded on December 31, 2018, Ha Sung-woon returned to his agency and debuted as a soloist.

Ha Sung-woon’s Albums

  • My Moment (2019)
  • BXXX (2019)

Solo Artist Kim Jae-hwan


Kim Jae-hwan was born on May 27th, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. Wanna One fans are definitely familiar with Kim Jae-hwan. This golden voice man won the fourth position in the Mnet’s Survival Program Produce 101 season 2, and debuted as the main vocalist in the project group “Wanna One” on August 7, 2017. After the promotion period with Wanna One ended, Kim Jae-hwan continued his activities as a solo singer. The first Music Video entitled “Begin Again” was released on May 20, 2019.

wan’s Album

  • Another (2019)

Solo Artist Jeon Somi


Ennik Somi Douma was born on March 9th, 2001, in Ontario, Canada. She is known by her Korean name Jeon So-mi. She is a Korean-Canadian singer based in South Korea. Jeon So-mi first joined JYP Entertainment in 2013. That same year Somi was introduced to the public through the program “Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2” which aired on KBS2 channel. Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2. Somi was re-introduced to the public in 2015 through the SIXTEEN survival program organized by JYP Entertainment. Jeon Somi’s trip to SIXTEEN also made her have her own fan base. However, her efforts must stop at the top round. Somi failed to debutas a TWICE’s member.

After being eliminated in the SIXTEEN survival program, Somi again took advantage by joining the Survival Program Produce 101 Season 1 in January 2016. In this program, she competed with other trainees such as GUGUDAN’s Kim Se-jeong and Mina, Weki Meki’s Doyeon and Yoojung, and still much more. This time Somi managed to reach the top and became the first rank in PRODUCE 101. She successfully debuted with I.O.I as a center and as the maknae.

Jeon So-mi officially terminated her contract with JYP Entertainment in August 2018. Even though at that time it was rumored that Somi would join JYP’s new girl group, ITZY. After experiencing the ups and downs of becoming a JYP Entertainment trainee, in September 2018, Somi decided to anchor the agency of The Black Label. 8 Months joining YG Entertainment sub-agency Jeon So-mi finally officially debuted as soloist with the song “Birthday”.

Jeon So-mi’s Discography

  • Bithday (2019)
  • Outta My Head (2019)