Become More Stylish And Fabulous With These Trendy K-Pop Hairstyles!


Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene is considered to be an iconic member of Red Velvet. In fact, she has never tried to cut her hair. Irene is only changing the color of her hair. You can see in the picture above, on her debut as a member of Red Velvet, she had red styling.

And we can see her play with colors in the two above photos, where she dyed her air in purple and brown. Luckily for her, any color she chooses fits her well and she looks stunning and badass.


Jisoo originally kept her hair long, light black-brown, and straight. Wherever she is going this is her favorite style.

Jisoo from Black Pink also ties her hair in a bun, by tying up her hair into a small bun and leaving some hair strips messy which looks beautiful. This is her casual style.

This purple-red degradation color makes Jisoo look very cool. She decided to bleach her roots and dye them pink also making a purple-pink reverse ombre hairstyle. It almost looks like an extension of her tie-dye shirt. So many people were amazed by her hair color this time. She brought freshness and an impressive style.

TWICE’s Jihyo

The cuteness of Jihyo from TWICE is over the limit with her short hair: she looks young and fresh with a black shade.

She also showed up with long brown hair with bangs. She chose this style for the promotion of a TWICE album which made her look stunning and bright.

Purple seems to be the go-to color for K-Pop stars when they simply want to steal the spotlight. This rare color makes her look bold and fits great with her skin color. She changed her color due to her project album with TWICE. Nobody could deny her badass style only by her hair.

GFriend’s SinB

SinB from GFriend usually has her hair styled long in blonde and brown color. This style matches her skin color and she looks safe.

SinB from GFriend, who is often called Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, has also shown up with interesting hairstyles. This braid style on her music project made her look different and eye-catching.

She also dyed her long hair in green color which made her look fresh and quite different from before. It’s freaking awesome!

That’s all about the different and bold hairstyles of K-Pop stars. Which one do you prefer? Have you ever tried one of them or are you inspired to look like them? Kindly share your thoughts and leave a comment in the section below.