Ex-Stray Kids Member Woojin: Sexual Harassment Accusation, Agency Response, and the Aftermath

stray kids woojin

The Truth behind Kim Woo-jin’s Sexual Harassment Accusation!

Sexual harassment is one of the most terrible things that is ever done by anyone since it’s harmful. Anyone can be accused of it, even such a rising star as the ex-member of Stray Kids, Woojin. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Kim Woo-jin’s sexual harassment allegations, so stay tuned!

Former Stray Kids Member Kim Woo-jin: Accused of Sexual Harassment

stray kids woojin

You might have seen some sexual allegations among K-pop idols which leads you to wonder whether they are true or not. Unfortunately, the former Stray Kids member named Kim Woo-jin or famously known as Woojin has been accused of a sexual harassment case towards some girls.

The sensational news spread through the Internet after someone made an online post about it. Through the post, it was written that she experienced unpleasant treatment from a K-pop idol which led to Woojin afterward. Do you want to know more about the accusation? Here are the details for more information:

The Full Story of the Accusation

stray kids woojin

In September 2020, there was an anonymous Twitter user who made a written post about Kim Woo-jin of Stray Kids. Through the post, the woman who was the Twitter user explained the chronology. While she visited South Korea, she went to a bar with her friends on April 29, 2020.

Later on, they met a guy who introduced himself as a K-pop idol and called them beautiful. The guy was the first to approach them. Long story short, he eventually touched their bodies without permission.

stray kids woojin sexual allegations

Initially, the user only gave some clues of the K-pop idol with “Woo,” “W,” and “big3” which refers to the 3 biggest K-pop entertainment labels JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment. Netizens jumped to the conclusion that he was Kim Woo-jin. She also showed some shreds of evidence like a picture of a whiskey bottle that he gave her and Woojin’s picture with the same hoodie from the whiskey picture.

Woojin’s Response to the Controversy and Apology to Fans

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Finally, Woojin spoke up about the sexual harassment accusation through his Twitter, @woooojinn. Read the full statement below:

“Hello, this is Kim Woo-jin. I’m letting fans know what actually happened by posting this. Someone posted a strange rumor on Twitter then deleted the account. I’ve never even met that person, and I’ve never been to where they said I was. I know my fans must have been very shocked, but it wasn’t true so don’t worry too much.”

Woojin also apologized to the fans for making them worry and calmed them by saying his agency will take care of the matter.

Kim Woo-jin’s Agency’s Official Statement

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10X Entertainment (Woojin’s current agency) denied the accusation and released the official statement, “We are planning to take legal action against the false accusation towards Kim Woo-jin.” They also revealed some photographic evidence to clear everything and to prevent the fans from misunderstanding.

Later on, the agency appointed a lawyer and submitted a complaint. Although they couldn’t clarify everything, the police investigated some Twitter users and other netizens that were involved. They stated that Kim Woo-jin was innocent and the agency won’t deal with any form of negotiation after taking strict actions.

The director of 10X Entertainment, Yoon Yi-sak, said that Woojin has been attacked with ridiculous claims, even with a fake edited picture of him unclothed. “In addition, if you send us related data like SNS links or PDF files that have been posted on the artist, we will proceed with additional legal actions based on that.”

Kim Woo-jin and the Aftermath

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It has been such a relief that Kim Woo-jin was innocent and the accusation has nothing to do with him! He used to be stressed out due to the case of the sexual allegations, and fortunately, he has made it through it. He said, “It’s very disappointing that this situation came up while I was working hard to meet my fans again.”

So, what’s he been up to lately? After Woojin’s departure from the group Stray Kids, Woojin still continues his activities in the entertainment industry. He was able to find a new agency, 10X Entertainment, that also supports his future career. Furthermore, Woojin plans on embarking on a solo career under his label and has been working hard for self-improvements such as in dancing and singing.

former stray kids member woojin

That’s a wrap for everything about former Stray Kids member Woojin’s sexual harassment accusation! No matter how many people jumped to conclusions, Woojin was found innocent after all. What do you guys think about the allegations of Kim Woo-jin? Let us know your response through the comments below, and don’t forget to share our article on your Twitter!