What is Your Stray Kids’ Favorite Ship? Check Out Their Relationship, Here!

Stray Kids' Ship

From ‘ChanLix’ To ‘2Chan’, Who Is Your Favorite Stray Kids’ Ship?

Do you know the boy group that released the single “MANIAC” in 2022? Yes, they are Stray Kids! Some of you must know about the closeness of each member who signed under JYP Entertainment, right? Stray Kids is one of the famous K-Pop boy groups because each member has a whole package that makes fans have their own bias in the group.

Then, who is your favorite ships in Stray Kids? Do you know that Stray Kids also has their pairing idols just like other K-Pop idols as well? If you still can’t figure out who your favorite Stray Kids’ ships are, let’s get to know more about Stray Kids’ ships and their interaction together in this article below!

Stray Kids’ Ships: Which One is The Most Popular?


Stray Kids is a South Korean boy group under JYP Entertainment and debuted on March 25, 2018. Stray Kids also debuted with 9 members with Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, I.N, and their former member, Woojin.

When it comes to Stray Kids’ ship, they have some names of the most favorite ships according to their fans. One of the most famous Stray Kids’ ships is ChanLix, which is Bang Chan and Felix because they are both two members who came from the same country Australia.

Here’s the list for Stray Kids’ ships that you should know :

No. Ship Name Members
1 ChanLix Chan and Felix
2 HyunIn Hyunjin and I.N
3 WooChan Woojin and Bang Chan
4 JeongSung Han and I.N
5 MinChan Lee Know and Bang Chan
6 HyunSung Hyunjin and I.N
7 2Chan Bang Chan and Changbin


ChanLix (Bang Chan × Felix)


Stray Kids, a male idol group under JYP Entertainment, cannot be separated from the word Australia. Their leader, Bang Chan and his member, Felix, are from the land of kangaroos, and that’s what made them close during their trainee days, until they finally debuted as Stray Kids in 2018.

Stray Kids fans, STAY, many associate them with the keywords “Aussie Line, Aussie Bros”, or ChanLix, which is an abbreviation of their name. Bang Chan and Felix are from Australia. Both are of Korean descent, and living in Australia.


During the survival program ‘Stray Kids MNet 2017’, Felix who had difficulty communicating in Korean was helped a lot by Chan. When Felix was eliminated from survival, Chan became the saddest person and cried while saying, “Always find me, eh? I’ll never leave you behind.”

Chan was three years older, but he often acted like a baby in front of Felix. On the other hand, even though Felix is ​​younger than Chan, he doesn’t hesitate to hug and tease his hyung. Chan and Felix often become speakers, as well as translators during interviews or concerts abroad, because of their fluency in English.


In ‘SKZ Two Kids Room+1′, Chan said that Felix was considered like Lucas, his biological brother. Felix has been a guest on Chan’s V-Live show “Chan’s room” several times, they talk to each other in English. To pass the time, Chan and Felix made cookies and played UNO together.

What do you think about Stray Kids’ ChanLix?

HyunIn (Hyunjin × I.N/Jeongin)


Hyunjin as the main dancer and I.N as the maknae from Stray Kids often make fans anxious with the closeness of the two. Hyunjin who is one year older than I.N always treats his maknae like a brother to sister.

The second ship name from fans is HyunIn which means Hyunjin and I.N. Who agrees that the faces of the two look like siblings? Both of them even studied at the School Of Performing Arts. These two members is close with each other and they were even invited to an event to find out facts about each other.


When he first debuted, Hyunjin was even very happy because he got a room with I.N. Both are also nicknamed fans who have similar ‘eyes smile’.

What do you think about Stray Kids’ HyunIn?

JeongSung (Han/Jisung × I.N/Jeongin)


Another pairing that you should know from Stray Kids’ members are JeongSung, which is Han and I.N. They are both one of the underrated Stray Kids’ ships because not many people are aware of their interactions when they are on stage or off-camera.

JeongSung’s similarities can be obtained from their backgrounds, such as their birthplaces who were both born in South Korea and they are both active in their careers as singers, more specifically as K-Pop idols. Not only that, they both only have an age gap of 1 year, Han who was born first in 2000 and I.N who was born in 2001.


When talking about the difference between the two of them, Han is a rapper, while I.N is not a rapper. But they both still hold very important positions in Stray Kids and many people admire their outstanding skills! Not only that JeongSung also shared a room together in the door as they became a roommate since early 2019.

What do you think about Stray Kids’ JeongSung?

HyunSung (Hyunjin & Jisung/Han)


For K-Pop fans, especially with STAYs, you must be familiar with Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. He is quite famous for his good looks and sexiness even though he is still relatively young. But who would have thought that his fellow Stray Kids member, Han, would tease Hyunjin and said that he resembles an oldie. This moment was known as one of the most unforgettable moments for HyunSung, Hyunjin, and Han.

Hyunjin revealed that his body will hurt when it rains. Han was the first to confirm that what he had just heard from Hyunjin was true. “How old are you?” Han asked in disbelief. But Hyunjin immediately corrected that his body was sore the day before the rain fell. He remembered the time when he woke up with his body aching only to find out that it was raining.


With all the details revealed, Han pointed to Hyunjin and said, “I think we should check his ID.” The joke made everyone burst out laughing. Hyunjin, who became the subject of jokes, actually laughed because of his strange habit.

What do you think about Stray Kids’ HyunSung?

MinChan (Lee Know/Minho × Bang Chan)


Bang Chan and Lee Know were born in October and they are the oldest members of Stray Kids. Both were born in October, they are only 1 year apart in age. Bang Chan in 1997, and Lee Know was born in 1998. Bang Chan who is 1 year older is very fond of teasing Lee Know.

In the pre-debut period, Lee Know who had to be eliminated and almost failed to debut made Bang Chan so sad. As the oldest member, Bang Chan who is also a leader makes Lee Know a partner to continue to protect the other members. Both of them even like to treat other members like brothers and care for each other.


Both of them also have excellent vocal and dance skills! Having a baby face, Bang Chan often makes the public mistakenly think that he is younger than Lee Know. This sweet moment of Bang Chan and Lee Know is often seen by fans at various events with Stray Kids.

What do you think about Stray Kids’ MinChan?

2Chan (BangChan x Changbin)


It’s always interesting to find out about the boy group under JYP Entertainment, Stray Kids. The leader, Bang Chan, really stands out with his sexy aura that really drives women crazy. On the other hand, Bang Chan also has an adorable aura which has again fascinated many female fans.

Fellow Stray Kids member, Changbin, at an event revealed when Bang Chan looked the sexiest. According to Changbin, Bang Chan actually looks the sexiest when he displays two different personalities in different situations.


“When we went out to eat, he asked what we wanted and took care of it. But when it comes to directing, recording, or anything about work, he gets cold,” Changbin said.

Then when asked if it bothered him, Changbin felt that it didn’t bother him at all. “No, I feel it is strong. I feel he’s cool and sexy,” Changbin continued. Bang Chan, who was sitting beside him, blushed at the compliment and smiled broadly.

What do you think about Stray Kids’ 2Chan?

Well, that was all for the information about Stray Kids’ ships and the various relationships of each member in the group. So, have you decided who your favorite Stray Kids’ ship is? Let’s keep sending support to Stray Kids and hope that their career journey can shine even more in the future.