Stray Kids’ Seungmin: Profile, Look-a-Like Wonpil, Covers, Etc.

Seungmin, Real My Day


We’re not talking about Seungmin if we don’t talk about his favorite band. It’s the band that Seungmin really likes to the point that he put this band first before his own group. It is a band that is in the same agency as him. It’s Day6, Seungmin’s all-time favorite!

Seungmin said that he has been a fan of Day6 since before joining JYP Entertainment. So, he’s really lucky that he can be under the same roof as Day6, not only as a trainee but as an idol. Just like the real fans, Seungmin remembered all the parts to Day6’s songs. He also attended a lot of Day6 concerts and enjoyed them just like other My Day, the fandom name of Day6.


We’re not even kidding when we mentioned that Seungmin put Day6 above Stray Kids because in one of the backstage moments of Afterschool Club when Heejun, the fellow MC, asked him which one he chose, Stray Kids or Day6, Seungmin thought really hard.

Seungmin probably looks calm if you see him in some moments. But, when it comes to Day6, he can just dance around out of nowhere. And, even when his favorite band won an award, Seungmin became the happiest fan alive. He was even happier than when Stray Kids won an award.

Even after becoming an artist in the same agency as Day6, Seungmin said that he still flutters when he meets Day6 in JYP Entertainment’s building. If you can’t imagine how nervous he is when he meets Day6, just imagine how we’re going to look when we meet our favorite idol. It’s just the same because Seungmin is just like us, especially if you’re My Day too!

Stray Kids’ Seungmin Did Cover Songs of Day6


Seungmin’s love for Day6 is beyond everything. That’s the reason why Seungmin got the nickname Real My Day and even President of My Day because he’s loyal and he doesn’t feel ashamed to show how much of a big fan he is for Day6, not even when he became an idol.

Stray Kids has a project series named SKZ-Record where they upload songs of their non-promotional projects. Sometimes, they do a cover, and sometimes, they just upload an unreleased song, mixtape, etc. Seungmin who is known as the main vocalist of Stray Kids used this opportunity to do covers of Day6 songs.

This is the time when Seungmin did a cover of the most popular song of Day6, “You Were Beautiful.”

Seungmin is such a lucky fanboy. Wonpil, his favorite member in Day6, even complimented his cover and Seungmin went all-smiles because of that. Young K, the bassist of Day6 also listened to the cover and was impressed by Seungmin’s ability to sing “You Were Beautiful” alone, which originally was sung by four members of Day6.

Not only “You Were Beautiful,” but Seungmin also did a cover of another song from Day6, “Congratulations.” This time, Seungmin asked his fellow member, Han the rapper, to join the song. Han was in charge of the rap part while Seungmin did the vocals.

The two of them don’t only have beautiful faces, but they also have outstanding talents in both of their skills, singing, and rapping. Thumbs up for Seungmin and Han!

Stray Kids’ Seungmin’s Look-a-Like Wonpil


We mentioned before that Seungmin’s favorite member in Day6 is Wonpil. The funny thing is that Wonpil is actually the member that looks like Seungmin. When Seungmin was a trainee, he was known for looking like some senior celebrities. One of the artists that were said to look like him is Wonpil.

Let’s take a look at how the two of them look like each other.


Being a successful fan to the fullest, Seungmin got noticed by Wonpil a lot. When Seungmin attended Day6 concerts, Wonpil approached Seungmin in his seat several times. Look at how cute our puppy Seungmin is!


Seungmin and Wonpil definitely could pass as brothers. Both of them have great vocals, too. What do you think of Seungmin and Wonpil’s resemblance? Do you think that they look alike?

Stray Kids’ Seungmin with Lee Know: The Love-Hate Relationship

seungmin lee know

Seungmin is close to all of Stray Kids’ members. The eight members of Stray Kids have been friends since they were trainees. After their debut, since the eight members lived together in their dorm, they became even closer.

But, the relationship of Seungmin with one member really caught attention. It’s Seungmin and Lee Know’s chemistry that makes people laugh and go “Aww~” at the same time. Seungmin has a different personality from Lee Know, they even claimed that if it weren’t because of Stray Kids they believe that they wouldn’t be friends if they met somewhere else such as school.

But even so, Seungmin and Lee Know are really close. It’s just sometimes they are on different sides and they start to glare at each other. For example, when Seungmin couldn’t name Lee Know’s cats, or when Lee Know teased Seungmin a lot of times. Both Lee Know and Seungmin are just like a tsundere couple.

seungmin lee know

The two of them are known as Divorced Couple among Stays, Stray Kids fans. It was because Seungmin and Lee Know played as a married couple that later got divorced in a project called Stray Kids 9th Season 5 Episode 3. But, their reactions to each other are literally just like a divorced couple who hate each other but actually love each other.

seungmin lee know

Lee Know and Seungmin also became a weekly guest on Day6 Kiss the Radio in KBS Radio with Young K of Day6. Please watch the show to see their interaction along with Seungmin’s favorite band’s member, Young K!


We have reached the end of the article for Seungmin’s stories starting when he was an ordinary boy through trainee life until he became the Seungmin we know. Seungmin is such an adorable person. Besides his singing skills, he has a lovable personality just like a puppy, not to mention his love for Day6 that reminds us of ourselves as fans. So, what do you think of Seungmin? Which of his charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!