Stray Kids’ Seungmin: Profile, Look-a-Like Wonpil, Covers, Etc.

Seungmin’s Debut with Stray Kids

seungmin stray kids

After the ups and downs that Seungmin and other members of Stray Kids went through during the survival program, they finally made it! Stray Kids debuted soon after Stray Kids ended.

Seungmin, as one of the main vocalists, made everyone anticipate Stray Kids’ debut due to his talent that has been shown since his pre-debut era. So, that’s why Stray Kids’ debut day was getting so much attention from people.

Even though Stray Kids released some pre-debut songs such as “Hellevator,” but it didn’t count as a debut for Stray Kids. The official debut day was on March 25, 2018, when Stray Kids released their debut single called “District 9” from the first mini-album called I Am Not.


Now, let’s see the music video debut of Stray Kids with the song “District 9!”

What makes the debut song of Stray Kids special is that their song talks about the problem of a youngster who always is told to do anything while they are still searching for their true self. Stray Kids’ debut song is not about a typical romance or cute song. It has a deep meaning that makes everyone relate to the song.

Stray Kids has good songs, amazing vocals, and they dance well, too, including Seungmin who is in charge of singing in Stray Kids. Let’s see the dance practice of Stray Kids with their debut song, “District 9!”

Now, let’s see the debut stage of Stray Kids in the music show where they performed their debut song for the first time!

What do you think of their performance back then? They have improved a lot since they were trainees. Thumbs up for Stray Kids!

Stray Kids’ Seungmin’s Performance on Stage

Stray Kids

Seungmin was a great vocalist when he was a rookie along with his team, Stray Kids. But he’s now even better as a vocalist of Stray Kids, especially after Stray Kids released a lot more songs from their extended plays as well as their albums. They also released a soundtrack which included singing by all of the members. After more than three years after their debut day, Stray Kids has improved their skills a lot.

Now, let’s see how much Stray Kids has grown in the videos of Stray Kids’ performances over time!

From being JYP Entertainment babies to becoming young men in their recent comeback, it makes us feel so proud to see how Stray Kids; members have turned into better performers each year. No wonder they get a lot more recognition these days from non-Stray Kids fans.

Now, it’s time to get close to Seungmin’s performances in the videos that focus on Seungmin only!

His voice is really stable, and his dance movements are improving a lot, not to mention his serious stare when he’s performing. Seungmin has grown up a lot. What do you think of Seungmin’s performances? Let us know in the comments!