STRAY KIDS Members’ Pets: Name, Breed, and Interactions

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Don’t Miss Out on STRAY KIDS Members’ Cute Moments with Their Pets!

Did you guys know that most STRAY KIDS members are animal lovers? On some occasions, some of the members showing-off their adorable pets and even introduce them to the fans.

STAY (STRAY KIDS’ fandom) also love the interactions between STRAY KIDS members with the pets, and even wants to know further details about it, such as the breed, their moments, and many more. Let’s get more information about STRAY KIDS members’ pets and moments through the article below by Channel Korea!

STRAY KIDS Members and Their Pets

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STRAY KIDS members have drawn the fans’ attention after some of them were showing off adorable interactions with animals. The “Finding SKZ” show also portrayed it, where the members played with kangaroos and koalas together!

Aside from that, the members turn out to have their pets, such as dogs or cats. Regarding that matter, you can also check out the list of pets from STRAY KIDS members here:

STRAY KIDS Member Pet Name Breed Lives
Bang Chan Berry Cavalier King Charles Spaniel STRAY KIDS’ Dorm
Lee Know
  • Soonee
  • Doongee
  • Dori

Korean Short Hair (All)


Hyunjin Kkami Long Hair Chihuahua STRAY KIDS’ Dorm
Han Bbama Bichon Frise STRAY KIDS’ Dorm

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Pets

stray kids bangchan

Bang Chan has a dog named Berry, a female dog with a mixture of white and chocolate fur. Meanwhile, Berry’s breed is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Well, the breed’s name is quite long even Bang Chan sometimes forgets the name himself, according to his explanation while talking about Berry.

stray kids bangchan dog

Bang Chan and Berry have a lot of adorable moments together, such as when Berry tries to kiss Bang Chan, but he acts as if he pulled away from the kiss. When STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin commented that Berry barks at STRAY KIDS’ Changbin, Bang Chan answered, “I guess dogs recognize their dad.”

Bang Chan can’t get to meet Berry very often if he is busy since Bang Chan mentioned that he missed Berry often during his V-Live sessions. You can watch Bang Chan and Berry’s moments here:

STRAY KIDS’ Lee Know’s Pets

stray kids lee know cats

Aside from being the group’s dancer, vocalist, and rapper, Lee Know is a father of three cats! Yes, he is a fantastic owner of Soonee, Doongee, and Dori. Lee Know often shares his moments with the cats through STRAY KIDS’ vlogs or simply showing the picture to the fans.

stray kids lee know cats

Soonee, Doongee, and Dori’s breeds are Korean shorthairs, but it is quite a mystery about what gender they are. There are also different stories about how Lee Know has three cats. Soonee was adopted when Lee Know was in middle school and became a volunteer.

stray kids lee know cats

Two years later, he adopted Doongee from a friend. “After I raised Soonee for two years, I brought Doongee home. My friend has a cat which gave birth to Doongee,” Lee Know explained. Dori was adopted from an abandoned cat website. You can also check out Lee Know’s moments with his cats here:

STRAY KIDS’ Changbin’s Pets

stray kids changbin

Although Changbin has a nickname from an animal which is Moqi or Mosquito, it seems like he isn’t interested in becoming a pet owner yet. Yes, Changbin has no pet at the moment, but he also showed some interest while playing with animals during some of the STRAY KIDS’ video content!

STRAY KIDS’ Hyunjin’s Pets

stray kids hyunjin dog

Hyunjin is the owner of Kkami, his lovely dog that he raised when he was 16 years old. Kkami is a male dog with the long-haired Chihuahua as its breed. He has a white and black fur mixture, and Hyunjin always spoils him! How Hyunjin shows off his affection toward Kkami portrays how precious he is to Hyunjin. 

stray kids hyunjin dog

However, Kkami passed away in 2020, which shocked everyone, mostly his fans who have known Kkami since Hyunjin introduced him. Hyunjin even made a song titled “Little Star” as a tribute for Kkami.

The inspiration came when he was reminiscing about Kkami and realized that he didn’t have many photos of him, so he wrote a song instead as a form of his love for him. Kkami also appeared in several STRAY KIDS vlogs, and you can watch one of them here:

STRAY KIDS’ Han’s Pets

stray kids han dog

Just like Bang Chan, Han is the father of a lovely dog named Bbama, a Bichon Frise, and is well-known as a small breed of dog. With the fluffy fur and petite body, Bbama is overwhelmingly adorable!

stray kids han dog

It seemed like Bbama was adopted in 2021. However, the strong bond between them has been showing off, especially Bbama, a kind of active dog who played most of the time with Han. 

STRAY KIDS’ Felix’s Pets

stray kids felix

On some occasions, the fans could see Felix’s interactions and moments with pets such as puppies. However, Felix doesn’t have a personal pet, whether it is a cat or a dog. In the meantime, you can also watch some of Felix’s interactions with animals here:

STRAY KIDS’ Seungmin’s Pets

stray kids seungmin

Currently, Seungmin also has no pets, although he seems to like them. Many fans also see him as a cute puppy due to his adorable appearance and action, so it is most likely that Seungmin will adopt a dog in the future!


stray kids in.n

Just like Felix and Seungmin, I.N also doesn’t have any pets. However, the K-Pop idol is still fond of animals and even admitted that he likes puppies. Well, we can tell that there is always a possibility that I.N would adopt a dog in the future!

Although not all members are pet owners, those who have them are very good at protecting their pets. Which one of your favorite STRAY KIDS members’ pets? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!