All About Stray Kids: Profile, Facts, Discography, and Much More!

Stray Kids: The Reality Show

On October 7, 2017, Mnet and JYP released the official teaser for the Stray Kids reality show, a survival program that has the concept of a group of trainees who has a spirit to debut against JYP. In order to debut, they need to accomplish some missions and prove that they are ready.

Usually, before debuting a group, JYP and team will hold a meeting to figure out which trainee should fill the spot in the group as a member. But unlike the usual routine, this time the trainees that would become Stray Kids members were picked by Chan, himself, who had been chosen as the leader since he’d been a trainee for a long time.

On the first episode, it was shown that the male trainees’ group that Chan put together had a battle with the female trainees’ group, the group that was carefully picked by JYP. In the end, the male trainees won the battle and would soon debut.

However, the path to making a debut wasn’t quite that simple. They needed to complete some given missions. For example, they had a challenge to compose a song themselves, had to do 3:3:3 performances, and even have a battle with YG trainees. Although it was first said that there wouldn’t be any eliminations for this group, Lee Know and Felix were eliminated because JYP said that they were still lacking skills they needed, and the agency decided to take them down from the group.

During the last episode, however, JYP said that the members still make some mistakes here and there, but when they were performing as a nine-members group, their expressions are alive, so the two eliminated members were added back to the group.


Way before Stray Kids made an official debut in 2018, 3Racha has started to release a mixtape in Sound Cloud in January, 2017. 3Racha consists of three members, CB97, SPEARB, and J.One. The three of them were none other than Bang Chan, Chang-bin and Han. By looking at their code names, can you guess who is who?
Yes, CB97 is for Bang Chan, SPEARB is for Chang-bin, and J.One is for Han. Not only did they release a mixtape that consisted of seven songs, but they also released two albums, 3Days, that released before Stray Kids started to air on TV, and Horizon that released in January 2018, for the first anniversary of 3Racha.
You can find all the songs that they wrote and composed by themselves on Sound Cloud.

Awards and Nominations


  • Asia Artist Awards
    • Category: Rookie of the Year
    • Year: 2018
  • MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards
    • Category: Male Rookie Award
    • Year: 2018
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards
    • Category: Best New Male Artist
    • Year: 2018
  • Soribada Best K-Music Awards
    • Category: New Hallyu Rookie Award
    • Year: 2018
  • Korea First Brand Awards
    • Category: Male Rookie Idol Award
    • Year: 2019
  • V Live Awards
    • Category: Global Rookie Top 5
    • Year: 2019


  • Asia Artist Awards
    • Category: Popularity Award
    • Year: 2018
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards
    • Category: New Artist of the Year
    • Year: 2018
  • Golden Disc Awards
    • Category: Best New Artist
    • Year: 2018
  • Golden Disc Awards
    • Category: Disc Bonsang, Disc Daesang
    • Project: I Am Who
    • Year: 2018
  • Korea Popular Music Awards
    • Category: Rookie of the Year
    • Year: 2018
  • MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards
    • Category: Artist of the Year, Genie Music Popularity Award
    • Year: 2018
  • Melon Music Awards
    • Category: Best New Male Artist
    • Year: 2018
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards
    • Category: Artist of the Year
    • Year: 2018
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards
    • Category: Mwave Global Fan’s Choice
    • Project: My Pace
    • Year: 2018
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards
    • Category: Rookie of the Year, Popularity Award, Hallyu Special Award
    • Year: 2018
  • Teen Choice Awards
    • Category: Choice Next Big Thing
    • Year: 2018
  • Korean Brand of the Year Awards
    • Category: Male Rookie Idol of the Year
    • Year: 2018


Before officially having their debut in March, 2018, Stray Kids was chosen to be models for a Korean fashion brand, Jambangee Jeans, in February, 2018. Look at how fancy and dandy their styles in jeans. This became their first-ever endorsement, even before they debuted.

Aside from the fashion brand, they also had an endorsement for Minute Maid. They shot a commercial for Minute Maid in July, 2018.

Hyun-jin’s Bullying Scandal

Not long after Stray Kids made their official debut, one of the members, Hyun-jin, had a rumor come up, saying that he used to be a bully in school. The rumor was spread in an online community, where someone who posted in the forum was a schoolmate of Hyun-jin’s in middle school, and he or she admitted that he and his gang used to bully someone, acted harshly towards his girlfriend, and even had no guilt for fighting with a girl.

The rumor spread and was eventually heard by the Stray Kids members, including Hyun-jin, himself. At a fan sign in April, 2018, Hyun-jin was in tears while singing one of Stray Kids’ songs, called Grown Up. As he shed tears and faced the crowds, the rest of the Stray Kids members went to him and gave him a hug to comfort him.

There’s never been an official statement about whether the rumor is true or not. Seeing how sad Hyun-jin seemed, as the rumor about him spread, we could say that it might not be true. There isn’t enough evidence that’s strong enough for us to conclude whether the rumor was true or not.

Speaking English

Stray Kids has four English-speaking members, and two of them, Bang Chan and Felix, have Australian accents. Both of them were born and lived in Australia before they moved to Korea. In Felix’s case, he’s still learning Korean and it makes him a little shy about speaking Korean in any reality shows.
Aside from Bang Chan and Felix, the other two members that speak English are Han and Seung-min. Han used to live in Malaysia for several years, and Seung-min learned English for about three months in Los Angeles. Seung-min became an MC for After School Club, along with soloist Park Ji-min and Hee-jun, because of that.
Let’s see the compilations of all the English speakers in Stray Kids speaking English! Psst, the Australian accents will definitely melt your heart.

Not only the four English speaker members, but the other five members can also speak a little English, too! It’s not at the same level as the first four, but Woo-jin, Lee Know, Chang-bin, Hyun-jin, and I.N have cute English skills that will impress you, as well.


Look at how cute our dandy boy Seung-min is, with his signature rounded image! Also a picture of him after he graduated from high school.

I.N, who loves to take over their Instagram account, is cute as always.

Yo, 3Racha in the building, y’all. Also with a filter.

Felix, after he attended the After School Club Christmas Special with Seung-min. Ooh, this boy.

Woo-jin greeted with a happy Lunar New Year message to fans with his cute selfie.

Hyun-jin posted a gorgeous picture of him after he became the new MC in Music Core.

Lee Know, the rascal boy, shared a selfie of him with Hyun-jin.

The first pictures of all 9 members of Stray Kids in 2019. Let’s continue the good work in 2019, too~

Pst, a bonus picture of 2Racha (Chan and Chang-bin) exercise and showed off their muscles. (Look at Chan’s reflection in the mirror!)

Latest News

Stray Kids has four members that just turned into adults starting this year. The 2000 lines, Hyun-jin, Han, Felix, and Seung-min are all turning 20 by the Korean age standards this year. In an interview, three of them, minus Felix, revealed things they want to do as an adult.

Hyun-jin thinks that things might not be really changing as he becomes an adult, but he said that he wants to travel. He also promises to become more mature and more attentive with his work.

Han said that he wants to watch late night movies with the 2000 lines, but actually, there’s nothing particular he wants to do as an adult, he just wants to look forward to himself as an adult.

Seung-min’s wish was quite unique. He wants to create a cell phone small payments, by himself, since he no longer needs his parent’s permission to create one as an adult, he was so happy for that.

With the three have become adults, Stray Kids now has eight members that have already turned 20 in Korean age, and it’s legal for them to drink, but Chan said that he made a promise not to drink for a year after Stray Kids had their debut.

Not only have they kept their promise, but the hardworking boys from JYP Entertainment also succeed in winning a lot of awards as rookies. It hadn’t been a year since they debuted, but they already received five awards in 2018. The boys are so talented and can look forward to a promising future.

For you international fans, you can see Stray Kids live by coming to their concert. Starting in January this year (2019), Stray Kids is having a world tour called the UNVEIL TOUR ‘I am…’, that will be held in several cities like Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Sydney, Melbourne, and many more. Be sure to attend the Stray Kids concert in your country.

On March 25th, Stray Kids released a new album called “Clé 1: Miroh. The title track of this song is also called “Miroh”, which means maze in Korean. This is the third time comeback for Stray Kids after finished releasing “I AM” series on 2018. Stray Kids released “Miroh” on the day of their first anniversary, which is on March 25.

stray kids

Let’s check out Stray Kids’ latest comeback song, Miroh!

One of the dance moves was inspired by Haka from New Zealand. Chan was the first one who came up with this idea after watching New Zealand rugby team that performed Haka to intimidate their opponents. Another key point from this dance is the “window wiping” dance, where Stray Kids dance as if they wiped your windows! Let’s check out the dance performance!

This is also the first time of Stray Kids reached the first place on a music show. Stray Kids won their first win on Mnet Countdown on April 4, 2019. The date of Stray Kids first win represents 4419 that is also the title of one of their song. Stray Kids named the song 4419 because that was the bus that they usually take when they were trainees. Seemed like the song title now has a different meaning. What a coincidence!

Not only released music video of “Miroh” as the title track, Stray Kids also released Music Video for “Victory Song” that they also perform it on music shows. Let’s check it out below!

Have you fallen for them already? Well, don’t just keep them stay in your heart, but also keep supporting them as fans on every project they have!