Stray Kids’ Han Jisung Was Caught Being Racist in His Rap Lyrics: Here Is the Information!

Stray Kids Han Jisung Racism

Let’s Find Out about the Controversy of Stray Kids’ Han!

Han Ji-sung, stage name Han, is a Stray Kids‘ rapper as well as a producer. This K-pop idol who has studied in Malaysia also produced several songs for his group such as “Another Day”, “Slump”, etc. Stray Kids’ Han also wrote a lot of rap lyrics. He started writing before his debut.

But, did you know that one of his rap lyrics has become controversial? Which song is it? You can find out the answer through this article because Channel-Korea is providing information about the controversy that befell Stray Kids’ Han. So, keep reading this article!

Stray Kids’ Han Jisung Is Involved in a Racism Case

Stray Kids Han racist

Rap lyrics written by Stray Kids’ rapper Han Ji-sung are reaping controversy. The rap lyrics written by Han became a hot topic among Korean netizens (K-netz) and raised some pros and cons because the rap lyrics contain harsh words.

According to K-netz, the lyrics that Han wrote contained racism and discrimination especially for Southeast Asia and people with disabilities. Han slipped some harsh words such as “psychiatric hospital,” and he also mentioned the negative word for black people in Korean. Actually, this song was uploaded by Han on his personal YouTube channel, but after becoming controversial, he eventually deleted it. You can read the chronology below!

The Chronology of the Racist Case

In early February, or more precisely on February 2, 2021, Stray Kids’ Han reportedly wrote disrespectful rap lyrics when he wasn’t debuted. Even though the song was deleted by Han, K-netz re-uploaded it to Twitter so everyone knows.

In that song, there’s a part of the lyrics that contains negativity. Here are the lyrics:

“You’re a kkamdoongie foreign laborer, you mothe*f*c*ing pig bird”

Stray Kids' Han racist

Kkamdoongie is a term for black people in negative context and connotations. Meanwhile, “foreign laborer” is racist towards Southeast Asians. This case then became widespread to international fans, making fans noisy in online media (especially on Twitter) and asking JYP Entertainment as Han’s agency to respond to it.

The Truth and Stray Kids’ Han’s Apology

Stray Kids Han racist

The truth of this case is Han wrote the song when he was 13. As we all know, at that age, a child is still unstable in deciding or doing something. Because this news spread quickly, some people sent emails to JYP Entertainment asking Han to apologize. The next day, he apologized by posted his apology on Stray Kids’ Instagram @realstraykids 

In brief, Stray Kids’ Han admitted that he wrote the rap lyrics by himself, and he was also feeling embarrassed about it. He realized that his mistake was unforgivable even though he was so young at the time. Basically, he was very sorry.

STAY’s Response and Concern to Han’s Controversy

Responding to this news, STAY (Stray Kids’ fandom name) felt shocked and disappointed at the same time. Even though STAY was shocked and angry at him, they never left him. They accepted Han’s apology and admitted that he was wrong, but they also cared about Han’s condition.

In this case, his fans and even other people responded wisely. When Han posted his apology, they didn’t blame him over and over again. They saw Han was very regretful and hoped that he will be fine in the future.

Some of their criticism and concerns can be seen below!

Stray Kids Han racist
Stray Kids Han racist
Stray Kids Han racist controversy

So, that’s all information we have about Stray Kids’ Han Jisung’s controversy and being racist. Don’t forget to put your thought about the article in the comment section, and see you in another article!