Stray Kids’ I.N: Profile, Age, Real Name, Maknae on Top, Etc.

Stray Kids’ I.N and the Desert Fox

jeongin in stray kids

I.N is known for his cute face, but when we see his face, doesn’t it remind us of something? In Stray Kids, some members look like other idols, such as Chan who is told he looks like Henry, a former member of Super Junior M, or Hyunjin who looks like Yeji, the leader of ITZY from their company. And, Seungmin is said to look like Wonpil, a member of Day6.

As for I.N, who is the celebrity that looks like him?

Ooops, it’s not a celebrity, to be fair. Instead, the one who looks like I.N is a desert fox.

I.N really has the desert fox aura. He has sharp-pointed eyes, and the way he smiles just makes us want to caresses his cheeks. Now, let’s see how I.N looks like a desert fox in some pictures!

Stray Kids’ I.N’s Braces

We all know how cute I.N was back when he was younger and even now after he became an adult. But, do you know that I.N used to be popular with his braces? He was such a cutie when he smiles because he had braces covering his teeth. With his sharp eyes and black hair, he looks exactly like a desert fox with braces.

So, let’s see the precious pictures of I.N who used to be known as the braces cute guy in Stray Kids!

He was just too adorable back then when he had braces. No wonder fans didn’t want I.N’s braces to be removed. But, he can’t use braces forever, right? So, after 2 years of wearing braces, I.N finally removed his braces, and he showed it off on the camera.

Even though fans were sad, seeing him smiling brightly like that, how can we not be smiling? I.N is just too adorable.

Stray Kids’ I.N, the Selfie Master in Stray Kids

Stray Kids has an official Instagram which is handled by the members. Stray Kids members are free to use their Instagram account to post anything, and I.N uses this opportunity to post his selfies. Little did we know, I.N is really good at taking selfies. Along with Seungmin, I.N is the one who almost always posts on Instagram among the members of Stray Kids.

Let’s see how good I.N takes selfies by seeing pictures that he uploaded on Instagram!

He really knows how to handle the camera and how to choose the right angle! What do you think of I.N’s selfies? Let us know in the comments.

Stray Kids’ I.N, the Lovely Maknae

We know that I.N is cute and adorable. Just by seeing his smile, it feels like we can give anything to him. Not only you but this feeling is also felt by other members of Stray Kids. As the youngest member in Stray Kids, I.N sometimes gets his hyungs or older members in Stray Kids to fall for his cuteness.

Hyunjin, the member who went to the same school as him in high school, is known for the nickname I.N’s Mom because he looks after I.N and spends a lot of time with him, too. Seungmin and Lee Know who are also older than him sometimes tease I.N because his reactions when they tease him are just too cute.

Now, let’s see how Stray Kids members are whipped by I.N in some of their interactions!

If we have a little brother like I.N, we wouldn’t stop bothering him too, right? How can someone be this cute? It’s only I.N’s secret.

Stray Kids’ I.N’s Song “Maknae on Top” feat. Changbin and Bang Chan

Bang Chan is known as the multi-talented leader in Stray Kids. He composes many of the songs by himself and picks the concepts really well. In “Miroh,” he created some of the choreography, too. Bang Chan uses his talent to create songs for his members.

In 2019, Chan played a big part in the song that he meant for I.N, “Maknae on Top.” Finally, in 2021, the song was released with a music video. The song was released as an SKZ-Player where the members of Stray Kids release non-promotional songs that are mostly only for projects, covers, etc.

Let’s see the song composed by Bang Chan for I.N that suited I.N so well as a maknae, “Maknae on Top!”

Just like the title, the song has lyrics about being a maknae that is so powerful. Changbin and Chan are also featured in the song. The lyrics of their parts tell how much I.N has grown and how they are all so whipped by him. Even in the music video, both Changbin and Chan act like the slaves of I.N who looks like a boss with a glamorous look. I.N is the rich guy and Changbin as well as Chan just follow his words.

The music video is just so comical, but their voices as well as the music are really great. Stray Kids indeed is filled with multi-talented members, including their maknae!


We have reached the end of the article about I.N, the youngest member of Stray Kids. The cute boy from Busan has really grown up. Not only his style changed but his skills in both dancing and singing have improving crazily too. I.N is really a maknae on top, not because his cuteness makes his hyungs fall to their knees, but his skills are great. What do you think of I.N? Which of his charms do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section, please!