Stray Kids’ I.N: Profile, Age, Real Name, Maknae on Top, Etc.

Stray Kids’ I.N’s Debut with Stray Kids


After all the hardship that he went through starting from his pre-debut days, trainee life, and Stray Kids’ reality show, finally, I.N proved that he’s worthy enough to be one of the members of Stray Kids. Although he’s young and his trainee period was not long, I.N was able to show that his vocals matched what Stray Kids and JYP wanted.

After finishing the final episode of Stray Kids in late 2017, Stray Kids (including I.N) prepared for their debut. They had to spend a lot of time in JYP Entertainment’s building for their upcoming debut. Since Stray Kids belongs to JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest K-pop companies in the industry, people were anticipating the new boy group. Also, since they had the survival program, they already had a lot of fans waiting for them to debut.

Finally, the long-awaited debut arrived. On March 25, 2018, Stray Kids made their debut by releasing their very first official extended play called I Am Not. Stray Kids also released their single track called “District 9” to represent their number of members since their first line-up included Woojin who already left the group in 2019.

Let’s see the music video of Stray Kids with their debut song “District 9!”

What do you think of their debut song that the members composed themselves? Stray Kids really proved that they improved since their survival program days. Good job, Stray Kids!

And, don’t forget the dance practice video that was uploaded to Stray Kids’ YouTube channel so we can focus better on I.N’s dance!

What do you think about their dances? I.N looked so cute as a dancer!

Stray Kids’ I.N’s Performance on Stage

We know how much I.N struggled when he was a trainee and while he was fighting for his debut in Stray Kids. We also saw how impressive I.N and other Stray Kids members were in their debut days. But, it has been three years since their first appearance on TV. You are probably wondering how much the group has improved over those three years.

Yes, Stray Kids has impressed a lot of fans and non-fans by releasing many cool projects after their debut era. In the year of their debut, 2018, they released three mini-albums towards the I Am series: I Am Not, I Am Who, and I Am You. In 2019, they finally got their first trophy with their song called “Miroh.” They also released three mini-albums that are part of the Clé series. In 2020, they released their first album and even filled an OST for Tower of God.

Now, let’s see some performances of Stray Kids from time to time and see how good the songs that they composed themselves are and how good they are as performers. Let’s also watch I.N, the maknae who becomes better and better each day.

They are so cool, and their concepts are so unique and different from other boy groups! But, most importantly, our youngest member I.N has really improved since the first time he appeared on TV. I.N has become a better vocalist and his dancing is also much better!

Now, let’s see the videos that focus on I.N’s performances only!

What do you think of I.N’s performances on stage? Even though he’s cute and playful in real life, on stage, he’s just so charismatic and cool!