Stray Kids’ Hyunjin: Profile, Age, Long Hair, Itzy’s Yeji’s Twin?


Meet the Stunning Visual from Stray Kids, The Prince Hwang Hyunjin

We all know that there are a lot of K-pop idols that are charismatic. Almost all of them have their own charms that can’t be found in other idols. That’s the reason why their fans love them as idols, not only that they have a beautiful face, but they also have a real talent and a lovable personality that makes the fans want to keep the idols in their pocket.

That is just like this one idol that we’re going to talk about. He can dance, sing, rap, and his beautiful visual will make your jaw drop right away. He’s someone that looks even more handsome and manly with his long hair. It’s none other than Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin!


Hyunjin is one of the members of Stray Kids, a boy group from JYP Entertainment that made its debut in 2018. In Stray Kids, Hyunjin is in charge of the main dancer, lead vocal, and rapper positions. As one of the main dancers in Stray Kids along with Lee Know and Felix, Hyunjin often does dance covers of a lot of K-pop songs. He is popular these days among Korean and international K-pop fans because of his long hair. Hyunjin with his long hair looks sexier than ever.

Now, let’s get to know more about Hyunjin in the section below!

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Profile


Hyunjin made his debut with Stray Kids in 2018. Even before that, he was already famous among fans as a trainee due to his handsome face. Hyunjin became even more popular after he joined the survival show Stray Kids, which was aired on Mnet, to be one of the trainees to debut in JYP Entertainment’s new group, Stray Kids. And now, years after his debut, Hyunjin’s visual continues to draw attention.

But, Hyunjin is not only about his attractive face. So, let’s start to get to know him by reading his profile down below!

Full Name: Hwang Hyunjin

Korean Name: 황현진

Chinese Name: 黃鉉辰

Stage Name: Hyunjin

Nickname: Hyunnie, I.N’s mom, Prince, Hwang Jewel, Long-haired Girl, etc.

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Nationality: Korean


  • Seoul Songil Elementary School
  • Seoul Seongnae Middle School
  • Seoul of Performing Arts High School
  • Global Cyber University

Birthdate: March 20, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Position: Main dancer, vocalist, rapper

Occupation: Singer, idol

Blood type: B

Foot size: 270 mm

Hobbies: Listening to music, dancing, Among Us

Religion: Catholicism

Baptismal Name: Joseph

Family: Parents

Debut year with Stray Kids: 2018

Agency: JYP Entertainment

Instagram: @realstraykids

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Facts


Now, we have learned a little more info about Hyunjin such as his full name, birthday, and even MBTI type. But, that info doesn’t cover that much if we want to know Hyunjin even better. Do you know that Hyunjin is allergic to cat fur? He’s also a big fan of Jinyoung from Got7. Well, there are a lot of things about Hyunjin that you may not know. Don’t worry, we have gathered more information about Hyunjin for you.

As for this time, let’s see some interesting facts about Hyunjin down below!

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Pre-Debut


We have mentioned before that Hyunjin was already popular even before he made his debut. If you see these days that Hyunjin is getting more popular around online communities as the long-haired guy from Stray Kids, well, he was also an it guy before. It was said that he even had some fans that gathered around the JYP Entertainment building just to see his face after he got home from school. Can you imagine how handsome he was back then when he was a trainee?

So, let’s start the pre-debut story of Hyunjin!

Unlike some other K-pop idols who weren’t originally from Seoul and left their hometown to be a trainee, Hyunjin is one of the idols which has Seoul as their hometown. Hyunjin was born and raised in Seoul on March 20, 2000. There, he lived with his parents as an only child.


Hyunjin was already handsome when he was young. He got cast when he was shopping with his mom. As an only child, it’s normal for him to go shopping with his mom, but what’s not normal is when someone grabbed Hyunjin’s wrist all of a sudden. Hyunjin was thinking that the person was suspicious, but then he received the business card given by that person. It was a JYP Entertainment’s business name that he got.

Turned out that the person who grabbed his hand while he was shopping with his mom was one of JYP Entertainment’s staff who got interested in him from his looks. Hyunjin then joined an audition to be a trainee. Luckily, he passed the audition and became a trainee right away.


Hyunjin’s journey as a trainee wasn’t that easy. Even though he was considered lucky since someone discovered him and gave him the opportunity to be a trainee, as a trainee, he had to train really hard.

Little did we know, Hyunjin and Han (also known as Jisung back then) were always on the opposite side when they were trainees. They were rivals to each other. Hyunjin who was good at dancing scolded Jisung to be better at dancing. While the other way for Hyunjin, Jisung who was good at rapping scolded Hyunjin to be better at rapping. Their rivalry was no joke, and thankfully they’re good friends now.


Hyunjin spent years being a trainee while he attended school. To get more focused on being a trainee, Hyunjin attended Seoul of Performing Arts high school, also known as SOPA.

In SOPA, the school that is popular to be a school of K-pop idols and trainees, Hyunjin once again became popular due to his stunning visual. Hyunjin was known for being called “SOPA Prince” since he looked so gorgeous with his SOPA uniform.

But, Hyunjin said that the nickname was only popular among his juniors because students in his year didn’t know that nickname for him. But that doesn’t change the fact that Hyunjin is the SOPA Prince. He’s really the type of senior in school that makes the students fall in love.


His popularity increased when he joined the survival program Stray Kids. He caught people’s attention with his cute and handsome face, especially his aura which screams out loud a “prince” vibe. Hyunjin was also known as a fan of Jinyoung of GOT7 back then. He was so lucky that Jinyoung visited them when they were practicing and gave them advice as a senior along with Jay B.


Let’s see some moments and performances of Hyunjin when he was in the Stray Kids survival show!

What do you think of Hyunjin when he was a trainee? His visual was already stunning even when he was young and innocent, right?

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Debut with Stray Kids


Stray Kids as a group has engaged people’s attention back when they were trainees. Their three-person rapper line, Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han, were already popular as rapper trainees called 3RACHA, and they posted mixtapes on Soundcloud. No wonder people were anticipating Stray Kids’ debut, especially after they finished the final episode of their survival program at the end of 2017.

At the beginning of 2018, Stray Kids prepared for their debut really hard. As the hardworking trainees that we saw on their survival program, of course they didn’t want to disappoint people. Their pre-released single called “Hellevator” also gained so much popularity due to the easy-listening beat made by Bang Chan.


And for their debut, Stray Kids finally released their first mini-album along with the single track called “District 9” in a mini-album called I Am Not on March 26, 2018.

Now, let’s see the music video of “District 9” by Stray Kids!

The boys looked so serious and suited the concept well. As for Hyunjin, his short black hair was so neat and matched his innocent look at the time.

Don’t forget about the dance performance. We all know that Hyunjin is a good dancer. But, was he a good dancer back then? Let’s see the dance practice of “District 9” from Stray Kids!

What do you think of Hyunjin’s debut era? Do you like his visual back then or do you prefer his current style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!