Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s Bullying Accusations: Hiatus and Removal from ‘Kingdom’

Stray Kids’ Kingdom Activity: Supposed to be Hyunjin’s Era?

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Stray Kids appeared on Kingdom as one of the groups to compete against others to get the Kingdom trophy. Kingdom is a survival show which has six boy groups that are ATEEZ, BTOB, iKon, SF9, Stray Kids, and The Boyz. The announcement about Stray Kids on the show was released in 2020.

In MAMA 2020, there are performances of the representatives of each group. Hyunjin became the representative of Stray Kids, Juyeon became the representative of The Boyz, while ATEEZ’s representative is San. The three of them “fight” to get the crown of Kingdom.

People can’t wait to see the cool performance of Hyunjin the fairy-like guy in Kingdom. The supremacy of Hyunjin has made Stray Kids better known in Korea. Even non-fans adore him. Lots of fans are anticipating this because this might be a moment for non-fans to finally be a fan if they watch Stray Kids’ performance with Hyunjin as the center.

But, this was before Hyunjin’s bullying issue came out. After he was accused of being a bully in middle school, all of his activities were canceled. Hyunjin, who was an MC on Music Core is being replaced with special MCs such as Park Jihoon and Yeji from ITZY.

Regarding Hyunjin’s bullying issue, fans were worried that Stray Kids would be leaving the survival show. That is what happened to other celebrities who were accused of being a bully and forced to leave their projects right away. However, JYP Entertainment announced that Stray Kids will be participating in Kingdom with seven members.

This means that Hyunjin will be absent from the Stray Kids’ performance in Kingdom. The performance film which showed each group’s dancers didn’t include Hyunjin. As Stray Kids’ representative in the performance film, Lee Know danced alone. People predicted that Hyunjin was supposed to be in that position. However, since he is absent, Lee Know danced in the performance film instead.

Just so you know, Lee Know is also the main dancer of Stray Kids along with Hyunjin and Felix. His pose at the end of the performance looked the same as Hyunjin’s pose in Stray Kids’ Kingdom picture. Hmm, that looks suspicious.

What do you think about this issue? Kingdom won’t be the same without Hyunjin, right?


That’s all the info about Hyunjin’s bullying issue that we can gather for you. Whether the rumor is true or not, let’s wish the best for Hyunjin and Stray Kids’ future! Then again, he is a talented dancer and he is also kind to his members. He might have done something wrong in the past, but hopefully, he can be a better person in the future. You can find other Stray Kids’ articles to know more about them on Channel-Korea. If you support Stray Kids and Hyunjin, you can share your support and comments in the section below!