Handsome Since He Was Young, Let’s Take a Look at Stray Kids’s Hyun-jin’s Pre-debut Photos!

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On February 19, 2019, there was an announcement that STRAY KIDS will have a comeback in March, 2019. The announcement came from JYP Entertainment to Newsen, a media outlet, that the group has ended the filming for an upcoming music video.


Although the comeback date hasn’t to be set yet, the source said that STRAY KIDS will comeback in March. Meanwhile, STRAY KIDS is still on their schedule for the Unveil Tour “I Am…” and just finished their tour on February 24, 2019, at the Big Top Sydney, Australia.

That’s all for the information about STRAY KIDS’ Hyun-jin’s transformation from his pre-debut era until now. He’s a natural-born prince charming and his adorable look will nevre fade. Let’s keep support STRAY KIDS and Hyun-jin!