Get To Know STRAY KIDS’ Felix: A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show ‘Stray Kids’

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Felix’s latest news is that he has become the host of a music variety program! On June 19,  industry representatives reported that the Stray Kids member was selected to be the new MC of Arirang’s Pops in Seoul, and a source from the program confirmed the news. Felix began filming his first episode is, scheduled to air on July 1 at 3:30 p.m. KST.

Pops in Seoul is an English-language music variety show that has shared information and news about K-pop with international fans since 1998. Felix will be taking on the MC position following Samuel’s departure from the program.

Other news is that a while ago, Stray Kids went on a photoshoot with X K Wave. Not only did they do the photoshoot, the group also talked about many things through a short interview.

In the interview, Bang Chan and friends talked about many things throughout their career. On this occasion, they also talked about the criteria for their dream concert in the future. Apparently, the members of Stray Kids claimed that they want to hold a concert where they could collaborate with their fans.

We want to do a concert where we can collaborate with our fans. It will be fun to do a concert where the entire audience stands and there are no seats,” said Stray Kids.

We also think it will double the fun if there is a dress code for the concert. Although there are fan meeting and fan sign events where we go down to interact with fans, we still want to create more opportunities to meet them (fans),” they continued.

In addition, the members of Stray Kids also discussed their future plans. Felix and friends were asked what they thought and where they would be in the next 10 years. The “Hellevator” singer revealed that in the next 10 years they still want to become an idol that can be known to many people.

In 10 years, we think we will continue to be Stray Kids. We hope to be an idol figure and artist that can be remembered by many people. We want to be a good influence and leave good memories. Stray Kids will show a consistent image of growth,” said Stray Kids.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids has just made a comeback with the release of the album titled “Cle 2: Yellow Wood”. In the album released on June 19, Stray Kids performed the main song, titled “Side Effect”, and several mixtapes.