Get To Know STRAY KIDS’ Felix: A Member Who Was Barely Able To Debut Through the Reality Show ‘Stray Kids’

Debut with STRAY KIDS

Felix Stray KIds

Fortunately, Felix and Lee Know were able to successfully debut as members of Stray Kids in 2018, with Bang Chan, Woojin, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and I.N.
Through a mini-album song titled ‘Mixtape’, Felix and Lee Know debuted and showed their abilities as talented future idols.

In Stray Kids, Felix takes the position as lead dancer and lead rapper. He is also unofficially an English speaker for Stray Kids when they have a tour overseas or must speak in front of the International speakers or fans, as he can speak English fluently.

After his debut, Felix, himself, had said that he and his teammates always worked hard so they could debut and show their best performance, “In the past when I was a trainee, I only trained with my team. We worked very hard and tried to show the results of our hard work. And we really worked a lot,” Felix said, as quoted by Billboard.

Now, Felix and Lee Know’s hard work has paid off. Together with Stray Kids, both of them made achievements by winning the title of rookie monster and won various awards in the newcomer category. Stray Kids is also holding a concert tour to various cities in Asia, to entertain their fans through stunning stage acts.

English Speaker on STRAY KIDS

Felix Stray KIds

As already mentioned, Felix is the English speaker on Stray Kids as he can speak English fluently. His skill in speaking English was very helpful when Stray Kids were having their concert overseas.

Here is a video when Felix was introducing Stray Kids member with English.

Also, in the After School Club, a variety show that aired on the Arirang channel, you can see how fluent is Felix when he speaks English. There are many other examples that show how well he speaks English, which you can search out on YouTube.