Calling Out for STAY, Let’s Throwback to Stray Kids’ Debut Era!

Stray Kids’ Debut Music Video

stray kids debut

Stray Kids, JYP Entertainment’s K-pop boy group, made its official debut on March 25, 2018. After a long wait, Stray Kids finally debuted by releasing the album I Am NOT on March 26, 2018, and also did not forget to present the music video of the title track, “District 9.”

stray kids debut

In the music video, Stray Kids seems to be running away from a laboratory. Led by Bang Chan, this 9-member boy group is also seen highlighting powerful dances with up-beat music counterparts.

stray kids debut

The music video describes how the Stray Kids members are trying to get out of prison. Successfully escaping, they then enjoy their free moment. In addition to the energetic song, this line of young idols also showed complex dance moves that were previously rarely performed by JYP Entertainment.

stray kids debut

Stray Kids’ debut music video was unexpectedly flooded with netter comments. Most of the netters were made hysterical because the title track, “District 9,” was pleasing to the ear and visually stunning from all Stray Kids members.

“OMG. They are all handsome. The song is really good. I listened to it repeatedly,” wrote a netter. “’Stray Kids are everywhere around the world’. They are calling us,” added another netter. “I swear this is really good. Let’s keep playing until we reach a new record,” concluded another.

stray kids debut

The EP is titled I Am NOT in two versions: I Am and Not. The song “District 9” was chosen as the mainstay track for their debut. Through this debut album, Stray Kids managed to get a position 4 on the Gaon Album Chart and position 5 on the Billboard US World Album.

“District 9” is not the first music video ever released by Stray Kids because previously, they had also revealed a pre-debut music video entitled “Hellevator.” With a fierce concept and intense hip-hop trap music, Stray Kids seems ready to devour its competitors in the South Korean music industry.

stray kids debut

For the music itself, “District 9” is so thick with rap lyrics. From there, the Stray Kids members showed a group concept that showed the rookie monster side. Many of their fans were impatiently waiting for Stray Kids’ appearance on the stage of various music shows. From the lyrics of the song, there is a sentence that immediately sticks in the hearts of fans while saying parts like, “Stray Kids everywhere all around the world.”

Debuting with “District 9,” Stray Kids’ music video managed to set several records. One of them became the most-watched K-pop group debut music video in 24 hours because “District 9” reached 4 million viewers at that time. This record beats Wanna One’s “Energetic”’s music video.

Stray Kids’ Debut Stage

On March 29, 2018, Stray Kids had their debut stage performance broadcast on Mnet’s M Countdown. Stray Kids’ debut with “District 9” seemed to have attracted the anticipation and attention of many people, especially fans who have been waiting for their debut since they were on the survival show. The stage for “District 9″‘s performance was fantastic with lighting and fireworks, while the members also looked very charismatic by showing their rap, dance, and vocal talents very well.

The success of a K-pop group involves many factors. Besides the agency that oversees them along with the support of the fans, the talent and work from each member of the group are also a big effort. Their persistence through the trainee period to be able to debut should also be applauded and appreciated. Let’s give a lot of support to Stray Kids so that its future career can shine even more! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!