Everything about STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Girlfriend and His Dating Rumors

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Is STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan Dating Someone?

The leader of STRAY KIDS, Bang Chan, has been the center of attention most of the time. His visual appearance, his excellent skill on the stage, and even his friendly personality among K-Pop celebrities are also well-known.

Speaking of his friendly charm, Bang Chan somehow got involved in several dating rumors and even made fans curious about who is someone that probably dating Bang Chan currently. In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s girlfriends and his dating rumors!

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan Is Still Single


Currently, STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan is still single and has no relationship with anyone. And even ever since his debut era, Bang Chan never confirmed any kind of relationship. However, Bang Chan once explained his ideal type, and he was involved in several dating rumors with other female K-Pop idols as well.

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Ideal Type Is Someone with Motherly Personality


Bang Chan explained that his ideal type is a girl with a motherly personality. He also likes someone who can cook, mature, and someone who can respect each other. As people can tell, Bang Chan was the oldest child in his family, and he has two siblings.

He has been taking care of them very well, so it does make sense if Bang Chan likes someone who is as mature as him and has a motherly side too! However, on other occasions, Bang Chan also said that he doesn’t have a specific ideal type.

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s List of Dating Rumors and Girlfriends


Being involved in a dating rumor is inevitable among K-Pop artists, especially when their fans desire it, or there were coincidence situations that somehow caught up in a dating rumor, and so does with Bang Chan. Check out the following paragraph to know further details about STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s dating rumors!

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Dating Rumor with (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon


The dating rumor between STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan and (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon started when the fans noticed that there was a spark between them. Moreover, some of their fans are the couple shipper of them as well.

Bang Chan and Soyeon probably knew each other after STRAY KIDS and (G)I-DLE attended the same music events most of the time, and even they had a collaboration stage during Gayo Daejun.


Fans started to make the speculation that they were dating from their same items, how Bang Chan and Soyeon looked at each other during events, and many more. However, Bang Chan and Soyeon never confirmed their relationship, nor with their agencies as well.

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan’s Friendship with BLACKPINK’s Lisa Mistakenly as Romantic Relationship


Aside from (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, Bang Chan used involved in a relationship with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Many fans have known their relationship for quite a long time, and they also desired Bang Chan to have a relationship with Lisa.

However, the case is quite different since Bang Chan and Lisa are good friends! The two of them have been friends for a long time, and Bang Chan admitted that he had known her since they were trainees. He also revealed that they met through mutual friends and close since now.


Bang Chan and Lisa are perhaps rarely seen together, but they indeed have a precious and warm friendship. Bang Chan even talked about a hoodie that Lisa had given to her as his birthday gift!

“Thank you very much for the very late birthday present, but it doesn’t matter. Thank you,” said Bang Chan indirectly to Lisa during one of his live broadcasts. Well, although Bang Chan and Lisa are not dating, their relationship as best friends is as precious as ever!

That’s everything about STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan‘s potential girlfriend and his dating rumors! As you can tell, Bang Chan is single right now, but there will be a time when he eventually finds someone who can make him fall in love, right?

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