Crayon Pop’s Subunit Strawberry Milk: Profile, Debut, Performances

Strawberry Milk’s Stage Performance

Strawberry Milk made a stage performance of the title song “OK” on Mnet’s M Countdown, which was broadcast on October 16th, 2014, a day after their debut showcase was held. Their debut song “OK” is a song that cutely expresses the feeling of meeting the opposite sex. Strawberry Milk, the twin sisters of the subunit, boasted a perfect performance and showed off their cute expressions and dance moves which attracted the attention of viewers.

On October 29th, 2014, Strawberry Milk made their debut stage on Show Champion by performing “OK” as their debut song at the time. Like the previous stage, they looked very girly and cute with the outfit they wore at that time. This appearance is arguably very iconic and will not be boring because their stage appearance seems to be spot on with their concept. Not forgetting to also use a strawberry scrubber on the head and also the big straw they carry behind their backs.

Beside that, they have also held performances outside of television broadcasts, which is a guerilla performance that is almost the same as busking and was held at Pungmun Girls’ High School. In the uploaded fancam, it shows a crowd of enthusiastic people seeing the live performance of Strawberry Milk with “OK”.

However, the difference this time was their performance without back dancers, it’s just that ChoA and Wei looked very playful and enjoyed their performance with cheers from the fans who also cheered them on who looked very cute.

On October 17th, 2014, Strawberry Milk held their debut stage on Music Bank with a performance of “OK”. With their pink dress outfit, they looked cute and energetic with the “OK” choreography that was very cheerful and also fresh, showing the subunit side of Crayon Pop with a feminine and very girly impression. In the performance, they also did not forget to invite several female and male back dancers to perform dance moves with them.

On October 25th, 2014, Strawberry Milk made their debut on MBC’s Music Core. Like the comeback stage that is usually held by K-Pop idols in South Korea, they were scheduled to promote and perform on several music programs on television stations that broadcast the comeback or debut stage of idols at the time.

Strawberry Milk performed really well on MBC’s Music Core with an outfit similar to a strawberry, which was in red and white. The broadcast also showed some fans who came and cheered on them for their debut stage with “OK”.

In November 2014, Strawberry Milk held a performance of “OK” on Show! Music Core. This easy-listening song quickly became a very popular song in South Korea at the time. Strawberry Milk’s ChoA and Wei also always give their best performance with their iconic debut and of course, they always come with their very cute handmade outfits. In the debut stage above, we can see that the outfit this time is somewhat different because they are wearing a pink outfit and also the strawberry scrubber on their heads also looks different because they are pink.

On the Crayon Pop YouTube channel, there is a video showing the choreography version of “OK”. Strawberry Milk’s ChoA and Wei are seen in a strawberry garden wearing cute clothes like twins. In the video, the two of them look like identical twins in general by wearing the same clothes and pants and giving off a cute impression when choreographing their subunit’s songs.

Where Are Strawberry Milk’s Members Now?

strawberry milk crayon pop profile

Strawberry Milk only promoted one song, which is their debut song from 2014 titled “OK”. The song became a hit at that time and of course, other people would easily figure out their song because “OK” is one of the most iconic K-Pop songs to date.

Apart from Strawberry Milk, ChoA and Wei, who made their debut as idols by becoming members of Crayon Pop, also have had no further activities with the group. Right now, ChoA and Wei are more active in uploading their latest content through their social media, one of which is their YouTube channel.

strawberry milk crayon pop profile

Strawberry Milk’s Wei is also very active in uploading video content on her YouTube channel, (웨이 랜드 WayLand) and very often shows her relationship with her twin ChoA.

Strawberry Milk’s Wei was also seen several times on a YouTube channel, Asian Boss, and explained how she survived as a successful and viral K-Pop idol because the concept was very unique at that moment. She doesn’t even hesitate to openly talk about her career journey from a K-Pop idol to a YouTuber with hard work and challenges that she had to face and overcome.

strawberry milk crayon pop profile

Just like her twin, Strawberry Milk’s ChoA also has a YouTube channel that she created herself and also often uploads very funny content there. On her YouTube channel (초아 시티 ChoaCity), you can watch lots of videos she has uploaded, most of which are entertaining. Sometimes she also invites her twin, Strawberry Milk’s Wei, to collaborate together for an episode.

strawberry milk crayon pop profile

Well, that’s all the information that we have provided for you about the South Korean subunit of Crayon Pop, which is Strawberry Milk, that was popular with their debut song “OK”. Of course, there will be many fans who miss the refreshing and cute concept of Strawberry Milk, but with their current career paths, it will be great if we also support them as long as they are happy with what they are doing.

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