K-Drama Review: ‘Strangers from Hell’, How to Stay Sane Living Under the Same Roof with Psychopaths


The Mystery Thriller Drama You Must Watch!

Strangers from Hell or also called Hell is Other People is K-drama that aired from August 31 till October 6, 2019. This drama was adapted from the Naver webtoon series with the same title written by Kim Yong-ki. Lee Dong-wook and Im Si-wan are the lead actor in this drama.

Korean drama is always offered something different, and sometimes it also has a plot twist that could make the viewers curious. South Korean drama is also popular with the engaging episode by episode, which leading the viewers could not be easy to avoid to the next chapter. It is even happened on “Stranger from Hell” drama, which only provides ten episodes but yet so much intrigued that it makes people could always want to see how it will be in the next adventure.

The mystery and thriller vibes indicate this drama so well. The engaging and horror cinematic couldn’t easy to guess the plot on this drama. Let’s find out the ‘Stranger from Hell” review on this Channel-Korea!

Review: “Strangers from Hell”


This drama started with Yoon Jong-woo, played by Im Si-wan, who is living in a mysterious apartment called Eden. All tenant also impressively being mysterious and become a trouble that could threaten his life.

Yoon Jong-won was a small-town boy who gets a new job in a small office in Seoul. He got a job as a writer who got a salary minimum than usual. This event is also still happening in the real-life; the capital always finds a way to get labor at very minimum salary and high quality. Since Jongwon comes from a little village, he gets anything to could survive and pursuing his career in a big city like Seoul.

He ended up finding the apartment at a low price. This mysterious apartment, Eden, shared the kitchen and bathroom with all the tenants. He thinks that the residents in this apartment have a suspicious move and behavior. However, he actually still decide to live since the cost is the cheapest. He finally finds out by himself, felt afraid, and scared at the same time.

The police department also investigates something fishy happened; there were many cats who died in an unusual way. The policewoman insists on taking this event seriously, which lead her to behind the real case.

Moreover, Jong-Woon also gets bullying in his office, and her girlfriend Min Ji-eun does not believe in him. The plot twist on this drama also will make you cringe, surprise, and scare. The theatre itself has been known as the perspective of modern life in a metropolitan city that far from comfortable.

This drama has been showing how humans might become more dangerous than other things. Furthermore, Stranger from Hell also has criticized social segregation, labor, human morality at the same time.

All the characters here have been representative of human nature that is happened in our real world.

“Strangers from Hell”: The Casts

Im Si-wan as Yoon Jong-woo


The character is unpredictable, unique, sometimes showing brave action but also easy to panic, sensitive, and often having hallucinations. Yoon Jong-won is the sample of a person who has a different personality in one body.

Lee Dong-wook as Seo Moon-jo


The mysterious and dreadful character was compiled as a dentist. Seo Moon-jo is the antagonist character on the whole story who made Yoon Jong-won into a personality that he wants to be him become.

Lee Jung-eun as Eum Bok-soon


Eum Bok-soon is the middle-aged woman who always shares her smile to surroundings, especially to Yoon Jong-woo. She is the owner of the Eden apartment.

Kim Ji-eun as Min Ji-eun


She is the girlfriend of Jong-woo. Min Ji-eun and Yoon Jong-woo have their long-distance relationship since she is also a busy employee. Sometimes she could not believe in him, particularly on his story experience. They always get canceled the date since their busyness or meet in a limited time.

“Strangers from Hell”: The Soundtracks

1. The Rose- Strangers

This song has to make the situation darker and suspense. The vocal is also contributing to this and pop beat song. This song sang by Rose, like the preparation to start the fighting. Let’s listen up to this!

2. The VANE (더 베인) – Room No. 303

The song Room No. 303 is also a mysterious song that really fits this drama. Sang by the VANE, this song has soul-rock vibes. This song is also has a spirit to begin your day. Check this song out!

3. Yoari – Blow Off

The song Blow Odd by Yoari also has a slow pop song. Her cute and unique vocal really could give another vibe to this drama. Check this Yoari song!

4. Isaac Hong – Ruin

This song Ruin by Isaac Hong also gives the horror vibe to the drama. The vocal of Isaac Hong also shows a rock-pop genre that makes it perfect the scene “Stranger from Hell.” Let’s listen up!

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Strangers from Hell”

  1. The talented actor Lee Dong Wook is very riveting since Lee Dong Wook who also accessible on drama Goblin making this drama quite thrilling and unbelievable
  2. The cinematography is pointing out the artistic and gloomy feeling, which making the viewer could capture the suspense on the whole story.
  3. The purpose of the story has humanity definition. Sometimes people who had harsh experiences in all circumstances could lead the cruel inside them. Jong-woo is the sample of the cause that happened in real life.
  4. The drama has only ten episodes that usually 16-20 chapters, which could be easy to watch in a short time but offered a good storyline.
  5. The thriller-psychological genre that could bring the meaning of greedy capitalist, the humility, and the real world condition which will open our eyes.

That’s all about the “Stranger From Hell” drama review that you should watch. What do you think of this drama? Do you like “Stranger from Hell,” don’t forget to share your comments and thoughts on this box below! Keep following our K-drama review on this Channel-Korea!