Story of EXO M: From the EXO China Subunit To the Disbandment Reason

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The only EXO member who belonged to EXO-M is Lay, who is a member from China. Lay currently focuses on his solo career and promoting in his country, and he has done a number of collaborations with various American musicians. Not only that, former members of EXO, Kris Wu, Tao, and Luhan have their own careers and often work as actors in China.

EXO-M members Chen and Xiumin also remains singers with EXO. Chen often performs songs for the soundtracks of various dramas or films. Xiumin is currently carrying out his military service along with another EXO member, D.O (Kyungsoo).

EXO-M wasn’t officially disbanded by SM Entertainment, but the two subunits have been deactivated. Even so, EXO made a comeback with the Chinese version of the album, during the “Love Shot” comeback.

That’s some information about EXO-M’s disbandment and their future plans. How about EXO-L, do you guys miss the 12-member group? Put your answer in comments section!