Story of EXO M: From the EXO China Subunit To the Disbandment Reason

The lawsuit and the Group’s Future Plans

In 2014, the leader from the EXO sub-unit (EXO-M), Kris, now better known as Wu Yi Fan/ Kris Wu, was determined to leave EXO, and on May 15, 2014, he demanded his agency (SM Entertainment) into the realm of law because the agency made unilateral decisions about the activities of members in China without regard to the member’s condition, and asked their opinions before. SM Entertainment was also unfair in the distributions of wages or salaries.

Since Kris left EXO, he’s gotten a lot of jobs in advertisements or taken acting jobs. Then the agency sued him on the grounds that he’s still involved in a contract with them and also he has caused the agency to take losses. This problem is went on for quite a while, but was resolved in July, 2016.

Not only Kris, Luhan had also been bound by legal issues. Kris and Luhan successively filed claims for termination of contract with SM Entertainment in April and October, 2014. The middle decisions was taken by several agreements: that Luhan and Kris’s contracts with SM Entertainment were still in effect until 2022, but they were released to try out the entertainment industry with their own management outside of Korea and Japan (Korea and Japan remained under SM’s supervision). They had to share revenue to SM, and, finally, that Luhan and Kris would not return to EXO.



Mini Album Year Released Date
Mama (The 1st Mini Album) 2012 April 9
上瘾 (Overdose) (2nd Mini Album) 2014 May 7
Sing For You 2015 December 10


Studio Album Title Released
as EXO (full) XOXO June 3, 2013
EXODUS March 30, 2015


Digital Singles Title Released
What is Love January 30, 2012
History March 9, 2012


Mama (1st Mini Album)
Title Composer Song Writer
“Mama” Yoo Young-jin Yoo Young-jin
“What it Love” Teddy Riley, DOM, Richard Garcia
“History” Yoo Young-jin, Remee S. Jackman, Thomas Troelsen
“Angel ( 你的世界)” Hyuk-shin, DK, Sasha Hamilton Joo Yoon-kyun
“Two Moons” feat. Kei ( 双月之 夜) Albi Albertsson, Im Kwang-wook Misfit
“Machine” Albi Albertsson,Timo Kaukolampi


上瘾 (Overdose) 2nd Mini Album
Title Composer Song Writer
“上瘾 (Overdose)” The Underdogs 黄貞穎 Annakid, The Underdogs
“Moonlight (月光)” 林欣晔
“Thunder (“雷电)” Will Simms, Hiten Bharadia, Raphaella, Mazaher-Asadi 林欣晔, Will Simms, Hiten Bharadia, Raphaella, Mazaher-Asadi
“Run (奔跑)” Ana Diaz, Jarrad Rogers, Natalia Hajjara, Yoo Han-jin Zhou Mi
“Love,Love,Love (梦中梦)

Deez, Jimmy Burney, Daniel “Obi” Klein

黄貞穎 Annakid
“Overdose (exo ver.) The Underdogs 黄貞穎 Annakid, The Underdogs


Sing For You 
Title Music Composer Song Writer
“Unfair (偏心)” Deanfluenza, Beat & Keys Deanfluenza
“Sing for You (爲你而唱)” Matther Tishler, Felicia Barton, Aaron Benward, and Kenzie Kenzie
“Girl x Friend (女 x 友)” Adrian Mckinnon, Tay Jasper, LDN Noise, and Shaun Je Yi-kyu, Seo-lim, and Ji Ye-won
“On th Show (脚印)” Ander Choi, Ylva Dimberg, and LDN Noise Ryu Da-som
“Lightsaber” (光劍) bonus track” LDN Noise and Adrian Mckinnon Chanyeol, MQ, Jung Ju-hee


Title Song Singer Released
I Am Dear My Family Luhan, Chen, D.O, Baekhyun, feat. SMTOWN April 24, 2012
Make Your Move Say Yes Kris, feat. Jessica and Krystal October 2012


Music Videos

Song Year
What is Love 2012
Wolf 2013


Reality Show/TV Program/DVD

Title Artist Year
Happy Camp EXO M 2012
Go All Out
China Big Love Concert
Extraordinary Class
Tianjin Music High Guest
Sunshine Day
Exo’s Showtime EXO 2013
Gourmet Road Xiumin, Tao
Let’s Go! Dream Team Kris, Tao
XOXO Exo EXO 2014
Exo 90:2014 Time Slip
Entertainment Star World EXO M
Immortal Song
The Generation Show Xiumin, Lay
Star Escape Room Lay
Celebrity Chef Lay
Crazy Mikey Happy Baby Go Lay
Cool Kiz on the Block Kris
Law of the Jungle Tao
SurpsLines Exo EXO 2015
Exo Channel
Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang Che, Tao
Crime Scene Xiumin
The Mickey Mouse Club
Go Fighting Season 1 Lay
Happy Camp
Running Man China
Idol Hug
See You Monday