Story of AOA, Debut Until Now (Date, Songs, Albums, Stage, and Pictures)


Story of A Girlgroup ~AOA~

AOA or Ace of Angels is a South Korean girl group formed by FNC Entertainment, just like FT. Island and CN Blue.  Initially, AOA debuted as an eight-member girlband that consisted of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyung, Chanmi, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Mina. 

But the fact is, AOA is performing as a six-member idol girl group following the departures of Youkyung, who was only a part of AOA Black, and Choa.

AOA’s Debut Song, First Time


FNC Music is home to two of K-pop’s most well known bands: CN Blue and F.T. Island, who provide variety to the K-pop scene by eschewing the conventional dance group route opting for instruments instead. They made bands, not boybands.

A few years ago, it was announced that FNC was to debut a new girl group, Ace of Angels (AOA), a revelation which got many fans very excited for an all-girl band. Other girl bands like Clinique and SpinEL have hardly progressed in their careers, with only K-indie band Sweet Revenge tasting any mainstream success in K-pop with their song “Rule Breaker”. With FNC’s experience and past success with bands, they would seem to be the company with the greatest chances of debuting a girl rock band that could become a  permanent fixture in the industry, and the first song to debut is ELVIS. With two MV versions, a dance version and a band version of it.

AOA Had Their Stage Debut on KBS

AOA debut stage

‘Transformer Girl Group’ AoA finally had their stage debut on the August 10th episode of KBS’s ‘Music Bank’. The ladies performed the band version of their title track “Elvis” with Yuna, Choa, Mina, Jimin, and Youkyung, and the dance version with Seolhyun, Choa, Hyejeong, Chanmi, Yuna, Mina, and Jimin, to show off their individual talents and skills.

Yuna stated, “I was shaking because it was our first stage, and there’s definitely some amount of disappointment involved, but I’m going to work hard so that we do better on our next.”

and Jimin said, “We barely slept for an hour before the stage, because we were so focused on our rehearsal. I’m happy that we could show just how hard we had worked. Next time, we’re going to do even better by filling in areas where we lack.”

The members continued to receive support from all their fans and viewers “AoA still has a lot left to show, so please continue to give us your love and support.”

For those unfamiliar with the group’s concept, AoA combines both band and dance elements as a 7+1 girl group. Check out their first mini-albuim, ‘Angel’s Story‘, if you haven’t already.

AOA’s Debut Album First


The album, called Angel’s story, consists of 3 songs: the title track “Elvis”, “Love is Only You” composed by CN Blue’s Jung Yong-hwa, and a ballad called “Temptation”. A band version of “Elvis” is also included on the album.

The single was released in music stores and on digital music sites on July 30, 2012. The official music video was unveiled on the same day. The music video for the band version of “Elvis” was released on August 20, 2012. The track is also included on “Angels’ Story”, their first album single.

AOA had a successful showcase at AX Korea on July 30, 2012 following the release of the “Elvis” MV, and their album “Angels’ Story”.

The group did a flash mob event on August 7, 2012 along with their fans in different places in South Korea. The video is called “AOA with 50 Angels”. The fans that danced with them wore wings and an AOA T-shirt.

The group made their debut on August 9, 2012 at M Countdown. They combined the album version of “Elvis” with the band version on Music Bank on August 10, 2012, and on Show! Music Core on August 11, 2012. They also appeared on the radio show ShimShim Tapa Radio and Boom’s Youngstreet. The promotions for “Elvis” ended after 5 weeks, and AOA gave their last stage performances during the 2nd week of September 2012.