Ex-Stellar’s Min-hee: Full Profile and the Truth Behind the Group’s Disbanment

Min-hee in Lingerie Photoshoot

Min-hee shows off her figure while making a video for EXCEED.

EXCEED, a men’s cosmetic brand recently released pictures of the female idol from their photoshoot. Adding to that, they also released clips from the making of the photoshoot. In the photos and video below, you can see Minhee showed off her sexy figure with lingerie and seductive poses.


Latest News

After the disbandment, Min-hee has busied herself with her latest fashion project. She was putting the finishing touches to her own lingerie line, called Asome Mini. As expected, she’s already promoting it by modeling the collection herself in videos and photos on social media.

In addition to bikinis and lingerie, Asome Mini also has accessories like cute leather wallets and key rings. Not only that, but she has also been working on her own fragrance.

Judging by the official Asome Mini Instagram account, Min-hee appears to be incredibly hands-on with everything, from the designs to the packaging and production.


Min-hee’s latest Instagram photos also showed that she was having a good vacation in Gyeongju along with her friend.

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여행 가고 싶다..✈️

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It’s good to know that she’s been having a good time and starting some exciting projects after the mistreatment that she endured back then! What do you guys think? Are you excited to see her in the future? Let us hear your thoughts!