Ex-Stellar’s Min-hee: Full Profile and the Truth Behind the Group’s Disbanment

Her YouTube Channel and Revelations About Stellar’s Mistreatment


Following the latest trend among K-pop idols to launch a YouTube channel, Min-hee has branched into the vlogging scene. She launched her channel, called About Mini, in 2017 and showed a more innocent image in her vlogs, which may surprise fans who are used to seeing her sexy concepts in STELLAR’s infamous music videos like Vibrato and Marionette.

In her recent vlog, she was joined by former group-mate Gayoung to answer questions from fans and netizens.

One thing that stood out to many is the answer to the question about how much money they made as members of STELLAR, revealing the mistreatment that they have received in their idol era.

“But if you add up all of the profits that we made over the seven years … it wouldn’t even add up to 10 million won (~$9,000 USD) per member.”

Gayoung went on to say that they weren’t paid correctly either.

“We honestly never got paid correctly before … many people think, ‘You guys booked a lot of events, and made a lot of money. That should be good enough. Stop cosplaying as a victim.’ I don’t care what other people may think, but we didn’t make as much profit as they think we did. We never got paid correctly.”

Minhee then said that towards the end they didn’t get paid at all.

“During the end, our agency struggled financially, so they stopped paying us … at all. That’s how we disbanded.”

Minhee’s statement has revealed the truth and the real reason for their decision to not renewing their contracts with The Entertainment Pascal, Stellar’s former agency.