Ex-Stellar’s Min-hee: Full Profile and the Truth Behind the Group’s Disbanment


Getting to Know Stellar’s Min-hee

Joo Min-hee (주민희) is a South Korean singer and an ex-member of the Korean girl-group, Stellar, who unfortunately just announced their disbandment in February, 2018. She filled the position as the lead vocalist for the group.

Are you curious to know more about her and the reason for Stellar’s disbandment? If you do, keep scrolling and find out why!


Min-hee’s Full Profile


Stage Name: Minhee (민희)
Real Name: Joo Min-hee (주민희)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group
Birthday: January 3, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
Twitter: @minhee_ju
Instagram: @about_mini
Youtube channel: Minhee’s channel


Facts About Min-hee

– She was born in Seoul, South Korea

– She was graduated from Hanyang University, majoring in Dance

– In 2015 she appeared in the TV show The Secret Weapon

– Her hobby is watching movies

– She chose actor Jung Woo-sung as her ideal type

– She has the deepest natural voice out of all of the members, but she has the highest vocal register


Debut with Stellar

Min-hee made her debut with K-pop group Stellar (Hangul: 스텔라) in 2012 under The Entertainment Pascal after the group had undergone some changes in their line-up. Min-hee was in the final line-up along with other former members such as Hyoeun, Soyoung, and Youngheun.

The formation of Stellar began as early as 2010, originally intended to be a six-member group with a former trainee from Japan, but it ended up being a five-member girl-group. The final debut line-up of Stellar was Gayoung, true rookie, Jeon-yul, and ex-Honeydew members Lee-seul and JoA. The group officially debuted in August 28, 2011, with the release of the digital single Rocket Girl. The group’s debut gained much attention as their work was initially produced by Shinhwa’s Eric Mun.

But, on January 26, 2012, it was announced that Lee-seul and JoA were leaving the group and would be replaced by Min-hee and Hyo-eun for their first comeback track, UFO, followed by the release of third digital single, Study, in the following year, which would be the first of their work to chart in the op 100..


Min-hee debuted with UFO (2012).


Min-hee in Study (2013)era.


Min-hee with Stellar.


The Truth Behind Her Departure From the Group

On February 25, Stellar announced their disbandment at a fan meeting in Seoul with members Minhee, Hyoeun, Soyoung, and Youngheun, and also former members Gayoung and Jeonyul. They cried as they revealed the news to fans themselves.

Stellar’s label, Entertainment Pascal, officially announced on Monday that the band members’ contracts have ended and they decided not to renew their contracts. Since all of the girls except Soyoung have left the label, the group is expected to be disbanded after  working together for seven years.

After the news was revealed, Minhee specifically said that there is no bad blood between the members of Stellar. She stressed that they remain very close even though they are no longer a band.

Later that day, Minhee wrote in a letter on Instagram, “I thought this moment would be in the far future, but time has already passed this much.. Looking back, the moments with Twinkles will forever become unforgettable memories..”

She concluded, “Now, STELLAR will go on our separate ways… I will try my best and show better sides of myself as Joo Minhee, not STELLAR’s Minhee now, so please give lots of support^^ My members that have given me lots of strength, Twinkles, I have been so so thankful and happy. I will really cherish the unforgettable warm love. I love you Twinkles.”

Regarding the disbandment, Min-hee’s former bandmate Gayoung, or Kim Ga-young, has come forward in a recent interview, alleging that they were sexually exploited to ensure they got the much-needed attention.

Before their disbandment, Stellar was known for its sexy concept and provocative outfits. In a recent interview with Insight, Gayoung opened up about the fact that the members were not entirely aware of just how provocative one of its music videos would turn out to be.

“There was a scene in which (a member) spills milk. The script said, ‘(The character) misses her ex-boyfriend; she tosses and turns in bed; she wakes up in the morning and drinks milk.’

“We thought, ‘Oh, she must be drinking milk because it’s the morning (and she just woke up).’ So that member was filming the scene and drinking milk, and (the director) told her, ‘Try spilling some milk.’ She thought, ‘It must be because (the character) is exhausted,’ so she ended up spilling some of the milk.

“Later on, she realized that the scene could evoke a certain image, and she was extremely shocked and no longer drinks milk now because of that incident,” said the Gayoung recounting the incident.

She also said when the girls refused to do certain scenes, their agency would “remind” them about their contracts.

Stellar, which debuted in 2011 with the release of the digital single Rocket Girl, only hit it big three years later, following the release of the racy music video for Marionette, which was deemed unsuitable for minors.

Both the music video and the group’s new sexy concept quickly became controversial, and the group received a great deal of attention for their provocative attire and marketing tactics including their “stripping game” promotional material, which involved fans having to “like” posts on Stellar’s official Facebook page to reveal photos of the members’ body parts. Despite the controversy, Marionette became their best selling single.

Fans are not surprised that Stellar decided to disband after seven years together since they were also thought to be disbanding in 2013, but ended up staying together and going on to recruit Soyoung in 2017.