Profile and Facts of Korean Singer-Songwriter Stella Jang

Stella Jang, Famous Korean Singer-Songwriter

We all know Big Bang’s G-Dragon for his talent as a rapper-singer in a group or as a solo artist, as a composer, and songwriter. We also know iKON’s B.I. who has talent in writing songs and performing as a singer as well. We can mention any other name, like BTS’s RM, Block B’s Zico, and many more. How about the female ones? Have you ever heard about the singer-songwriter Stella Jang? In this article, we will share all the information about Stella Jang, her profile, songs, etc. Stay tuned!

Full Profile of Stella Jang

Stella Jang was born on November 18th, 1991. Her real name is Jang Sung-eun. Her stage name was made up by one of her teachers in France. She attended the secondary school Lycée Henri-IV in Paris, France. She graduated from Grandes Ecoles in France and got a degree from AgroParisTech. She first appeared in one of Geeks’ songs from their album Backpack, namely the track “It’s Raining” (Skit #1), in 2013. She made her debut on September 19th, 2014, under Grandline Entertainment and released a single digital album Dumped Yesterday. Many people were impressed by her voice and guitar skills. It was a soft song but meaningful and full of emotions, being mad because of getting dumped. She made a unique performance in a tvN show Problematic Men or The Brainiacs and got her spotlight in there.

Interesting Facts of Stella Jang

  • Stella Jang is known for her relatable songs to daily life so people can connect to her songs easily. She has a song titled “Vanishing Paycheck,” which tells us about the agony of waiting for a monthly paycheck that vanishes as soon as we get it. In Korea, the usual payday is on the 25th of each month and we can hear the song on the radio on that day. It seems like the office workers get sympathized a lot by the song!

  • She has a song titled “Girls’ Generation,” the lyrics of which mention all of the names of SNSD’s members. It is a song about being a real woman with pure beauty. The song was considered to be somewhat controversial due to the lyrics where she seems to compare regular women to SNSD members, notably regarding the issue of being pretty without putting in a lot of effort and makeup. Some disagree and think that a woman has the right to become whoever she wants with or without makeup. Some just assume that it was just her admiration for SNSD.

  • Stella Jang once had a dream of being a rapper after listening to Big Bang’s songs (she admired the group since then) and hoped to join YG Entertainment. She also loves hip-hop and includes at least eight lines of rap in every song.
  • She speaks six languages, she is fluent in Korean, English, French, can speak some Spanish, Chinese, and German. She once appeared in the TV show Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook and sang “Passionate Goodbye” in all six languages. You can see her performance below!
  • She usually changes her appearances and hairstyle every time she appears in public. She dyes her hair color to either pink, silver, or blond, depending on her song. | |
  • Her music is influenced by many artists, such as Yoo Hee-yeol, Yoon Jong-sin, Jung Jae-hyung, and Lee Sang-hoon. This has put her music in the genre more similar to the Korean 90s pop music.

Stella Jang’s Discography


[2016.10.06] COLORS
[2017.05.01] 월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐 (Vanishing Paycheck)
[2019.03.24] 유해물질 (Hazardous Materials)

Digital Singles

[2014.09.19] Dumped Yesterday
[2015.03.23] It’s Raining (feat. Verbal Jint)
[2015.09.15] 뒷모습 (Portrait of You)
[2017.06.25] Alright
[2017.07.13] You As You Are
[2017.11.01] Cheerleader (feat. Olltii)
[2018.08.02] I Go
[2018.09.14] 니맘내맘 (Your Heart My Heart)
[2019.01.18] No Question (feat. Mad Clown)

Featured on/Compilations/Others

[2013.04.29] Geeks – Backpack (#4 It’s Raining (Skit #1) (song by Stella Jang))
[2013.04.29] Geeks – Backpack (#10 Surplus Human (Skit #2) (song by Stella Jang))
[2014.03.27] Louie (Geeks) – Inspiration (#6 Parce Que C’est Moi (feat. Lil Boi (Geeks), Stella Jang))
[2015.08.31] Verbal Jint & Sanchez (Phantom) – Yeoja (#3 Spot The Difference (feat. Stella Jang))
[2015.05.06] Crucial Star – Boyhood (#3 Pet (feat. Stella Jang))
[2016.07.26] Pleyn – Sunset (feat. Stella Jang))
[2017.05.16] Eluphant – The Art of Travel (#3 Camille (feat. Stella Jang))
[2017.06.21] Various Artist – About: Some, One Month Episode 4 (Stella Jang & Kisum – About to Cry)
[2017.07.18] Geeks – Fireworks (#12 Troublemaker (feat. Stella Jang))
[2018.07.11] TakeOne – Green Ideology Director’s Cut (#1 Flash (feat. Stella Jang))
[2018.07.11] TakeOne – Green Ideology Director’s Cut (#7 Cannabis (feat. Lil Boi, Ugly Duck, Checkany, Stella Jang, Taylor, Cheska, HYST))
[2018.07.11] TakeOne – Green Ideology Director’s Cut (#8 Dead End (feat. ELO, Stella Jang, HYST))
[2018.07.11] TakeOne – Green Ideology Director’s Cut (#9 Trail (feat. Stella Jang))
[2018.07.11] TakeOne – Green Ideology Director’s Cut (#10 Hibernate (feat. Stella Jang, Ja Mezz, Loly, Taylor, HYST))
[2018.07.11] TakeOne – Green Ideology Director’s Cut (#11 Lucid Dream (feat. Stella Jang, Duplex G, Taylor, HYST))
[2018.07.13] Lee Seung-hwan – For Your Ears Only (feat. Stella Jang)

TV Show Theme Songs (OST)

[2017] Temperature of Love OST – Let Me Love You
[2017] I’m Not a Robot OST – Do You Know Me
[2018] A Poem A Day OST – Youth These Days (Acoustic Ver.)
[2018] A Poem A Day OST – Youth These Days
[2018] Investigation Couple OST – White Rain (with Hangzoo)
[2018] The Third Charm OST – I Only See You
[2018] Twelve Nights OST – Wanna Know You
[2018] I Picked Up a Celebrity from the Street OST – Swing Baby
[2018] My Strange Hero OST – Love Story
[2019] Spring Turns to Spring OST – Magic (with DAVINK)

Singing Skills and Live Performances

Despite her unique digital songs, Stella Jang also has beautiful performances while singing the live versions of her songs. Let’s check them out!

Stella Jang made a performance in the MBC Show Music Core on May 6th, 2017, with the song “Vanishing Paycheck.” She made a unique concept performance with all the dancers. In the beginning, she used a standing microphone and stood still while all the dancers were dancing around her. Looked like she also joined the movement on her spot while playing an instrument herself. She walked to the front with her mic on the chorus. The dancers brought some props, like music instruments and piggy banks.

She looked pretty in an orange outfit and her hair matching her choice of wardrobe. She sang “Alright,” one of her digital singles. Her voice was so soft with a sweet smile. We can see her playing the guitar smoothly without even looking at her hands. Her expression showed calmness which can make us calm while listening to her song and we can say, it’s really “Alright.”

In this performance, she sang “I Go.” She wore a white-doted blue dress with her long black hair which made her look sweet and beautiful. She showed off her guitar playing skills again. We can see her whistling a bit in the middle of the song.

In this performance, she didn’t play the guitar and just sang “Under Caffeine” with gestures. We can see her enjoying the song so we can enjoy the song as well.

Instagram Feed

Stella Jang has an Instagram account @interstellajang and has an artsy look in her feed. In one of her posts, dating from May 2016, she posted a video of herself singing a song from the Toy Story OST – You’ve Got A Friend In Me while playing guitar.


Her latest post dates from April 19th, 2019. She posted a selfie where she looks very pretty with her long hair and natural makeup. She was complimented by her fellow artist, Yein, by commenting, “Whoa Eonnie (a call for older female) is so pretty.”

Latest News of Stella Jang

Most recently, Stella Jang has released her third mini-album Hazardous Materials, on March 24th, 2019. In the interview with Koreatimes, Stella Jang talked about her mini-album. She said, as cited by Koreatimes, that her mini-album was about toxic things that we should try to avoid in life. She also included the honest stories of herself under pressure, liberation, and joy. Those were her past experiences and feelings which led her to discover greater happiness. The mini-album consists of six tracks, namely “Substance Dangereuses,” “Co,” “Fine Dust,” “Alcoholman,” “Under Caffeine,” and “How Could A Person Always Be Lovely.”

She also held her third concert to promote her mini-album with the same title, Hazardous Materials on March 30th, 2019, at Gonggam Centre in Seoul.

She also shared her moments and gifts she got from her concert on her Instagram.

Stella Jang is a singer-songwriter with a unique style. She may not be the big famous idol that we are used to seeing but her songs are worth listening too with her sweet voice. Not to mention the relatable topics she often brings up in her songs. She stays humble and keeps producing music as her own happiness until now. Let’s all give her more support and wish her all the best!