STAYC’s Sumin: Profile, Age, Birthday, Etc.

STAYC’s Sumin’s Performances on Stage


We have seen the pre-debut as well as the debut era of Sumin. She has been working so hard to be the Sumin from STAYC that we know now. Not only her, but the other members also worked so hard too. They are not only stunning in the music video or the practice room, but they also showed their talents in the music shows.

Now, it’s time to see the performances of STAYC in some music shows!

What do you think of the girls’ performances? They really slayed the stage, right? Well, it is so hard to just focus on Sumin, while the other members are charismatic too. Don’t worry, we will show you the videos that will help you focus on Sumin only. Let’s see Sumin’s cam videos on some music shows!

Sumin really has a great talent in dancing and singing, right? She also has a great facial expression on stage! Sumin is really such an amazing leader. Hopefully, STAYC will be able to reach higher popularity and milestones in the future!

STAYC’s Sumin’s Hairstyles


It’s normal for K-pop idols to have a different hairstyle on every comeback. Usually, idols dye their hair to make them different from the other members. Or, they sometimes do it because they want to match their style with the concept of their new song. Not only the style of their hair but also the color of their hair is often changing too.

And it’s the same for Sumin. After becoming a K-pop idol, she can often be seen with various hairstyles. Not to mention the previous hairstyle that she had when she was still a trainee. She just looks so stunning in all hairstyles.

Now, it’s time to see Sumin’s hairstyles that she once had before.


What do you think of the variety of Sumin’s hairstyles? She really rocks every hairstyle, right? She looks really pretty in every style that she had. But deep down inside, you must be having a bias on a hairstyle that looks the best on her. Let us know which hairstyle or hair color you think matches her best in the comment sections. Who knows, maybe she will go back to that hairstyle and hair color in the future?


Well, it’s the end of the article already. Congratulations, now you know a lot about STAYC’s leader, Bae Sumin. Not only she has a stunning visual that makes people fall in love with her right away, but she also has a real talent as a performer. Sumin is also such a good leader to her STAYC members, especially since she is the oldest member in the group. What do you think about Sumin’s charms? Which of her charms do you like the most? Please, kindly share your opinion in the comment section below!