Find Out More About The New Girlgroup StayC: Members Profile, Debut Date, MV, and More!

StayC: A Young-Culture Girl Group That Makes You Want To Know Them ‘So Bad’


The name ‘StayC’ stood for ‘Star To A Young Culture,’ which has also been used for their first single-album title. StayC has served So Bad for their title track, which emphasized the members’ youthful and teen energy with the story of an ‘awkward love.’ The is single also filled with colorful concepts and impressive vocal performances!

StayC was made its debut stage at KBS Music Bank on November 13, 2020, and previously held a debut showcase through V-LIVE while promoting So Bad and a side single Like This. Although StayC made its debut during the pandemic era, it didn’t change the fact that the group has gained a lot of attention and great achievements!


Within 24 hours, the So Bad music video has been watched by over 2 million viewers. The single also debuted at Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 and World Digital Song Sales Chart. In the first week, So Bad has been sold over 10.000 copies, leading them as the first girl group to do so.

StayC’s MV and Live Stage Performance


Here are the details about StayC’s MV and live performances!

So Bad MV has appeared with a colorful and youthful concept, with a little hint of pinkish vibes and futuristic style! The members also appeared with various outfits such as pinkish, silvery, and monochrome style, emphasizing their charm even more!

Sumin, Sieun, Isa, J, Yoon, and Seeun were brought such an elegant and classy performance for So Bad on SBS Inkigayo! The stage was reminded us of the real scene on So Bad MV, and even their outfit also did the same. The sparkling outfit and stage emphasized StayC visuals as well!

The girls appeared with the black and red concept through one of Like This‘s live performances! They also looking as charming as ever, not to mention the mixture of amazing vocal and powerful dance has always been StayC’s charm points!

Controversy Surrounding StayC: Been Involved in MV Plagiarism?


A few days after StayC’s debut with So Bad, the group was accused of MV plagiarism of Midnight Sky, which singer Miley Cyrus originally performed. People have found many similarities between those MVs, such as property used for a disco ball, confetti, silver foil, and more.

miley cyrus MV

Well, is that true? Technically, it wasn’t StayC who ‘did’ the plagiarism. However, there were mistakes and ‘confession’ from the production company, Rigend Film. Regarding the accusation, Rigend Film has shared its official apology.


They have apologized to every people who inconvenienced by the controversy, includes StayC and High Up Entertainment. Rigend Film also explained that they have been in charge of planning, production, and other aspects for StayC’s MV. As the closure, Rigend Film also convinces to work even harder to make creative and enjoyable videos for the public.

That was all of the information about StayC! The group has proved that their talent and music have influenced people to get interested in K-Pop music, especially from StayC performance. StayC also received awards nominations and became a girl group with the highest-selling album as well!

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