StayC’s Fandom Name, Official Logo, Color, and Meaning!

stayc announce fandom name

Let’s Take a Peek at StayC’s Official Fandom!

StayC is a girl group that was formed by High Up Entertainment, formerly known as HIGHUP Girls. This group debuted on November 12, 2020, with their first single album, “Star To A Young Culture”. Consisting of Yoon, Sieun, Sumin, Seeun, J, and Isa, this group has received quite a lot of attention since their debut. So then, people started joining their fan clubs and wanted to know what is StayC official fandom name, especially for new fans.

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StayC Announced Their Official Fandom Name: SWITH

stayc fandom name means

Before talking about the fandom name, StayC stands for “Star to a Young Culture” which is intended to reflect the group’s goal of dominating pop culture. Unlike another group, StayC decided to announce their official fandom name 50 days after their debut, which is on December 31, 2020.

Through the V Live channel, StayC uploaded an announcement video regarding their fan club name, namely SWITH. Among several choices, they finally decided to choose that name. So, here’s the video announcement!

StayC’s Fandom Name Meaning

stayc fandom name

Besides the announcement, fans were happy because of the fandom’s name. According to StayC’s announcement, “SWITH” is a combination of “S” (StayC) and “with”, which means “Together with StayC” or even “I’ll be with StayC”. Moreover, the name “SWITH” pronunciation sounds like “sweet”.

Knowing their announcement, fans gave diverse reactions of excitement. So, here are their comments!

stayc fandom meaning
stayc fandom meaning

StayC’s Fandom Name Ideas

stayc fandom name idea

Before the group or agency reveal an official name of the fandom, people give their suggestion about the fandom name. Fans competed to give ideas of the fandom names they have. Before they knew their fan club name is SWITH, they gave some ideas for the name, such as “CeCe” or ceces.

So, here are some ideas from fans about the unofficial fandom names that they have created!

stayc fandom name ideas
stayc fandom ideas

Not only that, there are still many fans’ suggestions regarding the fandom name, for example, “alliance”, “StarC”, “Starlet”, “Fanc”, “CheriC”, and also “Statice”.

StayC Official Fandom Logo

stayc logo colors fandom!

As we know, StayC’s logo is very simple with neon light colors meanwhile, after they revealed the fandom’s name. StayC still does not share their official colors and logo for the fandom, SWITH. But, fans made their own design version of the logo and colors. However, StayC and the fandom identically have neon colors or even colors like a rainbow for the logo.

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