Indie Acoustic Pop Group Standing Egg: Profile, Discography, MV

Standing Egg’s Music Videos Throughout The Years

On April 17th, 2010, Standing Egg debuted with the release of their first single titled “La La La”. The music video shows a stop motion animation with a scene where a cat is walking and exploring its surroundings. With an easy listening song, Standing Egg also released a music video that is very cute and looks simple but doesn’t make people bored to see the story in the music video.

The next single released by Standing Egg in 2011 was titled “Have You Ever Been In Love?” (Hangul: 사랑 에 빠져 본 적 있나요) with Ra.D acoustic ver. The music video released on February 9th, 2011, looks very much identical to a typical South Korean music video. There, we can see several scenes of two female and male models who are walking through the city streets in winter. They are seen enjoying the beautiful weather in the city like someone who has just fallen in love.

One of the singles released by Standing Egg is quite famous and is often delivered in a series of events for their live performance, especially sung by their female vocalist, Lee Ye-seul. In the music video released on May 11th, 2012, the original singer of this song is Han So-hyeon from 3rd Coast and shows several female models enjoying their day hanging out in the city and taking the time to visit the forest and the beach with the song titled “The Sunlight Hurts” (Hangul: 햇살이 아파)

In 2013, Standing Egg released their song “The Words I Love” (Hangul: 사랑한다 는 말). The music video that is uploaded also looks very romantic by showing a female model who is enjoying spring with blooming flowers and also very sunny weather. In the music video, Ryu Seok-won, the vocalist and guitarist of Standing Egg, plays the female boyfriend model and shows their very intimate chemistry.

The music video released by Standing Egg on May 8th, 2014, also looks quite aesthetic. The music video titled “Yes, You” (Hangul: 그래, 너) also shows a scene from the romantic story of two lovers who are in love. If you watch the “Yes, You” music video, you will see the story of two lovers who are seen getting ready to meet each other and have a date at a café. A dream and also a dating idea that is common in Korea, right?

“Crazy” by Standing Egg was released on May 22nd, 2015. The song, which has a very cinematic music video, gives an aesthetic impression and also has a deep message that is relevant in everyday life. In the music video, you can see 3 teenagers who are friendly with each other, but they are actually involved in a love triangle. Despite the sad story from the music video, we can also enjoy the scene which is very colorful and fresh.

Standing Egg is a South Korean band that releases their newest songs every year. On November 10th, 2016, the song that is now very popular among K-Indie fans also turns out to have very deep meaning with a very beautiful music video. The models that appeared in the “Voice” music video are Lee Nam-soo and also Park Joo-hyun who have excellent chemistry and convey messages that can touch everyone’s heart in the music video.

Standing Egg released their latest song in 2017 with the title “From the Star” (Hangul: 별 의 조각). One month after releasing their album DRAMATIC, this popular Korean indie band released a music video for their comeback single.

This was announced live by the three-member band via their official Twitter account, @standingeg, on January 25th, 2018. While sharing the video clip link starring models Lee Ho-yeon and Lee Chae-eun, Standing Egg also expressed gratitude to their loyal listeners.

In the video, which lasts almost 8 minutes, the audience is treated to a story about a person who struggles to pursue his dream as a musician. Through their official Twitter account, the band, which debuted in 2010, explained that the message in the video is so that listeners don’t give up on pursuing their dreams. The message is also further clarified by the song lyrics containing support sentences. For example, “Remember the starlight that is hidden within you. No matter how you try to hide it, it will shine out.”

The music video titled “A Song Only I Wanna Know” (Hangul: 나만 알고 싶은 노래) shows another romantic scene of lovers who live together and give each other admiration for their partners every day they spend together. The female and male models who look handsome and beautiful look very suitable to be juxtaposed as lovers.

The scene from the music video also looks very beautiful, the man always accompanies his girlfriend everywhere and captures the moment with his camera. Like the song title, Standing Egg were also seen several times in the scene listening to their favorite song together.

The song released by Standing Egg in May 2020 has successfully described the turmoil that many teenagers often experience. There’s also an interesting appearance of Baek Sung-chul who has a handsome face in this music video; it seems that he is falling in love with his girlfriend and is confused about whether to confess his feelings or should he just keep them for himself. This song has a medium tempo but also has deep meanings of each scene shown with the title “Friend To Lover”.

In November 2020, Standing Egg released a music video for their latest single titled “Reminiscence” (Hangul: 어제 의 우리들) by showing a mellow atmosphere typical of autumn. Like the previous music video, here, fans can also see the chemistry of the two couples showing the scene of the two of them enjoying their moments together under the warm sunlight.

The background from nature in South Korea, such as forest, fields, and the scene of the two couples climbing the hill looks very beautiful to the scene where the viewers can see the sunset on the hill.

Standing Eggs’ Latest News

During the pandemic which has been ongoing since 2020 until now, there are limited broadcasts for those who have careers in the entertainment industry. However, this is not a problem for Standing Eggs because they can still carry out promotions and are also present with their latest content that is shared on social media. If we take a look at Standing Egg’s YouTube channel, they have just finished their 3rd episode of the Home Concert series starting in early 2021 with some of their newest songs.

On Standing Egg’s Instagram, they also often upload some content to simply interact with their fans via social media.

Well, that’s all the information that we have prepared for you about the profile of Standing Egg and also their career as a band in South Korea that are famous as a K-Indie band. Apart from releasing their newest songs frequently, Standing Egg are also very active as a band that appears to fill K-Drama soundtracks. Let’s give our support to Standing Eggs so they can remain active in their careers as musicians and continue to be the best.

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