SS501’s Park Jung-min: Profile and Latest News


Let’s Get Closer to SS501’s Jung-min

Park Jung-Min is a South Korean singer, entertainer, actor, and a member of the South Korean boy band SS501. Park Jung-Min in SS501 is known as sexy and charismatic and is quite popular in the fandom called Triple S. Firstly, he debuted as a member of SS501 on June 8, 2005, along with the group’s debut album titled Warning.


Beginning on May 1, 2006, he hosted as a DJ on SBS’s SS501’s Youngstreet radio program with fellow member Heo Young Saeng. Then, he continued to host with fellow member Kim Kyu Jong due to Heo Young Saeng having a throat condition requiring laryngeal surgery.




In late 2007, he and his fellow SS501 members built their foundation as artists in the Japanese market to challenge themselves outside South Korea. When he first went to Japan in 2007, he had acute appendicitis, an inflammation of the appendix.


In 2008, he made his official debut as a musical actor in the musical Grease playing the lead role of Danny Park. He also won the Best New Musical Talent award at the 2008 Golden Ticket Awards.


In 2009-2010, before SS501’s contract ended, he and his fellow SS501 members consecutively released studio albums and mini-albums such as All My Love in Japan and Solo Collection, Rebirth, and Destination in South Korea.


In the meantime, he started his acting career as the lead role of MBC Every1’s Human Theater in 2010.


In 2011, he appeared as a model for a wedding photo shoot with the girl band Dal Shabet in the InStyle fashion magazine’s April issue.


Upon the expiration of his contract with DSP Media, in June 2010, he signed a contract with CNr Media to embark on his career as a solo artist. However, on April 12, 2012, he filed a lawsuit against CNr Media to cancel his exclusive representation contact, citing improper distribution of profits. On May 22, 2012, the lawsuit against CNr Media came to an end. Through a press release on May 28, 2012, he agreed to receive an amount that could be paid by CNr Media.


Between April 2 and 7, 2012, he participated as a model for designer Song Hye Mung in Dominic’s Way fashion show during the 2012 Seoul Fashion Week and was dressed as a vedette in a dark angel attire with spread wings.


In 2014, he appeared in the beauty fashion book titled 0/1 (ZERO ONE) Creative Book‘s September issue with the theme “FUN”.


He then made his debut as a solo artist in Japan using the name ROMEO under Victor Music in 2012 after his lawsuit against CNr Media. After he respectively released the two albums Give Me Your Heart and Tonight’s the Night, he returned to Korea to continue his music career using his real name Park Jung-Min and released his first self-produced single album Beautiful. At the end of the year, he returned to being ROMEO and released the Japanese studio album Midnight Theatre.


When asked about what SS501 is to him, he answered that SS501 is like home to him. It is where he was born and will always make him feel warm and safe.


He loves carrots very much, and you can tell that he is obsessed with carrots. Because of this, his fans even nicknamed him Mal (말) (Horse) because of the way he eats carrots.


It is not just that he finds carrots tasty enough have carrot juice in the morning and always has carrots in the refrigerator, he also has a huge plush of one, and smaller ones as well, and even has a carrot hat.


He comes from quite a wealthy background. Through his younger years up until middle school, he attended the same private academy that his older brother and sister did. Then, he was sent to a public high school. His siblings do not work in the entertainment industry. It is said that his older brother went to medical school and his older sister was going to be a lawyer.


He likes jokes. SS501 is a self-proclaimed comedian and buzzword maker group such as Geun Ja Gam (근자감) (someone who over-estimates oneself) and Sseok So (썩소) (a smile of an ugly person). Within SS501, he has the best sense of aesthetics. He is known for his confident and playful personality. Since his face is rather long compared to the others, he is often jokingly called by the other members “Horse Power”, or “Park that’s my word” (박 내가말이야).




Real name: Park Jung-Min

Hangul name: 박정민

Japanese name: パク・ジョンミン

Stage name: ROMEO

Birthdate: April 3, 1987

Birthplace: Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Age: 31 years old

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Religion: Protestant

Star Sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Blood Type: O

Education: Daedo Elementary School, Dankook Middle School, Dankook High School, Kyunghee Cyber University- majored in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Agency: Imagine Asia Entertainment

Music Group: SS501 (더블에스오공일)

Family: Parents, older brother Park Jung Woo (born in 1972), older sister Park Na Ri (born in 1983), Sister-in-law, and nephew Park Sung Ha (born in 2003)

Official Twitter: @JungMin0403

Official Facebook Fanpage: ParkJungMinOfficial (

Official Youtube: ParkJungMinOfficial ( as Park Jung Min and ROMEO ( as ROMEO

Official Instagram: @parkjungminsta

Official Website: (Korean), (Japanese)


Adorable Childhood Photos


Park Jung-Min shared his adorable childhood photos through Star News. Looking at the photos, it seems that Park Jung-Min has been bright and cheerful since he was a child, and this personality has been with him through his growing years.


This is while he attended elementary school and cheekily struck a pose as a woman with dark red lipstick on.


This is when he was a baby smiling brightly.


This is showing him in his father’s arms while watching TV.


This is when he was playing during the winter and smiling brightly with his sister.


Pre-Debut and Plastic Surgery Rumors


On January 27, 2011, through a broadcast of Mnet’s Beatles Code, he revealed that he almost debuted as a Super Junior member. When he was 13 years old, he was scouted by an agency and was cast into both DSP Media and SM Entertainment. He had to choose between one or the other. At that time, SM Entertainment told him that they were preparing a new group that consisted of many members. But, then he chose DSP Media over SM Entertainment. He stated that he “thought about wanting to see myself on TV and believed that I’d be able to debut faster through DSP Media, which was what influenced my decision.”


At the age of 13, he began working as a model in magazines through street casting.


In junior high school, he also had done a condom advertisement. But, he was not ashamed at all because it was an advertisement advocating a message of safe sex.


He was still a minor when he appeared in a Sansachun alcoholic drink advertisement with Lee Hyo-Ri. At that time, he was in high school. You can watch the video below!

He was a VJ on MTV Fresh between March till November 2003. Here is his profile while a VJ below!


Many wondered and speculated about Park Jung-Min undergoing plastic surgery. There is a rumor that Park Jung-Min had work done on his nose. However, Park Jung-Min has not clarified about this at all. Here are several pre-debut photos that you can compare to his recent photos.


Here are his kindergarten graduation photos.


Here is his elementary school graduation photo.


Here is his middle school graduation photo.


Here is his high school graduation photo.


Here is his recent photo.

What do you think? Does he look like he underwent plastic surgery or not?


Dual Personality: Park Jung-Min and ROMEO


Park Jung-Min kicked off his Japanese career with the name ROMEO as a J-pop solo artist. The name ROMEO was suggested by Japanese music critic Reiko Yukawa. He transformed himself into ROMEO in 2012. ROMEO unleashed a different side of Park Jung-Min that is the hidden side of him. His personality with ROMEO transforms into a completely different image. ROMEO shows an even darker and sexier image. ROMEO will expose his tummy, and Park Jung-Min won’t,” he explained while talking about the difference between his two sides. Also, the biggest difference is the music genre. ROMEO’s style of music is more rock oriented.


In 2013, he held a concert tour in Japan and held a showcase in Malaysia. His shows had a different concept. In particular, he performed using the name Park Jung-Min during the day with the light (good concept) and using the name ROMEO during the night with the dark (bad concept).


He created his split personality ROMEO because he wants people to know he grew up from “Idol” Park Jung-Min to “Artist” Park Jung-Min, and he thinks that it is the time to show many of his different appearances.


Gay Rumor


Many speculated that Park Jung-Min is gay. So, on the May 6, 2009, broadcast of MBC’s Golden Fisheries – Radio Star show, Park Jung-Min shared his story of the old rumor in Japan that he is gay and dating Kim Hyun Joong.


According to Triple S Philippines blog, Park Jung-Min revealed, “When we’re in Japan, there’s a rumor of me liking our leader Hyun Joong. All the members really like to tease each other. That is including Hyun Joong hyung. He likes to prank us, too. He was one day writing a letter saying “I like U” and put my name on it and put it into his bag, and then he took it out and continued the joke saying that the letter was given by me and said that I was also giving him a belt as a gift. But, that was just a joke. And, that is the trigger to the rumor. It was totally a joke. Yet, it led into the gay rumor instead.”


He ended by saying, “I’m just a regular guy. I’m going to save a little more, and as any other man, of course, when I meet the perfect woman, I want to get married too someday.”


Ideal Type


On the May 6, 2009, broadcast of MBC’s Golden Fisheries – Radio Star show, Park Jung-Min revealed that his ideal type was actress Ko So Young. “I liked her ever since middle school when she was on Mother’s Sea“, he said.


In 2010, Park Jung-Min revealed his ideal type by drawing in Inkigayo Take 7 Magazine. He gave a detailed description of his ideal type, which included a “pretty collarbone, double eyelid, big eyes like a deer, and long brown straight hair. A girl that can converse with me and not be fake so I can feel her natural beauty.”


In Fans Magazine‘s 2014 March issue, No. 108, Park Jung-Min revealed that his ideal type has never changed. He likes girls that are interesting and amusing, someone whom he can happily get along with, and who has a similar sense of humor.


Dyed Hairstyles


Silver Hair

In 2006, during the promotion activity for the “Fighter” song, he had silver dyed hair.


In 2012, he dyed his hair to silver again.


He attended RESURRECTION FW Fashion Show with his silver dyed hair on April 3, 2012.


In December 2017, he cut his long hairstyle and dyed his hair to silver again.


Blue Hair

On October 17, 2017, he attended 2018 Seoul Fashion Week with a blue hairstyle.


Brown Hair


On April 1, 2010, he appeared with brown hair as a judge on Project Runway Korea Season 2.


Pink Hair


During the promotion of “Summer Break!” in August 2014, he dyed his hair pink.



Titles Years Played as
Goodbye and Hello (굿바이 그리고 헬로우) 2015 Swimming Player (Support Role)
Pi’s Story (파이 스토리) 2006 Percy (Voice Dubber)




Titles Network Channel Years Total Episodes Played as
Fondant Garden (翻糖花園) CTV (China Television) 2012 16 Park Hee Hwan / Pu Xi Huan / Han Ji
August Love Song / Love Song in August (八月のラヴソング / 8월의 러브송) Mobile LISMO Drama 2011 4 Himself
Pianissimo / Super Star (피아니시모) Trend E / TRENDY, CGV 2011 8 Detective Cha Min Seok (Ep. “Meet”)
Human Theater (인생극장) MBC Every1 2010 6 Himself
Spotlight (스포트라이트) MBC 2008 16 Himself (Cameo with SS501)
Elephant (코끼리) MBC 2008 124 Himself (Cameo Ep. 85)
Hotelier (ホテリアー / 호텔리어) TV Asahi 2007 9 Himself (Cameo with SS501 Ep. 7)
Can Love Be Refilled? (사랑도 리필이 되나요?) KBS2 2005 140 + 4 Himself
Nonstop 5 (논스톱 5) MBC 2004-2005 257 Himself (Cameo Ep. 207)





as Solo Singer (Park Jung Min)

Album Titles Language Release Date Track List
Fan Selection Best (Best Album / Collection Album) Korean/Japanese April 03 (Shibuya) and April 12 (Tower Records), 2017 1. Only Me (나뿐인가요 / ナップニンガヨ)

2. The Power of Love (愛するチカラ)

3. Save Us Tonight

4. End of the Shallow Dream (浅い夢の果て)

5. Two of Us (ふたり)

6. Number One

7. Kiss

8. Even if a Thousand Years Pass (천년가도) (Korean Version)

9. Want yo Hug No One but You (あなた以外誰も抱きしめない)

10. Always and Forever

11. Please, Give Me Your Love (愛をください)

12. Love Like This

13. Even if a Thousand Years Pass (千年経っても) (Japanese Version)

Happiness (Limited Single Album) Japanese April 10, 2016
  1. Happiness
  2. Teleportation (テレポーション)
It’s Summer Time (Mini-Album) Korean/Japanese June 08, 2015
  1. Going Going
  2. Yes or No (Korean Version)
  3. Kiss
  4. Bye Bye
  5. Summer Blue
  7. Coward (弱虫)
  8. Tape Storage (記憶のテープ) (Korean Version)
  9. You… (君を…)
  11. [LIMITED EDITION GOING GOING VER.] Going Going (Korean Version)
  12. [LIMITED EDITION GOING GOING VER.] You… (君を…) (Korean Version)
10th Anniversary -Memories- (Studio Album) Korean/Japanese May 01, 2015
  1. End of the Shallow Dream (浅い夢の果て)
  2. I Was so in Love With You (ホンとに好きだった)
  3. U R Man
  4. 4Chance
  5. Let’s Break Away
  6. Love like This
  7. A Song Calling for You (널 부르는 노래 / 君を歌う歌)
  8. Always and Forever
  9. Forever (영원토록 / 永遠に)
  10. Only Me (나뿐인가요 / ナップニンガヨ)
  11. Crazy 4 U
  12. Gleaming Star
  13. Boundless
Christmas Kiss (Christmas Special Album) Korean/Japanese December 10, 2014 1. Christmas Kiss

2. Winter Love (Japanese Version)

3. Wonderful (Japanese Version)

4. There’s Only Love (愛しかないけど)

5. Two of Us (ふたり)

6. Even if a Thousand Years Pass (千年経っても)

7. Winter Love (Korean Version)

8. Wonderful (Korean Version)

Winter Love (Mini-Album) Korean/Japanese November 23, 2014
  1. Winter Love (Japanese Version)
  2. Wonderful (Japanese Version)
  3. There’s Only Love (愛しかないけど)
  4. [LIMITED EDITION A] I Can Hear That Song (あの歌が聴こえる)
  5. [LIMITED EDITION B] Wings of Love (愛の翼)
  6. Winter Love (Korean Version)
  7. Wonderful (Korean Version)
Summer Break! (Mini-Album) Korean August 29, 2014 1. Summer Break! (Korean Version)

2. Rainy Summer Night (비내리는 여름밤은)

3. Number One

4. Please, Give Me Your Love (그대 사랑을 줘요)

5. Even if a Thousand Years Pass (천년가도)

Summer Break! (Mini-Album) Japanese August 18, 2014 1. Summer Break! (Japanese Version)

2. Summer Rain That Wets My Heart (心を濡らす夏の雨)

3. Please, Give Me Love (愛をください)

4. The Power of Love (愛するチカラ)

5. [LIMITED EDITION A] Remain ~The Fragments of Love~ (Remain~アイノカケラ~)

6. Goodbye (さよなら)

7. Even If a Thousand Years Pass (千年経っても)

Save Us Tonight (Single Album) Japanese May 12, 2014
  1. Save Us Tonight
  2. I Feel You (Shadow Love)
  3. Two of Us (ふたり)
  4. [LIMITED EDITION A] Want to Hug No One but You (あなた以外誰も抱きしめない)
  6. [LIMITED EDITION B] Untitled
  7. [KOREAN VERSION] Save Us Tonight
  10. [KOREAN VERSION] I Feel You (Shadow Love)
  11. [KOREAN VERSION] In the Ear (귓가에)
Beautiful (Single Album) Korean November 14, 2012 1. Beautiful

2. You Know (있잖아요) (Ft. Viva Soul’s Zuwan)

3. Beautiful (Acoustic Version)

Wara Wara THE, PARK JUNG MIN (Limited Edition Album) Japanese May 25, 2011 1. Like Tears Are Falling (涙、流れるほど) (Japanese Version)

2. Wara Wara (Japanese Version)

3. Not Alone (Japanese Version)

4. Do You Know? (君は知ってる?~届かないメッセージ~) (Japanese Version)

5. Everyday Is Christmas (毎日クリスマス) (Japanese Version)

THE, PARK JUNG MIN (Mini-Album) Korean April 01, 2011 1. Like Tears Are Falling (눈물이 흐를 만큼)

2. Go Go (가라 가라)

3. Not Alone

4. Do You Know? (넌 알고 있니)

5. Every Day Is Christmas (내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스)

Not Alone (Single Album) Korean January 20, 2011 1. Not Alone

2. Do You Know? (넌 알고 있니)

3. Every Day Is Christmas (내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스)


as Soundtrack Contributor (Solo)

Song Titles Release Date Album Titles
Bad Person / Villian (壞人) April 2012 Fondant Garden OST
Missing You (그립다) August 17, 2011 The Princess’ Man OST
Your Colour (君色) July 2011 Love Song in August OST
Only Me? (나 뿐인가요) March 9, 2010 Pianissimo / Super Star OST


as Solo Singer (ROMEO)

Album Titles Release Date Track List
TOXIC LOVE (Single Album) January 11, 2017
  1. TOXIC LOVE (Japanese Version)
  2. TOXIC LOVE (Korean Version)
Run Away (Single Album), FAITH (Single Album), In The Forest (Single Album) December 12, 2015
  1. Run Away (Japanese Version)
  2. Run Away (Korean Version)
  3. FAITH (Japanese Version)
  4. FAITH (Korean Version)
  5. In The Forest (Japanese Version)
  6. In The Forest (Korean Version)
Last Note (Single Album) June 06, 2015
  1. [LAST NOTE I EDITION] LAST BREATH (Japanese Version)
  2. [LAST NOTE II] NO NO NO (Japanese Version)
  4. [LAST NOTE IV EDITION] NO NO NO (Korean Version)
Alive (Mini-Album) November 18, 2014 1. I’m ALIVE (Japanese Version)

2. KISS & SMILE (Japanese Version)

3. Heart Attack

4. Innocent Love

5. Softly

6. KISS & SMILE (Korean Version)

7. Innocent Love (Korean Version)

8. [LIMITED EDITION A] I’m ALIVE (Korean Version)

9. [LIMITED EDITION B] Heart Attack (Korean Version)

10. [LIMITED EDITION C] Softly (Korean Version)

Midnight Theatre (Studio Album) December 09, 2012 1. Act I (The Awakening)

2. Until the End of Time


4. Sin

5. Tonight’s the Night

6. Act II (The Heart)


8. Give Me Your Heart

9. I Want To Protect You (君を、守りたい)

10. No Turning Back

11. Act III (The Desire)

12. One More Night

13. Hide and Seek Love

14. Voyage

Tonight’s the Night (Single Album) October 31, 2012
  1. Tonight’s the Night
  2. [LIMITED EDITION A] I. The Dawn -沈黙-
  3. [LIMITED EDITION B] II. The Moon -蒼い月-
  4. [LIMITED EDITION C] III. The Touch -輪郭-
  5. [LIMITED EDITION D] IV. The Thirst -渇望-
  6. [NORMAL EDITION] V. The Fate -彷徨-
  7. [LIMITED EDITION A] I Want To Protect You (君を、守りたい)
  9. [LIMITED EDITION C] Hide and Seek Love
  11. [NORMAL EDITION] Dream Out Loud
Give Me Your Heart (Single Album) September 05, 2012 1. Give Me Your Heart

2. Taste the Fever (タイトル未定)



as SS501’s Member

Album Titles Release Date Language / Version
Best Collection Volume 2 (Compilation Album) September 03, 2014 Japanese
Best Collection Volume 1 (Compilation Album) September 03, 2014 Japanese
Destination (Mini-Album) May 24, 2010 Korean
Rebirth (Mini-Album) October 20, 2009 Korean
SS501 Solo Collection (Mini-Album) July 21, 2009 Korean
1st Solo Album (Compilation Album) July 02, 2009 Released in Taiwan
All My Love (Studio Album) May 13, 2009 Japanese
Holding Your Hand (Single Album with Super Junior, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry) 2008 Korean
Find (파인드) (Mini Album) July 24, 2008 Korean
Lucky Days (Maxi-Single Album) June 18, 2008 Japanese
Singles (Compilation Album) May 21, 2008 Japanese
DEJA VU (데자뷰) (Mini-Album) March 13, 2008 Korean
SS501 (Studio Album) October 24, 2007 Japanese
Distance (Distance~君とのキョリ) September 19, 2007 Japanese
Kokoro (Maxi-Single Album) August 01, 2007 Japanese
SS501 S.T 01 NOW (Studio Album) November 10, 2006 Korean
Snow Prince / 2nd SS501 (Mini-Album) December 05, 2005 Korean
Warning / 1st SS501 (Mini-Album) June 22, 2005 Korean


as Soundtrack Contributor (SS501’s Member)

Song Titles Release Date Album Titles
Sometime 2009 Boys Over Flowers F4 Special Edition
Making a Lover (애인만들기) March 06, 2009 Boys Over Flowers OST Part 2
Gaze (바라보며) 2008 Heartbreak Library OST
If We’re Together (우리 함께라면) 2008 Strongest Chil Woo OST
Love That Can’t Be Erased (지울수없는 사랑) 2007 Surgeon Bong Dal Hee OST
Fly Away 2007 Dive Into The Koongya’s World OST