‘Squid Game’ Budget: How Much Money Did the Creator Spend?

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Is Squid Game‘s Budget Higher Than Their Profit?

Who doesn’t know the Netflix’s K-drama Squid Game which was released in 2021? Not only for the good quality, bunch of people all around the world like Squid Game because of the actors like Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, Park Hae-soo, Anupam Tripathi, O Yeong-su who plays the Old Man, and even actor Gong Yoo also made special appearances in Squid Game.

It made people curious about how much money is the budget and profit of Squid Game. Approximately, Squid Game spent $21.4 million for its budget. And since Squid Game got a huge global success, they earned around $900 million as a profit.

Let’s find out the details about the Squid Game budget to create the perfect CGI of Squid Game‘s games and its profit after the series’ global success, in this article by Channel-Korea!

How Much Did Netflix Pay for Squid Game‘s Budget?

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According to some sources, Netflix paid the cost of $21,4 million for Squid Game‘s production budget. This amount is the total amount spent for making all the 9 episodes of the series.

It somehow made Squid Game successfully become one of the most expensive series that were created in 2021, but it turned out to be worth the expense as Squid Game eventually brought such fantastic success despite the amount that the creators spent.

Did Squid Game Have a Low Budget?

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Squid Game’s budget is approximately around $21.4 million and that amount is considered high than low for a series’ budget.

The budget for Squid Game also was known as a part of a $500 million investment in the South Korean entertainment for the platform. The huge success of Squid Game is also considered a smart investment created by Netflix.

Squid Game Profit After The Global Recognition: How Much Money Has Squid Game Made?

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After people learned about the Squid Game production budget, they have become increasingly curious about how much money the series made after it achieved global recognition all over the world. Well, don’t be surprised, because Squid Game has reportedly earned almost $900 million which is a huge amount compared to its budget.

Aside from that, Squid Game also became one of the biggest series launches ever, topping 111 million viewers on the first day of release, and the number continued increasing, even until now, several months after Squid Game was first released.

Is Squid Game a Hit or a Flop?

squid game ending explained

With that huge amount of budget, people questioned whether Squid Game is a hit or a flop.

It was reported that approximately 89% of Netflix users have watched Squid Game for more than 75 minutes, which means more than one episode. Meanwhile, the rest of them finished the series within 23 days. It is safe to say that Squid Game is a total big hit, right?

Well, Squid Game‘s huge success has been a blessing for everyone who has been involved in the series, even their profit amazingly hit such a huge amount as well. That’s a good job for the Squid Game team and the cast!

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