K-Drama Review: The ‘Squid Game’ Ending Theory and Explanation

squid game ending explained

Here Is an Explanation of the Squid Game Unexpected Ending!

We all know that in 2021 Squid Game became the most popular series on Netflix that went viral for every scene. The series’ popularity has reached 21.2% and it became the highest-rated Korean drama. Starring Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, Wi Ha-joon, and Park Hae-soo, it caught viewers’ attention in every episode and has been watched by over 123 million people and ranked #1 among Netflix’s most popular shows in 90 countries. This series was getting hype because it brings up a traditional kids game from South Korea, and turns it into an extreme and deadly game.

So, let’s take a look at the Squid Game ending explained that will make you aghast. Keep scrolling down this article!

K-Drama Squid Game Review and Ending Explained

squid game ending mystery

Squid Game has very good reviews from many viewers around the world. Viewers say that the insane plot initially conceptualized in 2008 was first rejected, but then in 2021, it turned into a phenomenal series. Also, Squid Game has many CGI effects and it looks realistic. This series is about 465 desperate people who risk their lives and fight each other over the ₩5 billion as a prize.

All participants have to go through many kinds of crimps overcoming the challenges where they have to play a traditional childhood game. They don’t know that the game isn’t like their childhood game, but it is wrapped in dangerous rules, and the people who lose are then shot by the watchman/soldier.

In this arena, Gi-hun meets other players such as Ali from India, Sang-woo (his childhood friend), Sae-byeok, Oh Il-nam, Ji-yeong. Even though they manage to get out and stop the game, because they really need money, they eventually come back to the deadly arena.

WARNING! The section below contains a spoiler!

Squid Game Ending Explained

squid game ending explained

The Squid Game ending was very shocking and unpredictable. The series has 9 episodes and in the final episode, it is decided who the winner of the game is. Until the final episode, Squid Game managed to get a consistently high rating and beat the ratings of the drama Sweet Home. 

sae byeok death

In the final episode, Sae-byeok was killed by Sang-woo cunningly which made Gi-hun very mad. Sang-woo stabs her when Gi-hun leaves them to ask the soldier to help Sae-byeok’s pain. In the end, Gi-hun has to face his childhood friend, Sang-woo. The final challenge is “Squid Game”, in which they have to fight against each other in a bloody knife fight.

sang woo death squid game

Gi-hun is kind-hearted and he still follows his instincts to not kill Sang-woo. Then, Sang-woo decides to kill himself and he tells Gi-hun to take care of his mother. After the game ends, Gi-hun immediately goes to Sang-woo’s mother’s house, but it turns out that she has passed away.

Squid Game Ending Theory

squid game ending explain

Many theories explaining the series have appeared, especially about the finale. First, Gi-hun was the winner of this game and he wanted to give his money to his friend’s family. After that, the scene goes straight to a year later. There’s a theory about this ending. Gi-hun suddenly meets his close friend, an old man, at the hospital on December 24th, even though we know that he lost in gganbu. It turns out that Oh Il-nam is the mastermind (VIP) of this game.

Another theory says that Gi-hun will be the next participant (again) in Season 2 or even he will be a soldier in this game because he’s the winner. It starts with him at the airport where he sees the salesman who already has a target marked. Then Gi-hun takes the card game from the man stopping him.

Then, he calls the number to participate again as player 456 in the game with the purpose of discovering who they are.

Mystery Behind the Squid Game Ending

squid game ending mystery

Even though the series has ended, people are still curious about the mysterious ending. First, people still want to know if Wi Ha-joon (as a police officer) is truly dead? Then, who will be the VIP after Oh Il-nam has passed away? Moreover, the aim of this game is still ambiguous. So, because the viewers have given a very positive response, the director and writer decided to make a Season 2.

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