Ali from Squid Game: Tragic Ending, Returns for Season 2, Etc.

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Learn More About Ali From Squid Game, Is He a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

The popularity of Squid Game seems to be never-ending. The series has also become one of the top series on Netflix all over the world. Speaking of Squid Game, there are a bunch of interesting characters with personalities that somehow become people’s favorite.

One of the popular characters was Ali Abdul (played by Indian actor Anupam Tripathi), the Pakistani immigrant worker who was very kind and polite in the middle of the ‘chaotic’ situation. Unfortunately, Ali was tricked by his ‘friend’ Sang-woo that caused him to death.

Let’s find out more about the character Ali Abdul from Squid Game through the detailed explanation provided below by Channel-Korea!

Ali Abdul in Squid Game: Character Analysis

ali abdul squid game

Ali Abdul is one of the fictional characters in the Korean Netflix series Squid Game. Although he is fictional, his character’s personality has gained a lot of attention. In the series, Ali Abdul is a man from Pakistan who is married and has one son.

Why was Ali in Squid Game?

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You probably wonder why Ali joined Squid Game in the first place. Due to the difficult financial situation, Ali Abdul decides to join Squid Game to financially support his family after getting hired by the Factor Owner. He becomes Player 199 and befriends Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) after saving him in the first round of Squid Game, the “Red Light, Green Light” game.

Ali Abdul initially struggles to make a living and earn money by working as an employee.

Thus, he is forced to experience difficulties after his boss stops paying him for around six months. One day, he decides to confront his boss and asks for his payment to be made; the two of them are involved in an incident and Ali is able to steal the money from his boss.

Is Ali a Good Guy?

ali abdul and seong gi hun squid game

Among all of the players in Squid Game, Ali Abdul seems to be one of those few players who has a ‘true’ and ‘kind’ personality despite his difficulties in life. So, yes, he can be considered as the good guy in Squid Game.

What happens to Ali in Squid Game?

ali abdul and cho sang woo

Ali Abdul has a tragic ending as he gets betrayed by Cho Sang-woo.  Cho Sang-woo tricked Ali and caused him to death even though he really trusted Cho Sang-woo and treated him respectfully.

Before Ali Abdul joined Squid Game, he once met Cho Sang-woo at a mini-market. At that time, they casually talked to each other as strangers, even Sang-woo asked him where he lives. He also gave Ali some money so he could return home by taking the bus since his neighborhood was quite far.

So, when Ali Abdul met Cho Sang-woo again in the Squid Game arena, he was very grateful to Sang-woo and called him Sajangnim since their first encounter. Some viewers might think that they would be best friends, but the truth was far from that.

How was Ali tricked?

ali abdul and cho sang woo

Ali was tricked by Sang-woo during the fourth round, which was the “Marble” game. At that time, Ali and Sang-woo were on the same team.

However, Sang-woo tricked him and gave Ali the marble causing him to get eliminated afterward. It also caused Ali’s death during the fourth round and he wasn’t able to move to the next game.

Who Played Ali in Squid Game?

anupam tripathi

Anupam Tripathi is an Indian actor who plays the role of Ali Abdul in Squid Game. Ever since he got attracted to acting, he attended the National School of Drama in New Delhi, but then he moved to South Korea and attended the Korea National University of Arts on the Arts Major Asian scholarship.

Before Squid Game, he has made cameo appearances in several dramas such as Descendants of The Sun, Revolutionary Love, Strangers From Hell, Hospital Playlist, and even Taxi Driver as well. One day, he decided to join an audition for Squid Game, and he had to build a bit of physical bulk appearance to meet the expectations of the series creators. Fortunately, he made it!

After the huge success of Squid Game, Anupam Tripathi received more recognition than he expected, even his family in New Delhi was very grateful for his new fame. “It’s one of the beautiful characters I got and it resonated with everybody,” was what he said about his character Ali Abdul in Squid Game. Even his Instagram followers, @sangipaiya, increased to over 3 million after Squid Game.

What nationality is Ali in Squid Game?

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In Squid Game, Ali is a Pakistani. But in reality, the actor who played Ali, Anupam Tripathi, is from India. However, both Ali and Anupam Tripathi is fluent in Korean. Anupam was able to adjust to his new life and mastered the language for about two years.

Will Ali Return in Squid Game Season 2?

ali from squid game in season 2

A lot of fans hope that Ali will return in Squid Game season 2 even though the character has been dead. Fans made up theories that Ali could be still alive and comeback in the season 2. However, there is still no official news about this.

Anupam responded to this as he wished for the good thing.

They want me back in season 2. But I always keep, like, let’s hope for what the directors’ or the writers’ imagination would be.” said Anupam as quoted from Screen Rant. He continued, “I think that kind of space you have to give to them because we know I am like a lot of characters who are dead, and let’s see what happens next.

So, let’s see what will happen next and hope that Ali will actually return in Squid Game season 2!

That’s everything about Ali Abdul’s character from the phenomenal Netflix series Squid Game! Although the series is over, Ali Abdul remains forever in the viewers’ hearts and will always be their favorite. Let’s spare some time to re-watch Squid Game sometime in the future, shall we?

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