All About Spica: Profile, Facts, Discography, and Much More!

Label Change and Disbandment Rumors

As we know, SPICA debuted early in 2012, under B2M Entertainment. In July, 2015, B2M Entertainment joined partnership with CJ E&M, where B2M would be focusing on producing music and CJ E&M would be focusing on marketing. In December of 2015, Spica signed the exclusive contract with CJ E&M, and made the move to CJ E&M, but B2M still produced the music for them.

For all their talent and beauty, the group just seemed to struggle in the industry. Even after a couple of years after their debut, they just couldn’t seem to reach recognition as one of the first-line girl-groups in that era, like SNSD, 2NE1, etc. On Feb 6, 2017, not so long after the group’s fifth anniversary, CJ E&M announced that the group would be disbanded, and the members were reported to end their contracts prematurely. CJ E&M said that it didn’t mean “over”, but the members would continue to pursue their careers independently.

Word of their disbandment became headlines for weeks, and members finally clarified the rumors by posting a handwritten letter on their Instagram account. The letter started with apologies, as people might be shocked because of the sudden news.

“After much consideration about the direction we wanted to go from now on, we decided to focus on our individual activities for now and we’re discussing with our current agency about canceling our contracts,” the singers revealed. “As for the current situation, we can’t tell you exactly when SPICA will be together as five again, but we wanted to tell that this is absolute! Not the end [for us].”

The letter ended by asking people to keep supporting each member in their future activities. They also thanked the fans who gave them precious memories and happiness, that helped them get as popular as they were.

What Is In The Instagram?

Curious about what former Spica members shared on their personal Instagram accounts? Below are some of their posts about their daily life in common!

1. BoA (@tomboaaa)


2. Narae (@nalll88)


3. Sihyun (@sh861129)


4. Bohyung (@bohyungkim)


5. Jiwon (@wldnjs62)


Latest News

After the group’s disbandment, you must be curious about what the former SPICA members doing right now. Most of them don’t seem to have continued their career in the entertainment industry, because there are lack of news from them. However, Jiwon and Bohyung continue to make name for themselves in the K-pop industry. Let’s check it out!

New Life for Jiwon

In July, 2017, KBS2 released a clip where Jiwon was spotted wearing a green uniform as a green juice delivery person! She was dropping the juice off for customer at an apartment. Wow, nobody expected a former member of Spica would be delivering their juice. It was revealed that Jiwon took the job to support herself after Spica’s disbandment.

However, Jiwon wanted to find her way back to her path as an idol through the KBS2 idol audition program called The Unit. The program tries to help idols who weren’t widely known to the K-pop industry get another chance to have fans take notice of their talent. Jiwon took part in the competition program to try to gain a new place as a singer.

When she joined the program, she was in the oldest line of the contestants. Facing a pretty good age gap with her juniors, Jiwon thought that it was quite a challenge for her, but she was highly motivated to pass the competition. Even though Jiwon was already in her 30s, she still showed solid skills as an idol, and made everyone want her on their team.

Jiwon made it through the competition, and was part of the new nine-member girl-group called UNI.T. In an interview with her newly formed girl-group, Jiwon revealed some of the changes in her life after UNI.T. She said that she become busier than before, and wasn’t just eating snacks in front of TV. She also said that her finances have been improving, and she’s not worried about meeting her expenses anymore.

When Jiwon was asked what she would do with her first salary from UNI.T, she said sincerely,  “I’d like to use it to increase the deposit on my house, so I can lower my rent.” What a realistic Jiwon! Let’s support her and her new group UNI.T to be successful in the K-pop industry!

The Bright Solo Star, Bohyung

In March, 2018, the former member of the disbanded girl-group Spica, Kim Bo-hyung, released her newest solo venture, called “Flash Me”. The song is completely performed in English, which isn’t really new for her, as she’s previously released solo tracks for Korean drama’s OSTs such as Pied Piper, Jackpot, and others.

This MV shows a fun party Bohyung went to with her friends. She dressed fashionably, in a glittery suit and a simple, sexy, white sweater. As we should expect from the former JYP and YG trainee, her voice, and visual don’t disappoint. Let’s hope Bohyung will find her success through her solo path.