SPECTRUM: Profile, Stage Performances, Disbandment

SPECTRUM’s Discography


SPECTRUM worked as a K-pop group for 2 years and released 2 extended plays, 1 single album, and 1 digital single. Let’s check out more about the details of SPECTRUM’s discography in the session below!

Title Album Details Peak Chart Positions Sales
Released Label Track Listing
Be Born May 9, 2018 WYNN Entertainment, Genie Music 41 N/A
Timeless Moment November 4, 2018 47 KOR: 1,023
Refreshing Time April 29, 2019 WYNN Entertainment, Genie Music N/A KOR: 656
Dear My September 6, 2018 WYNN Entertainment, Genie Music
Title Released
Light It Up May 9, 2018
Dear My September 6, 2018
What Do I Do November 4, 2018
After Party April 29, 2019
Showtime February 24, 2020

SPECTRUM’s Debut Era


SPECTRUM was a seven-member boy group under the agency WYNN Entertainment. On May 9, 2018, SPECTRUM released their debut mini album titled Be Born and the title song “Light It Up.”

The debut showcase of SPECTRUM was held at M Pot Hall in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, on May 9, 2018. Its debut song “Light It Up” was produced by Code Nine 9 who participated in composing the main song “Pick Me” for Produce 101: Season 2. The song has a tropical-based sound with a hip hop beat. The exquisite harmony of SPECTRUM maximized the various charms of the members as well.

On May 10, 2018, SPECTRUM appeared on Mnet’s M Countdown and held its debut performance to a great extent. Even though the members were rookies, they performed for their debut stage very well. The “Light It Up” debut stage was also attended by fans who went there to watch SPECTRUM’s performance live and shouted their fan chant as well.


According to the entertainment industry, the number of idol groups that debuted in Korea was about 30 teams and 180 members in 2017. On April 17, 2018, K-Culture DNA met 7 members of SPECTRUM who visited the Maeil Business Newspaper about a month before their debut and heard about the reasons for wanting to become an idol.


SPECTRUM’s Dong-yoon (20 years old) said, “I like making new things. I want to bring the relaxed feeling of the Big Bang seniors and the powerful choreography of the BTS seniors at the same time. He must be a talented person who knows how to play.”


SPECTRUM’s Donggyu (26 years old) said, “I decided to become an idol after thinking about what to do after being discharged. I also had a lot of worries. But, the most comfortable thing I’ve ever done was music. So, I couldn’t let go of my regrets and thought I should try singing. In my spare time during my work and private illness, I often went to a karaoke room in the army with my senior and sang often.”


SPECTRUM’s Villain (20 years old) said, “I wanted a unique name. While I was looking for various things, I felt that the name villain had a good meaning. I will become a ‘villain’ who shows a new side of me on stage every time.”


SPECTRUM’s Eunjun (19 years old) said, “Usually, I practice only enough to not hurt my neck. For a short time, I concentrate on practicing for an hour or two, and after that, I tend to drink a lot of honey water. Drink honey and make honey vocal cords.”


SPECTRUM’s Hwarang (23 years old) said, “I’ll give you a song with an atmosphere like The Chainsmokers. I like The Chainsmokers. I like vocals that fit well with the overall mood or melody of the song rather than vocals with flamboyant technique.”


SPECTRUM’s Minjae (24 years old) said, “I even made my debut while performing on the street in Busan. I originally did it as a hobby. Singing was taught at a school in Busan, and dancing was practiced in street performances on a car-free street. I also rent a small theater and stand on stage. Then, I started preparing in earnest with the thought of ‘let’s live once, do what I want to do’.”


SPECTRUM’s Jaehan (23 years old) said, “I was in my 3rd year of middle school. I went to the Busan Song Festival for the first time, and I got an award there, and people around me said that I did well, so I started to get interested. I practiced ‘Run Devil Run’ because it’s mainly about exciting and bright songs. Something like ‘Run Devil Run’ and Yoon Do-hyeon sunbaenim. Also, I think I sang almost all the songs of DickPunks.”