Get to Know SISTAR’s Former Member Soyou: Profile, Album, Songs, etc

Soyou, the Former Main Vocalist of SISTAR

After SISTAR decided to go on their own paths, many people expected that its main vocalist Soyou would not renew her contract with Starship Entertainment to pursue a solo career. Their expectation was not wholly wrong as Soyou indeed works for her solo venture, though still under the same company that has been her home agency since her SISTAR days. Aside from singing, Soyou also does other individual activities such as appearing on television shows, becoming a promoting ambassador and public influencer of brand products, and more.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Soyou including her personal profile, fun facts, filmography, discography, fashion, and Instagram feed. So, stay tuned!

SISTAR’s Soyou’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Soyou

Birth Name: Kang Ji Hyun

Birth: Jeju Island, South Korea, February 12, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

Blood Type: O

Siblings: 2 (older brother and older sister)

Facebook: OfficialSoyou

Twitter: @official_soyou

Daum Café: OfficialSoyou

V LIVE: So You

Instagram: @soooo_you

Soyou’s Age, Height, and Weight

As explained in her personal profile above, Soyou was born in 1992. According to the Korean Age System, in 2019, Soyou’s age is 28 years old, while according to the International Age System, Soyou is 27 years old. Additionally, Soyou is considered a tall woman with a height of 168 cm and weight of 49 kg.

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Soyou
  • Soyou is able to play the guitar.
  • She debuted with SISTAR on June 3, 2010.
  • She worked as a licensed hairdresser in a hair salon prior to her debut with SISTAR due to her family’s tough financial situation.
  • Soyou said during her appearance on Radio Star that she sometimes did the hairstyles of 4Minute and Highlight during her pre-debut days.
  • She was a Cube Entertainment trainee before debuting with SISTAR and was originally supposed to debut as a member of 4Minute. She said that she did not make it into the group because she was lacking in many ways.
  • She auditioned for Starship Entertainment by singing a cover of Navi’s “On the Road.”
  • Soyou’s ideal type is someone with soft charisma. Her ideal types are EXO’s Chanyeol, B1A4’s former member Baro, and actor Gong Yoo.
  • Her closest male friend is SHINee’s Key.
  • Her favorite color is black.

List of Soyou’s TV Shows

Despite being known for her singing ability, Soyou is also considerably multi-talented in other fields. Reportedly, she has hosted various shows, participated as a contestant on the singing show King of Mask Singer, and was a vocal trainer on Produce 48, showcasing her specialty. Below, you may check the list of Soyou’s television shows!

2014 – MBC Every1’s Wishing Star (Co-host)

2015 – OnStyle’s Get It Beauty (MC on episodes 1–27, 31–32, 35, and 37)

2016 – SBS’s The Nations’ Big Three (Regular Member on episodes 52–61)

2016 – MBC’s King of Mask Singer (Contestant ‘Pushing and Pulling Fairy Tinker Bell’)

2017 – SBS’s Law of the Jungle in New Zealand (Guest Cast on episodes 270–273)

2018 – Mnet’s Produce 48 (Vocal trainer)

List of Soyou’s Albums, Singles, Soundtracks, and Collaborations

Known for her husky style, we can easily tell when she’s singing in a song due to her distinctive voice that flows like honey. Though many people found that her singing technique is not what it takes to be a great singer, we cannot deny that Soyou puts emotion in every song that she sings, be it a ballad, upbeat, or funky tracks. Therefore, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by Soyou that you may want to listen to below!

2010 – “It’s Okay” (featuring Woo for the original soundtrack of Gloria)

2010 – “Should I Confess” (original soundtrack of Playful Kiss)

2012 – “Officially Missing You” (featured artist with Geeks for the album Re;code)

2012 – “White Love” (featured artist with K.Will and Boyfriend’s Jeongmin for the album Starship Planet)

2013 – “Goodbye” (featured artist with Hong Dae-kwang for a non-album single)

2013 – “Stupid in Love” (featured artist with Mad Clown for a non-album single)

2014 – “Some” (featured artist with Junggigo and featuring Geeks’ Lil Boi for a non-album single)

2014 – “Once More” (original soundtrack of Empress Ki)

2014 – “The Space Between” (featured artist with Urban Zakapa’s Kwon Sun-il and Park Yong-in for a non-album single)

2015 – “Pillow” (featured artist with Giriboy and featuring Monsta X’s Kihyun for the album NO.MERCY Pt. 2)

2015 – “Lean on Me” (featured artist with 10cm’s Kwon Jeong-yeol for a non-album single)

2015 – “You Don’t Know Me” (featuring Brother Su for the original soundtrack of She Was Pretty)

2015 – “Tell Me” (original soundtrack of Lucky Romance)

2016 – “Running” (featured artist with Henry for the music project S.M. Station Season 1)

2016 – “Love Is One More Than Farewell” (featured artist with Junggigo for the music project Inkigayo Music Crush Part.3)

2016 – “No Sleep” (featuring Yu Seung-woo for the original soundtrack of Love in the Moonlight)

2016 – “I Miss You” (original soundtrack of Goblin)

2017 – “Rain” (featured artist with EXO’s Baekhyun for a non-album single)

2017 – “Perfect” (featured artist with Letter Flow for a non-album single)

2017 – “Monitory Girl” (featured artist with Geeks’ Louie for a non-album single)

2017 – “Blue Nights of Jeju Island” (non-album single)

2017 – “The Night” (featuring Geeks for the album Re:Born)

2017 – “My Blossom” (non-album single)

2017 – “Right” (non-album single)

2017 – “Let Me Hear You Say” (featured with K.Will for the album Par.1 Nonfiction)

2018 – “Forever Yours” (feature with SHINee’s Key for the album Face)

Besides singing for the original soundtracks of television dramas and films and collaborating with other singers, Soyou also has released two mini-albums. Six months after SISTAR’s disbandment, Soyou released her first mini-album Re:Born on December 13, 2017, under Starship Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment. The album consists of six tracks: “The Night,” “Grown-Up,” “Still the One,” “We Need Warmth,” “7,” and “I Still.”

Reportedly, many notable producers and singers partook in the album’s tracks including Primary, Cloud, Yoon Jong-shin, MoonMoon, and Sung Si-kyung. Re:Born is considered a decent solo debut as the album peaked at #19 on the Gaon Album Chart whereas its sales reached more than 2,300 copies. Here, you may listen to the flute-accompanied track “Still the One” which is composed by Cloud!

It took another 10 months for Soyou to comeback with her second mini-album Re: Fresh on October 4, 2018. The album contains six tracks: “All Night,” “Decrescendo,” “When I’m with You,” “Funny,” “Shadows,” and “Little Moments.” Compared to the previous title track, “All Night” is an alluring upbeat track which enables fans and the public alike to see Soyu’s charm through dancing one more time. Here, you may watch the live performance of “All Night” which is exclusively composed by producers GroovyRoom and Oreo!

Soyou’s Fashion Style

Soyou turned up at an event wearing a hip-hop style as she wears a white hoodie dress and a purple and red tartan pattern coat, whereas her feet are wrapped in basic white sneakers. For accessories, Soyou wears yellow round-framed glasses, putting a nice contrast on her pale face.

Soyou chose denim as her airport fashion style with a white shirt paired with a denim jacket, shorts, and brown ankle boots. For accessories, Soyou wore black sunglasses, a black-and-white pouch bag, a silver bracelet on her left wrist, and rings on her right fingers.

Soyou arrived at Seoul Fashion Week wearing a plain baby blue blouse paired with black wide pants and red wedges. Despite the lack of accessories, we agree that Soyou still looks gorgeous, right?

Soyou was as bright as the sun in Incheon Airport while wearing a blazing orange sweatshirt and black high heeled boots. For accessories, she only wears black sunglasses to cover her eyes.

Soyou looked cheerful walking in the airport while wearing a grey and white shirt paired with flared denim pants and baby blue high heels. For accessories, she wore transparent blue spectacles and a black handbag on her left shoulder.

Soyou did an experimental airport fashion style by mixing a plain silver-white dress and pale denim jacket with white and brown-cream wedges. For accessories, Soyou wore silver sunglasses and a mini-grey sling bag on her right shoulder.

Soyou chose the smart office look to attend the launching of the brand Laciento as she wore a white and red-striped top paired with a white suit, pants, and stilettos. For accessories, Soyou only wore a single ring on her right index finger.

Soyou welcomed summer in a simple outfit consisting of a baby pink shirt paired with a black skirt and stilettos. For accessories, she wore transparent, round-framed black sunglasses, a silver bracelet on her left wrist, and a black sling bag on her right shoulder.

Soyou picked a grey bodysuit to emphasize her amazing figure when she attended a public event. In addition, she wore a pair of hot red stilettos and rings on some of her fingers.

Soyou looked charismatic in black and white while wearing a white dress featuring a black biker jacket and white sneakers. For accessories, she wore leopard-pattern sunglasses and a black sling bag on her left shoulder.