Profile of GFriend’s Sowon (Age, Height, Birthday, Songs, and Facts)


Getting Close To Sowon of G-Friend!

GFriend! The name spread around the world after their song ‘Me Gustas Tu’ was released. This young, talented girl group from Source Music Entertainmtent has given a shock to the K-pop music industry lately. They’re always coming out with energetic dances and catchy, addicting songs. This girl group consists of six members: Sowon (the leader), Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji.

Being the leader of a group is not easy, they have to be the bridge between the agency and the group itself. They also sometimes have to manage the goup. That is what Sowon did for G-friend. Now, let’s take a closer look at Sowon from G-Friend!

Profile of G-Friend’s Sowon, 2017

Full Name : Kim So Jung (김소정)
Stage Name : Sowon (소원)
Group Position : Leader, Vocals, Rap
Date of Birth : 7 December 1995
Citizenship : Republic of Korea
Height : 172cm
Weight : 50kg
Blood Type : A
Zodiac : Sagitarius
Label : Source Music
Official Site :
Twitter : @GFRDofficial
Facebook :
Instagram : @gfriendofficial


Sowon graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts High School and went to Sungshin Woman University. She’s the second daughter in her family. Before she joined Source Music Entertainment, she was a trainee for DSP Media.

Sowon’s Sexy Legs


Having a long, gorgeous legs is the dream of every single girl in this world. After debuting as a member of G-friend, Sowon gained a lot of attention for her long, sexy legs. Many people have been noticing how impressive Sowon’s legs are. Fans also claim that Sowon might have the longest pairs of legs in the entire Korean entertainment industry.

Let’s check out some photos of Sowon’s sexy legs!


Pretty amazing aren’t they? Who doesn’t want those sexy legs of Sowon’s?

Sowon’s Videography

in 2011, Sowon participated in some music videos, such as ‘To Me’ and ‘Tell me Tell me’ by Rainbow.

And then, after her debut with G-Friend, she made a lot of music videos with her group.

Fun Facts About Sowon

  1. She is the tallest member of G-friend, her leg length is 107cm
  2. She is the member who can most easily learn the choreography, along with with SinB
  3. She chose to name herself ‘Sowon’ meaning ‘wish’, because as a leader she wants to grant the wishes of her members
  4. She was the first confirmed member of G-Friend
  5. Her favorite foods are seafood and meat
  6. Her hobbies are watching movies
  7. Her fan club is called ‘Buddy
  8. She feels happy when she cooks
  9. She is close friends with Pristin’s Nayoung
  10. Her ideal type is a man who doesn’t look at other girls, who is understanding and helpful.

Sowon and BTS’s Jin, Dating Rumors


When it comes to BTS’s Jin BTS, fans scream loud. There is much speculation about Jin and Sowon dating. Both idols have been caught in sweet interactions. BTS and G-Friend personnel were present at the 2016 MelOn Music Awards (MMA), and sat in the same area.  The staff handed out bottles of drinks to BTS members sitting in the front row. Jin, who received two bottles, instantly gave one of the bottles to Sowon who sat behind him.

Many netizens are saying that the evidence is far-fetched. They think Jin was just being polite to another idol. Well, what do you think guys ?