Everything You Should Know About South Korean Singer, Junggigo: From His Full Profile To His Latest News!

Dating Rumor


Junggigo was in a duet project with his labelmate, Sistar’s Soyou, and they released ‘Some’. After they released that song, many rumors were spread about their dating.

On the May 8th broadcast of MBC’s pilot program ‘Dating Test’, Junggigo appeared as a test taker. Tye MC asked him about the dating rumor,”Don’t you have “some” short for ‘something’ going on with Soyu?“. Junggigo wittily put an end to the dating rumors once and for all, clarifying, “People misunderstand, but it wasn’t like that. It seemed like she was mine but she wasn’t.” He was using a play on words with lyrics from “Some” to deny the dating rumors.


On March 19, he wrote on his Twitter, “Personally, ‘Junggigo’s marriage rumor’ crossed the line! hahahahahahahaha” and expressed his opinion on the issue.
Fellow singer Yoonha replied, “Who? With Soyou?” to which Junggigo responded with, “I don’t know hahaha I heard it is circulating on SNS.” While he has not clearly denied the claim, he seems to be more amused than worried about it, hinting that the rumor is just a groundless one.

Both of Junggigo and Soyou cleared up their dating rumor quickly. When they appeared on the radio show SOBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ as guests,  DJ Jung Chan Woo asked, “I think you two have a scandal, right?” Soyou replied, “Not at all, although it was one of the frequent questions we were always asked.”  Junggigo then continued on, saying,“To be honest, it was very awkward to be with Soyou at the beginning.” Soyou also shared, “The fourth time that I met him was during our first broadcast together. It feels as though I had just met him for the first time.”

Latest News


In December 2019, Junggigo collaborated with Summer Soul and Pandagomm to produce the title song for the album “Sleeptaking”.