Let’s Take a Look at SOPA Seoul, the School of Many Korean Idols!

SOPA Admission

SOPA is considered to be the most popular among all the other performing arts high schools, and to get accepted in this school is, of course, not as easy as any other school. SOPA only accepts 266 students per year, divided into seven different classes. Each department, Theater & Film, Musical Performance, and Stage Arts, welcomes 76 students in total, divided into two classes, except for the Dance Performance department that only welcomes 38 students in one class.


The entrance is open to any student that has completed elementary school and middle-high school or let just say 9 years of studies before high school all around the nation. But hey, even if you are an international student, you can also register as a student because SOPA also accepts foreigners as long as you meet the requirements.


The requirements are quite easy for international students who want to enter this school. First of all, overseas citizenship, be sure you don’t hold dual-citizenship including Korean. Second of all, a language proficiency certificate. Remember that you will be a student in a Korean school, so you need to at least be able to speak, write, and read Korean. And lastly a student visa, this requirement is only when you have been accepted by the school.


Hmm but then again, how to get accepted?

Before talking about that, I think we need to discuss how to register, shall we?

First of all, you need to fill out the online registration form. You can find it on the SOPA website or uwayapply.com. There you need to input your middle school grades. Don’t forget to send the application to SOPA no later than the deadline. Be sure to check the official site and mark your calendar about the due date. And lastly, be patient to wait for the result! The accepted applicants will be shown on the websites.


Usually, the new student admission starts sometime around the end of October since the new semester begins in March. If you’re interested in becoming a student of SOPA, be sure to have everything prepared before October. And also, good luck since you will compete against students from both Korea and the world to be one of the 266 accepted students.


Well, even if you can’t attend this school, let’s just admit that this school is awesome for a performing arts high school. Indeed, with students that are trained to be the best at their field, no wonder South Korea has such a good entertainment industry. Or, is it?